The Adventurer, The Mage, The Warrior and The Storyteller

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The Adventurer, The Mage, The Warrior and The Storyteller
Author Unknown
Genre Poetry
Accessibility Common Knowledge

It is unclear who wrote “The Adventurer, The Mage, The Warrior and The Storyteller”, but what is known is that these four poems were meant to be read separately, though they are connected in different ways. Each details the story of a different walk of life, and the final poem, “The Storyteller” references and speaks about the other three as if the protagonist partook in all three lives of the aforementioned stories. Scholars have analyzed the original papers in which they were written on and it seems that whoever wrote them never published them, and they appear to be almost ancient in nature. It is presumed a low-class elf from the Elven Empire wrote these some time ago in a bid to become a famed poet.

The Adventurer, The Mage, The Warrior and the Storyteller

The Adventurer

A young man sits on a rock
He looks down upon his clock
Many years have done him by
Many people have boring lives
But this boy, he was not one
He was born to have lots of fun
So he set out from his home
And became the hero of this poem
He battled many great evils
And met many great peoples
He traveled across all the seas
And found out many mysteries
Though this lifestyle is fit for few
He gathered a small crew
They had many journies
And weren’t in any hurries
Though all good fun must come to an end
And all life must be expend
Our hero died a glorious death
At the hands of a Serpent’s Mess
He served his purpose so others might live
And his life goes on, what more to give
And so his soul was collected,
And a statue was erected
But a shaded figure stood about,
He knew the truth of what had bout.

The Mage

The tale of the mage is one of naught,
As it requires the school of thought
One must train for many years,
And stay away from many beers
Those who wish to find
The powers of the other side
There was one lad who took this task
He gave up his holy flask
Through many years of honing skills
He gained power through his strength of wills
This boy was not strong
He couldn’t even lift his tongs
But he could surely use his magic
For good or evil, it is the question
He met a man on the side of good
From this man he understood
That he must go down this path
For it was his destiny to stop the wrath
Of all of those who sided with the bad
He became a mercenary and people were glad
He became a hero in his own right,
And just when he thought no one could beat his might
He met a warrior who saw his deeds
And this warrior needed to feed,
So they took upon the fields
To fight with the weapons they wield
With a scythe the warrior swung
And ended the life of the mage who hung
Even if all good is done
Inherent evil follows those who had begun
Magic for many years,
And scars follow their fears.
This young mage lived a good life,
And had many offspring with his wife
But his tale was cut short
By the reaper of the court.

The Warrior

There are many paths a life can lead,
The most infamous is a life of speed
The life of warrior calls to many
They often make a quick penny
Many train for many years
They clash swords and root out their fears
One such man was called to this life
Away from his home and his strife
The life of a Bloodcast was not easy
But they made sure to make him queasy
He passed through school with too much ease
And challenged those against the ones he wished to appease
He fought many battles and many wars
The amount of enemies he killed were scores
He didn’t like this way of life
Killing people took from his soul and pipe
So one day on the field of battle
He saw a man who ran upon the saddle
Dressed unlike any man within the realm
He sprung toward our hero like a ship’s helm
And swung his scythe in the air
The Warrior tried to block the hit with despair
Life seeped from our hero
The shaded man stood over him,
And sucked his soul from the wind

The Storyteller

There are tales of a man
Who travelled across the land
Searching for people to tell stories to
And people to form stories he could repeat to you
This man succeeded in his quests
But was cursed to never rest
So he travelled across all land
Searching to fix the promise he had
He found an Adventurer battling a serpent
And his death was most unfortunate
So he moved right along,
Trying to find a man who sung a different song
So he found a powerful mage
Surely he could fix the curse of the sage
This was not to be the truth,
The mage fell from his scythe to boot
So the Storyteller kept on his way
Trying to find another that could stay
He came across a strong soldier
He decided to test the muster of this warrior
And the Warrior fell to his blade
The Storyteller felt him wish away
So he gave up his quest and resigned his life to
One of rest
It is said that to this day
The Storyteller has no place to stay
Should you come across this man,
Run from him as if you have no plans.


  • The Storyteller comes from an old Elven Myth about a man that would steal your soul regardless of if you were good or bad.

Writers DrunkFailure
Processors Enkiduu, Doc_Cantankerous, Film_Noir
Last Editor HydraLana on 02/1/2018.

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