The Candle Mouse

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The Candle Mouse
Author Alke Sÿtzen
Genre Poetry
Accessibility Common Knowledge

Like many Zondespaels in Anglian culture, this one about the beloved Candle Mouse was created to humor the populace of Aloria, and was most likely made after the author had shared a few drinks. The original copy was written by Alke Sÿtzen of Anglia and soon grew very popular around his home, persuading him to take it to Regalia and sell copies for a handsome price. The Zonedespael didn’t sell as well as he thought it would, and while some bought it for fun, the majority found it rather annoying or simply insulting to their rodent friends. Alke’s market stall that he sold his poems from closed about a year after he came to Regalia, and the Alt-Anglian vanished—it is unknown if he decided to remain in the city, or return to his homeland with a purse very full with regals.

The Candle Mouse

Slight and small, the flame mouse was,
Flickering about my bare feet,
I could not help but be sickened,
As there was a rodent in my sheets!
At first I thought it could be ignored,
But that blasted tail kept its glow,
And all night long I was kept from sleep,
Until the morn sun rose.
With the first rays I saw,
I lifted from my pillow and looked at the smaller rat—
For despite the name, mice are only slighter cousins—
And saw that upon my sheets, where the mouse did lay,
A mark did burn it from that flickering tail!
With a revolted expression,
I took its tail between my third finger and thumb,
I stood with passion as the mouse came alive!
Squeak, squeak!
Oh, what a horrid noise!
To the window, my feet did take me,
With one last glance I freed the latch,
The window flew open and I flicked my hand out.
Down through the air,
The little mouse fell.
Squeak, squeak!
No longer shall I be woken in the night by flickering tails!
The mouse was be rid of,
Or so I thought until it returned;
Squeak, squeak!
It woke me, sitting upon my shoulder.
I smelled a smell so horrid then,
Burning hair, where though?
The mouse,
That bastardly little thing,
Seemed smug as it hopped back upon the spread.
My hair was blackened by its flaming little tail!
So again I lifted myself to my sill,
Again I tossed the mouse from it,
And that time I knew again that it would not die.
But at least it would not return,
For it had had its revenge.


  • Some say that Alke’s tale had actually happened to him, and that he didn’t make the story for laughs, but to retell the time that a Candle Mouse had lit his hair on fire.
  • There are several other ‘lesser’ Zondespaels written by Sÿtzen, most similarly concerning rodents.

Writers AtticCat
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