The Dragon Hunter

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The Dragon Hunter
Author Samuel Smalls
Genre Fictional Prose
Accessibility Common Knowledge


Written by Samuel Smalls, “The Dragon Hunter” is a sequel to Smalls’ most famous book, "A Boy and His Dragon". He decided to follow up his most famous work with a similar tale, this time, however, taking a more realistic twist. After consulting some historians on the lives of dragon hunters, he took to writing a fictional story about a man who had a lifelong vendetta against a single dragon. This story, like Samuel’s other stories, always had a meaning behind it, or a moral. This publication, while not as popular as his first, is often read in orphanages and by tutors because of its easy-to-follow storyline and simplicity. Samuel intended this to be a story for groups of all ages and walks of life and when asked about this work he often says that it “did its job well”.

The Dragon Hunter

From the ashes of one city came the rise of a man who despised all dragons. They had taken his family, his home, and his freedom from him; his life was forever altered the day that dragon dare attack his city. He was going to have his revenge, and sealed it by swearing on his family’s unmarked graves.

Thomas awoke from his dream gasping for air. It had happened again. He was always waking up with cold sweats and the same dream about killing the dragon that had nearly ended his life. He took it upon himself to get out of bed and don his armor, luckily, he was able to stay in a town that night . Usually his travels cause him to have to camp in the wilderness with little to no shelter. He was headed east, tracking a particularly pesky dragon that had been seen bothering small villages in the valley over the next ridge. He paid his bills at the inn he was staying at and set out on his path through the wilderness.

Travelling with armor was difficult to say the least, he hated having to carry around his plates, but they helped him when he fought dragons so he was heavily inclined to bring them on a hunt. Generally, Thomas had brought a team with him- it’s far easier to hunt dragons when you’ve got back-up, but this vendetta was personal, and he intended to take the dragon on his own.

He knew he’d be spending another night in the wilderness, and as daytime turned to night, he began unpacking his bag. He only carried a roll for sleeping, a pack to hang his equipment so it wouldn’t rust and some food. Though, he felt like hunting tonight. He unstrapped his tool belt, which held his weapons and unbuckled his shield strap, which remained across his chest, though the shield was situated on his back. After making a small base camp he took the liberty of making a makeshift pole arm from a large stick, so he could spear an animal to eat. Though, he went most nights without food. He was a hunter of dragons, not rabbits. He searched about around the camp for an hour or two, only to find nothing and returned to his camp, which, to his horror, he found torn to shreds, with large claw marks in the trees in the surrounding area. This was the sign that a dragon had been here. A dragon that had recognized his scent.

He was closer than he thought. He rapidly searched around for his blade and shield, but they were nowhere to be found. He heard rustling in the bushes, and the man rushed behind the nearest tree. His situation was certainly not working in his favor this time around. Thomas had never been this disadvantaged in battle before.

He heard the roar of a dragon nearby, but the trees of the forest caused it to echo so the direction appeared to be to his left, yet he was unsure. The entire forest fell quiet at the roar of the beast, and Thomas listened for the tell-tale rustling of the animal as it moved. It was quiet for its size, but not silent. Eventually, he heard it moving on his right and moved left, attempting another search for his blade.

On this attempt he managed to locate it underneath some brush, only to then be knocked down by a surprise attack from the dragon. In that moment, he had bent over to pick the blade up, finding himself swatted by the beast, flying backward and hitting his back against a large oak. Thomas groaned as the pain in his back flared. He looked up, staring into the eyes of the beast.

“Tyra, your days are done.” he grumbled, rising to his feet once again.

The only thing standing between him and his sword was a large beast of mythical strength, speed, and ferocity. With razor-sharp teeth, and claws that could kill him at any moment.

Thomas lurched forward, diving under the dragon’s stomach and for the sword that lay just on the other side. To his surprise, he succeeded in his daring venture, as his heart pumped full of adrenaline from the rush of battle. Thomas grasped the hand on the hilt of the blade and whipped it around into the beast’s side causing it to howl and retaliate. It thrashed its body against him, roaring, and without armor, he was vulnerable to any other attack the dragon might attempt. He needed to end this fast.

Thomas went to dive under the beast again with his blade and stabbed up, into what would hopefully be its heart. After delivering the killing blow, the man was soaked head-to-toe in dragon blood, narrowly missing meeting his own end by the weight of his game. He began the process of skinning the once mighty beast, cooking its meat and chopping off its head. He went to the nearby port and offered them the dragon’s skull as proof of his feat, and sold the pieces of its hide for his weight in gold and ate its meat for days to follow.

He sighed, unfulfilled. Killing the beast wasn’t right to him. An act of revenge for any reason will not fill the void in your heart, he thought.


  • There are a collection of knights who call themselves ‘Thomas Knights’, because their original inspiration for becoming a knight was this story.
  • Many often take this tale to be a work of embellished non-fiction, and are frequently disappointed to find that the story was nothing more than that; a story.

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