The Fairy’s Wing

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The Fairy’s Wing
Author Unknown
Genre Fictional Prose
Accessibility Common Knowledge


“The Fairy’s Wing” is a Claith tale about the wings of a fairy. The story goes back as far as the Claith have existed, and is almost ingrained into their culture. The story came about due to a mage claiming that he gained his magical powers from finding the wing of a particular kind of fairy, which are usually unseen, however when they die their wings can be found, which hold immense power. In recent times, no one has claimed to find the wing of a fairy due to the stigma surrounding it. Still, this story is often told to children across Aloria as it has spread from just the Claith homeland in the years since their exposure to the rest of the world. Variations of the tale have begun to sprout up in Daendroc, Ithania and several other continents.

The Fairy’s Wing

“My Mother always told me that if you could find a Fairy’s Wing than you could become a powerful mage, just like the Elves,” said Tobias, the local beggar. He was describing a story to a local lady, trying to get with her for the night.

After being rejected, Tobias returned to the streets he called home. After losing his job on a fishing vessel, he had no funds to get off the island. He couldn’t rent a room at the inn, or even get himself any food. He was, in short, down on his luck.

He travelled across the town, looking for any sort of job he might take up, but to no avail. It seemed nobody wanted his services, until he met a miner who offered him work. Tobias took the job under the miner and began work the following day.

He arrived at the quarry in which his new job would take place only to find his boss not there. Despite this, he took his pickaxe and began to swing it at the nearest rock. After chopping for some time, he noticed something reflective in the distance, which caught his attention. He dropped the pickaxe and decided to investigate this item. He walked for some time, following the glint of the item until he found what appeared to be some sort of glass. Leaning down to pick it up and investigate it further, he felt immense power surge through his veins, even as his body was twisted and warped into a demonic visage.

Tobias cried out in pain, but he was all alone. The object that he was holding fell from his now deformed hands and his once red hair and blue eyes turned pitch black. He looked at his body once the transformation was complete, barely able to recognise himself. The object, which he slowly realised must have been the wing of a fairy, had given him terrible power at an equally terrible cost.

The power Tobias had always yearned had been hidden in the rocky crags all along. The power-drunk man looked at the wing, pondering why the fairies had left such power in the open, and why it came at such a steep cost. With a snap of his fingers, the bushes around him burst into flames. Without reservation he ran from the quarry, grabbing onto the fairy’s wing as he rose to his feet.

The man returned to town and donned some robes to better hide his demonic appearance. He didn’t want to be hanged for treason before he could even exercise his new powers. The next thing the newfound mage did was walk into the bar.

“I want all your regals, barkeep,” he stated, his tone husky and unforgiving with a malevolent edge.

The barkeep refused him, pulling out a sword, which proceeded to melt, not unlike snow in the sun. In fear, the barkeep threw his coin purse onto the counter and ran away. Tobias, now that much richer, walked out of the bar, lighting it aflame to watch it burn down.

Confident in his newfound abilities, he awaited the city guard to show up, sitting on top of the flaming pile of rubble that the building had become. To bystanders watching, it appeared as though this cloaked figure was some sort of god, the flames harmlessly licking his clothing. The guards did arrive, nearly thirty in all, and told the cloaked man to come over with his hands held high.

Tobias obeyed, approaching the middle of the formation where the captain stood. He placed his hand on the man’s shoulder, watching as he collapsed into a pile of dust. Upon the death of the captain, Tobias was quickly overwhelmed by the guards that surrounded him, even as he cut down nearly half their number. Tobias fell to the ground in a defeated heap, learning the hard way that even in his empowered state he was still a man.

This story warns of the greatest power of them all, and the responsibility that comes with it. I pity any man who finds a fairy’s wing.


  • The Fairy’s Wing appears to be an allegory for any great responsibility, though this is often debated amongst scholars.

Writers DrunkFailure
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