The Fifth Void Invasion

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The Fifth Void Invasion
Historical Event
Event Name The Fifth Void Invasion
Dates and Times 1 BC - Cataclysm.
Location Aloria, the Void.
People Involved Elven Empire, Emperor Médûí, Void Demons, Archdemon Behesael.

The fifth and final Void Invasion is considered the final stage in a cycle of apocalypses that took place throughout the history of Aloria. This invasion wrecked havoc across all of the known world, and had far-reaching consequences that shaped much of the modern world as Alorians know it today. As with all Void Invasions, this catastrophe occurred because one singular group amassed a mighty dominance using magic. The abrupt opening and closing of the Veil, as well as the subsequent Cataclysm, forever changed Alorian history, science, and magic itself. Despite the clear end to the cycle of Void Invasions, many Alorians live in fear of a second set of cycles beginning; one that will lead to perpetual suffering and damnation on Aloria itself.

Background Information

The Fifth Void Invasion was preceded by many events that some say both predicted and heralded its coming. To start, the Nelfin were on a self-destructive path for hundreds of years before the Elven Empire fell. What few armies it did have were stagnant and unchallenged by any other world power, leading to a decay of its actual ability in combat. Furthermore, in their pursuit of decadence and knowledge, the Nelfin became reliant on the Void for less practical purposes, such as commercial and entertainment-based reasons. This encouraged the overuse of the Void. When Estel realized this, she attempted to send the Yanar, who were promptly ignored by the majority of the proto-Altalar. These failed attempts at averting disaster enabled the Kathar to strike; during the Night of the Fallen Star, they stole Estel from her place in the Ivory Tower of Ríë and cut off all contact to her by removing the colossal tree-beings, the Nenya, from the forests. The Elven Empire, without any significant spiritual guidance, was ample enough prey for the Void Invasion that was to come.


The Initial Invasion

Through the overuse of Void magic, the Elven Empire systematically tore the Veil open. The Veil, a sieve-like window into the Void which was positioned over Drowda, allowed an excess of Void energy to stream through into Aloria. This energy manifested into Void portals, which were more physical representations of the link between the Void and Aloria. Any essence that leaked through either took a tangible shape as a Void Demon, or infected the native plantlife and wildlife, twisting them beyond recognition. The manner in which the Void poured forth ironically fueled mages around the world for the short two weeks the invasion lasted, however this mechanic would soon invert itself.

The ancient race of Drovv, who were a militant client state of the Elven Empire, were the first to be consumed by the great maw of the Void Invasion. These long-extinct forerunners to the Drowdar valiantly held the line for only a few days before falling to the insurmountable forces of the Void. Hope was not lost, however; in one pivotal hour in Alorian history, the last pure-blooded Drovv in existence heroically raced to the top of the tallest tower and let off a burst of Light Magic, signalling to the other Light Beacons a message of the gravest danger in recorded history: That the Yanar, who the Empire previously ignored, were indeed correct.

The Empire’s Response

Because of the actions of the last Drovv, the Elven Empire was alerted early on, and was able to organize a response that bought the Altalar precious time. Emperor Médûí, a talented yet complacent Nelfin sitting on a throne he inherited and did not earn, was forced to take action for perhaps the first time in his reign. Mages and cavalrymen alike flocked from all across the supercontinent of Daen to his banners, all the while fighting small-scale skirmishes with the tainted demonic forces of the Void. After enough soldiers were gathered, Emperor Médûí issued the order to march north. Nelfin mages, slave-masters, and cavalry-soldiers alike marched behind the less-equipped Varran, Ailor, and Slizzar foot-soldiers as they battled with the forces of the Void. During this two-week march, hundreds upon thousands of Nelfin died, as did an even greater number of unfortunate slaves; be it at the hand of the demons, or due to disease, famine, and exhaustion. Yet, march they did, and in spite of all the odds being against them, the Empire began yielding results. Slowly, the grand army came upon the final battleground of the Void Invasion: A small Elven fortress in northern Ithania, at the edge of the tundra leading to where the modern Three Skags are. It was here that the Archdemon Behesael and the Elven Emperor Médûí met in battle.

At first, the battle seemed to be going well—however Kathar turncoats within the army, as well as slave deserters, complicated the fight due to the crumbling lines. Slowly, the Void armies began to wear down Emperor Médûí’s forces, until all that remained were the various scattered ranks, battered yet loyal slaves, and the Elven Emperor himself. After a dramatic yet short and self-immortalizing speech, Emperor Médûí led the final charge against the Archdemon’s physical form, thinking that he had a chance at victory. The two clashed unfruitfully for several minutes, before suddenly, the Void portals snapped shut and the Archdemon Behesael began writhing in pain. Médûí himself was thrown backwards, where a nearby Ailor slave woman—a distant and unrequited admirer of the Emperor—rushed forwards to try to help him. This woman began crying, before hatefully locking eyes with the villainous demon that had wounded the Emperor. In this split second, the Archdemon’s body dissipated, and Behesael manifested himself into the woman’s body, only to Shadow Meld far away from the battleground. This was the inception of the Dark Banshee.

Emperor Médûí, overwhelmed from the amount of Void energy thrown around during the battle, died of his wounds on the scene, under the impression that he died a hero to his people and that history books would eternally herald his name. Despite the strange turn of events, it would seem that half of his wish was granted.

The Ushering of the Cataclysm

Unbeknownst to all of Aloria, Emperor Médûí was not the catalyst to the end of the Fifth Void Invasion. In secret, a group of eight adventurers infiltrated Drowda and found their way to a hidden and spacious cave system, where the Kathar had hid the Statue of Estel. Wasting no time, they hurled stones, fireballs, lightning bolts, ethereal missiles, and more forms of ancient magics at the statue, yet were unable to break it. Knowing the fate of the universe, the eight adventurers targeted the ceiling and walls of the cave, literally bringing it down upon themselves, but more importantly, Estel. The ballistic force of the stones crashing onto the statue did the job; Estel not only shattered, but exploded violently into hundreds of fragments which were hurled across Aloria. This not only halted the cycle of Void Invasions; it brought forth the malevolent carnage of the Cataclysm, and marked the end of an era.


It is very difficult to pinpoint all of the lasting effects and ramifications of the Void Invasion. Most remain unknown to nearly all Alorians, yet all of them have impacted the lives of everyday ordinary people.

Concerning the Void Invasions

The Fifth Void Invasion is considered the end of an era stretching back to the genesis of the Seraph, and the beginning of another. Whereas for centuries, magic, and the discoveries and innovations associated with it, dominated the people of Aloria, many cultures and societies subsequently began to step away from the control of the Void and Exist, most notably the Regalian Empire.

Concerning the Cataclysm

The Cataclysm is thought to be the predominant side-effect of the end of the Void Invasion. While the complete genocide of all living Alorians was prevented, the Cataclysm was not much of a better fate. Entire continents shifted, drowned in great storms, were consumed by the oceans, were ripped apart by ravines and earthquakes, or were covered in darkness. Drowda, once a peaceful continent, was churned and infested by all of the Void energy trying to escape through the Veil that shut before them, permanently altering the continent.

Concerning Magic

The Statue of Estel was, and presently is, the only thing allowing Alorians to draw energy through the Veil. When her physical form was destroyed and shattered, the Veil was shut. While this did save Aloria from the cold and harsh clutches of the Void Invasion, it also cut its mages off from their primary source of magic, effectively preventing them from casting. Prior to the Cataclysm, mages could learn magic with relative ease, and had no limitation as to the amount of forms they could draw from. Additionally, there were vastly greater amounts of magic that mages could learn, however the ability to cast these was also lost. In recent years, magic has made a significant comeback which has a direct correlation to the gradual reconstruction of the Statue of Estel.

Concerning the Elven Empire

One of the final effects of the Void Invasion was the distinct power vacuum that came between Alorians. Where once a centralized government stood, the three sons of Emperor Médûí eventually drew at odds with one another, and engaged in a civil war that would decide the fate of the power conglomerate. This weakened and infighting empire (that was reliant on a now unusable magic) was very fragile at best, and found itself unable to protect its people when Orc warships crashed on their shores.


  • It is rumored that the Arken are the only beings capable of casting the ancient forms of magic lost to the Cataclysm.
  • No details of the Dark Banshee’s past life as an Ailor slave are known, save for her first name: Sophie.
  • This Void Invasion is thought to have been the shortest Void Invasion due to its interruption by the Cataclysm.

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