The Log of Elias Cassidy

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The Log of Elias Cassidy
Author Elias Cassidy
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Accessibility Noble Knowledge


The Log of Elias Cassidy is the tale of a magnate man who weaseled himself into the position of steward under Chancellor Morgann Kade by means of political corruption. The Log spans the distance of eleven years from 246 AC to 257 AC, with numerous sections of the document being torn from the spine of the book in an attempt to hide a truth. Only a choice few have had the opportunity to glean the personal log, as it remains bound under lock and key in the Imperial Palace and is not permitted to leave the study. The origins of the author remain as much of an enigma as his death, for all formal and informal documents concerning Elias have all been but lost to history.

The Log of Elias Cassidy

October 13rd, 246 AC

Today father brought exemplary news in concerns to the recently vacant position of the Chancellery Stewardship, affirming onto myself that I will be appointed into the vacant seat. Father had always been a shrewd person with his flaky relations, yet I am indebted to him for sacrificing all else so that I may serve the Imperial family. With regards to his Chancellery, rumors have been sprouting faster than any harvest ever before, having words being thrown around such as sadist and fiendish. Precisely, I believe these are the feeble endeavors by his political rivals - though he has very few - I am sure there must be a rhyme or reason behind all these ludicrous accusations.

October 23rd, 246 AC

My day will be one not shortly forgotten, as it marks my newest career to his Majesty as his personal Steward. First impressions went well on my end. He, however, erupted with waves of sheer fury and demanded a staunch acceptance to his every whim. It was intoxicating - simply put, and I had neither the desire to be of dissidence to his Majesty. My quarters are fair, my wages even fairer, so I have sparse room to gripe. Only the Spirit knows what lies beyond today.

September 7th, 247 AC

Has it been a year since I was initially anointed into this position? Time weighs on me like it does, and I cannot be bothered to thumb that far back into my personal records - too much else demands my attention. I will be short. His Majesty sparsely touches his work, let alone pays it a glance, leaving myself with the burden of filing every minor and major mishap. He is continuously unavailable for such trivial matters he proclaims. Instead, he always sneaks off to his own delving - abandoning me to the towers of parchment that never seem to shrink. I never question him, though, for he is kin to the Spirit and he merits the respect of privacy for it. Still, the occasional weep protruding from his office and flaky passerby leaving it is enough to arouse some suspicion. Is it not?

April 9th, 248 AC

I swear it, I swear it up and down until I have nothing left to swear by; they are all charlatans! My lord, his Majesty, cannot go but a single ball without hearing the impertinence of others. He is a great man I say. A great man who would never condone such horrendous antics within his peerage. They all spout their own story, each slightly modify to display his Majesty in a nastier lighter than the one told before it. Blimey, a boy even encroached upon his Majesty once - throwing about all kinds of accusations, but none stung harder than the one insinuating he was an illegitimate bastard to his Majesty. I know little of what became of that boy, but nothing in my mind tells me he got the results he sought.

November 12th, 249 AC

His Majesty has performed one of his many miracles; he has humbled this world with his first born, Norn Kade. The child is jubilant enough, does not whine, and adorns all his father’s features. He shall take to his father’s heels well, to be sure, and become Chancellor himself upon his Majesty’s resignation. I pray the Spirit watches over him, and bestow his father’s charismatic aroma onto him.

May 23rd, 254 AC

These have been trying years for myself. I have grown accustomed to the towers of parchment that canvass my desk, still my work always feels as if it is all for naught. His Majesty’s wife had beared two more offsprings: Justinian Kade and Shalara Kade - both of which have grown into preening youths.

May 24th, 254 AC

I cannot grasp it, truly. I am unable to, or am I merely unwilling to? I confide in you, my logs, for I stir in my stupor each night without atonement. What rattles me each night remains constant. It is the thumping of boots tracking the same path, leading from his Majesty’s chambers to-

[The page from here on is illegible due to a seeming spill of ink]

November 17th, 257 AC

I am bewildered, muddled, my feather ruffled beyond repremation! I am all of these things and more, as my eyes have been tainted - soiled by a sight ought not be witness by no man. I cannot properly convey my thoughts in an organized manner, but I will attempt to conjure some semblance of meaning. I indecently barged into his Majesty’s room, since my business was of the utmost privy. What followed was a sight union shattering. His Majesty - bare as the day he was born - with another that I cannot express in any just degree. Blimey, I will reconvene of this matter in my next entry, for my mind grows weary and my hand numb as I jot these words. What will bloom from this I do not know, nor might anyone else.


  • The only original copy of Elias Cassidy’s personal logbook is mangled beyond repair, with scholars declaring it was shredded to bits due to it containing heretical theologies.
  • The linage of House Cassidy is believed to have been eradicated after the obscure death of Elias Cassidy. Having any tangible documents associated with the House being swept up the rug of history.

Writers Kihle
Artists None
Processors HydraLana, Doc_Cantankerous, LumosJared
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