The Treasure of Ten-Thousand Men

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The Treasure of Ten-Thousand Men
Author Isaac Cooke
Genre Poetry
Accessibility Common Knowledge

“The Treasure of Ten-Thousand Men” was written by Isaac Cooke as his version of a will. It was released following his brutal execution and caused treasure hunters around the world to go wild. The interpretations of the text vary, anywhere from saying that the treasure is buried on the island he inhabited, Krayr, to somewhere far in the east. Due to the deaths of his crewmates it is unknown whether or not Isaac ever intended anyone to actually find the treasure or whether he wanted to inspire others to walk his way of life. Though, in recent years there has been a large movement in the treasure hunting world to find this treasure and put Isaac Cooke’s tale to rest once and for all.

The Treasure of Ten-Thousand Men

Where the sun sets,
My treasure lay.
Where the pirates gather,
And dogs play.
Three steps left, then three steps right,
You will only find this key at night.
None know what this treasure hold,
But this is the key to the treasure old.
From the tavern you must decide,
The direction in which you will ride.
Should you choose the right one,
The treasure you find won’t be the first one.
A chest of treasure is near mine,
And you have a better chance to find.
The hidden treasure in the ocean,
Than my own because it’s always in motion.


  • No one has been able to figure out this riddle, leading some treasure hunters to deny the existence of any treasure entirely. They instead insist that it went down with his ship.
  • Krayr is thought to be an island somewhere near Daendroc.

Writers DrunkFailure
Artists None
Processors Doc_Cantankerous, Film_Noir
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