Thelwen Brew

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Thelwen Brew
Appearance An opaque dark liquid akin to syrup.
Application Consumption.
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Yveliy’en Thelwen.
Potency Three sips is enough. Any more can cause harm.
Injectable Yes, increases potency; however dangerous
  • 2/10 parts Dagruhn’s Clove.
  • 1/5 parts Kaffee bean.
  • 3/5 parts Oneth’s Cane sugar.
  • 4/5 parts Boiled water.
  1. Stimulant to give energy to the body.
  2. Potentially causes heart attacks.

This particular medicine, while Elven in origin, is a common and well-known substance throughout the civilised and populated regions of Aloria. Thelwen Brew is favoured for its steroid-like nature and ability to grant people boosts of energy, though comes with grave side-effects should too much be ingested.


The origins of Thelwen Brew are traced back to its namesake, Yveliy’en Thelwen, a Nelfin woman from Uven Delaris. The brew first came about a few years after the Ugmor Heresy began. Thelwen, a supporter of the heresy, decided to create something that would give the troops more energy and endurance. Using her abundant supplies of Dagruhn’s Clove, and experimenting with a variety of different ingredients and methods, Thelwen was able to perfect her potion in early 287 AC. It was a grand boon, as the Ugmor Zealots who ingested the solution found themselves imbued with more stamina. Due to its success, the recipe has quickly spread from Daendroc to all manner of states and nations, and is used commonly nowadays.


In order to prepare the solution, two Dagruhn’s Cloves must be dried and crushed. It is recommended to use a mortar and pestle for this, though using the flat of a knife is also a viable method. Following this, the crushed cloves should then be mixed with a single ground-up kaffee bean. Sugar from Dúllci Cane is then required to be boiled with a small amount of water until syrupy, and the aforementioned mix of clove and kaffee must then be added to this syrup. This mixture must be stirred into more boiled water, left to settle for an hour and then bottled.



Proper application of Thelwen Brew is through consumption of two to three sips. This amount is sufficient to help the user receive their needed stimulation. Any more will enhance the effects but also prove dangerous for the consumer’s health.


Thelwen Brew produces similar yet advanced effects to that of Dagruhn’s Clove. In small amounts it will stimulate the body and grant enhanced stamina, and greatly bolster the user’s vigour. This has resulted in the solution being held in high regard by all sorts of people, from the lowliest of labourers to the mightiest of warriors. However, excessive amounts can lead to high chances of a heart attack and other heart-related problems. Being a race with two hearts, this means that Orcs require twice the dosage than a normal person. Although providing a much greater benefit, it carries twice the risk of receiving heart attacks and suffering similar ailments.

Physical Characteristics

When prepared properly, the brew has a distinct black-brown shade, and is somewhat murky. If the alchemist has added too much Dagruhn’s Clove to it, the solution retains a reddish-brown color and is wholly unsafe to drink. Thelwen Brew has a rather thick, syrupy consistency, and, for whatever reason, often smells like curdled milk. To offshoot the potent smell, it has a delightful toffee and honey taste that lingers on the tongue.


  • Despite being a legal substance, those who are found with Thelwen Brew in their possession in or before a competition tend to be punished or disqualified. The worst incident to date was when a notable Dressolini Fencer planted four separate bottles in his opponents’ tents before each of their matches to have them disqualified.
  • Thelwen Brew can quite easily be confused for treacle due to its appearance and taste, much to the dismay of some unfortunate parents who left a vial of the solution out within reach of a child. It is therefore highly recommended to keep bottles of the brew labeled and shut away.
  • It is said that Thelwen Brew is a popular remedy for fright and cowardice amidst members of the Imperial Fleet.

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