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Needlework Art

Needlework Art includes sewing, embroidery, clothing repair and makeshift combining of various fabrics. Those with Needlework Art may always carry a sewing kit on them that they can pull out in a pinch to fix things, or sew things together for either comedic or utilitarian effect. Higher Proficiencies lead to more intricate embroidery, as well as cleaner sewing seams. This Proficiency also includes clothing design and fashion design.

Fabric Art

Fabric Art includes the weaving, spinning and fabrication of normal fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp and other fibers. This also includes basket weaving and other fiber weaving. This Proficiency also includes fabric dyeing, rope making, bandage production and carpet making as well as silk working. Higher Proficiencies lead to higher quality fabrics with more vibrant colors.

Leatherwork Art

Leatherwork Art includes the turning of skins and furs into wearable items, as well as the boiling of leather to produce hardened leather, the creation of hardened leather armor pieces, and the general care of fur products. Higher Proficiencies lead to cleaner and more durable leather, as well as more pristine furs. Also included in this Proficiency is taxidermy and leather dyeing.

Fineweave Art

Fineweave Art includes the creation of Elastaan and other rare and non-Mundane Fabrics, but also turning them into clothes. This Proficiency covers the creation of much more rare and specialized fabrics. For the time being, only Elastaan is covered, but more Fineweave Fabrics will be added as time goes by and discoveries are made in Progressions. Higher Proficiency leads to better quality creations.

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