Timeline of Past Regalian History

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Past Regalian History
Historical Event
Dates and Times 0 AC - 300 AC
Location Regalian Empire

Since its creation in the aftermath of the Five Family Rebellion in 5 AC, the Regalian Empire has become one of the main Ailor powers in known Aloria. Through its three centuries of existence, many events have occurred which shaped the Empire to its core, for better or worse. With so much history written down, it can be difficult for individuals to note when specific events took place, how they coincide with other events happening around the same time, and how they influence future events by their outcomes. Below is a summarized timeline of key events that took place in Regalian History, starting with the Cataclysm and ending at the year 300 AC. Historical portions are broken up by quarter centuries for the sake of consolidating information.

For a timeline of Regalian History taking place during the 4th Century AC (301 AC - present), please consult the World Progression article.

1st Century AC

0-25 AC

25-50 AC

50-75 AC

75-100 AC

  • 79 AC:
    • Death of Emperor Lilienmar II
    • Ascension of Emperor Henri I
    • Death of Arch Chancellor Betheoric I during the Skagger Wars
    • Ascension of Betheoric Kade II as Arch Chancellor
  • 87 AC:
  • 89 AC:
  • 91 AC:
    • Second Hecarian Conflict
      • Hacarian Kingdom annexed by the Regalian Empire
      • Vularian Kingdom annexed by the Regalian Empire
  • 96 AC:
  • 97 AC:
    • Assassination of Emperor Bartholomeaux I
    • Assassination of Arch Chancellor Betheoric III
    • Ascension of Emperor Carvallais I
    • Ascension of Maenarra Kade as Arch Chancellor
    • Skagger occupation of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom
    • Sudlander Principality increases trade relations with the Regalian Empire
  • 98 AC:
    • Assassination of Emperor Carvallais I
    • Ascension of Emperor Maxelle I
    • Adoption of the Clastic Law, preventing violence against Unionist Sects
  • 99 AC:
    • Assassination of Emperor Maxelle I
    • Ascension of Emperor Leomar I
    • End of the Years of the Three Emperors
  • 100 AC:

2nd Century AC

101-125 AC

  • 104 AC:
    • Death of Arch Chancellor Maenarra I
    • Ascension of Ellenore Kade as Arch Chancellor
  • 105 AC:
    • Collapse of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom
  • 110 AC:
  • 112 AC:
    • Sudlander Principality freely joins the Regalian Empire
  • 114 AC:
    • Death of Emperor Leomar I
    • Ascension of Emperor Justeux I
    • Assassination of Emperor Justeaux I
    • Ascension of Emperor Henri II
  • 119 AC:
    • Death of Arch Chancellor Sarvan I
    • Death of Arch Chancellor Tarnan I
    • Ascension of Vlaas Kade as Arch Chancellor
  • 121 AC:
    • Death of Emperor Henri II
    • Ascension of Emperor Henri III
    • Start of the Second Skagger War
  • 122 AC:

125-150 AC

  • 127 AC:
    • Annexation of Etosil by the Regalian Empire
    • Creation of the Hellatia Lordship
    • Creation of the Vladno Republics
  • 140 AC:
    • Grandmaster Robwyn of Coltyr of the Wards of Fae Order burned at the stake for magical heresy

150-175 AC

175-200 AC

3rd Century AC

201-225 AC

  • 205 AC:
  • 207 AC:
    • Death of Emperor Handorien I
    • Ascension of Emperor Allestrain I
  • 211 AC:
  • 214 AC:
    • Regalian Empire fights against the Kingdom of Arlora
    • Regalian Empire fights against the Kingdom of Torse
    • Regalian Empire fights against the Arvost Republic
    • The Purple Bleeding
  • 215 AC:
  • 216 AC:
    • Death of Arch Chancellor Alexander I in battle against the Kingdom of Nordskag
    • End of the First Nordskagger War
    • Resignation of Arch Chancellor Cedmir I
    • Ascension of Morgann Kade as Arch Chancellor
    • Corporatocracy of Basqlierra joins the Regalian Empire
  • 219 AC:
    • Abdication of Emperor Handorien II
    • Ascension of Emperor Justinian I
    • Annexation and establishment of the Governorate of Daenshore
    • Annexation and establishment of the Governorate of Caslin
    • Annexation and establishment of the Governorate of Amaolits
    • Arch Chancellor Morgann I given spiritual prerogative and religious primacy
  • 220 AC:
  • 224 AC:
    • Death of Emperor Justinian I
    • Start of the Seasonal Emperors Period
    • Ascension of Emperor Handorien III
    • Annexation of the Kingdom of Kausis

225-250 AC

  • 227 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Handorien III
    • Appointment of Emperor Ottomar I
  • 231 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Ottomar I
    • Appointment of Emperor Balthezar I
  • 235 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Balthezar I
    • Appointment of Emperor Handorien IV
  • 240 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Handorien IV
    • Appointment of Emperor Handorien V
    • First Essalonia expeditions launched by the Regalian Empire
    • Kingdom of Silsaerimas annexed by the Regalian Empire
    • Republic of Dormin annexed by the Regalian Empire
  • 243 AC:
  • 244 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Handorien V
    • Appointment of Emperor Allestrain II
  • 249 AC:
    • Disappearance of Emperor Allestrain II
    • Appointment of Emperor Allestrain III
  • 250 AC:
    • Start of the Second Nordskagger War

250-275 AC

275-300 AC

  • 279 AC:
  • 280 AC:
  • 286 AC:
    • Invasion of the Essa Empire by the Regalian Empire
    • Start of the Chrysant War
    • Fall of the Chrysant Kingdom of Osstissa to the Regalian Empire
  • 287 AC:
    • Fall of the Chrysant Kingdoms of Uesston, Allossa, and Ssesollosa to the Regalian Empire
  • 290 AC:
    • New Ceardian Colonies incorporated into the Regalian Empire
  • 291 AC:
    • Battle of Fessa Huallo
    • Execution of Empress Miko Missa
    • Siege of Ssasrakand
    • End of the Chrysant War
    • Emperor Justinian II given back absolute power by the Regalian Senate
    • Dissolution of the Regalian Senate
    • Mass assassination of the Regalian Nobility by the Slizzar
    • Passing of the Tenpenny Act
    • Governorate of Turmenia created
    • Governorate of Karfanth created
    • Walforth created
    • Governorate of Caernoth created
  • 295 AC:

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