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Official Name Topaz
Common Nicknames Poor Man’s Gem, Yellow Glass
Origin Various
Uses Decorative
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Topaz has been a common mineral for millennia in the coastline areas of Westwynd and after the fall of the Allorn Empire, came to explode outward. Appearing in multiple colors along the warm side of the color spectrum, the gemstone has long been one used by commoner people and their jewelry. The mineral is found underground, but also at the bottom of rivers and other inland bodies of water; the shifting water wears away the dirt around Topaz deposits to unveil them to those who know what to look for. Today, any member of society can be found wearing this gemstone in their everyday lives; it is a small bit of color in what is for many, a long and hard existence.


Topaz has been a common mineral known for countless centuries by various parties. It is thought by many that the Elves were the first to discover it in their ancient past due to ancient jewelry pieces found in the caverns the ancient Elves called home. It is also possible that the ancient Asha also knew of the material, but on their discovery of the material, the records are expectantly silent. By the end of the Allorn Empire’s height, the material had proliferated throughout the whole Allorn Empire and was often seen as a material most benefiting those of lower status or lesser means. The material had also made its way to regions beyond the Empire, traveling with runaway slaves who used the material to barter their passage or start their new lives. In the wake of the Cataclysm that eventually came to pass, Topaz flooded external markets as slaves made off with the wealth of those who had once enslaved them. In addition, Ithania’s relatively peaceful cleaving from the remains of the Allorn nation helped give them access to Topaz mines for their purposes. There was a lull after this time, for people had to recover from the mass destruction the Cataclysm had brought on, but by 90 AC Topaz once again flowed from the world’s mines and has not stopped since. The gemstone, due to this abundance but also due to surviving ideas of the Allorn Empire, is still considered to be a stone for the lower classes.



Topaz has a wide range of colors, all existing on the warm side of the color spectrum, starting at wine red, to bright yellow, and ending on light brown. It is also slightly transparent. The material naturally occurs as large prismatic columns close to the surface and can also be found bare in shallow water with such exposed clusters often leading to larger deposits. When cut, it is most commonly made into ovular or spherical shapes, though kites are also used.

General Uses

Topaz serves one purpose: to be part of the jewelry of the lower classes. It is commonly paired with Copper or Silver, the two relatively cheap materials working well together aesthetically, though some truly poor souls tie raw pieces of the material around their neck once a hole has been cut in the gem.


  • Topaz has been known to be passed off as Rubies or other much more valuable gemstones by unscrupulous merchants.
  • The kingdom of Lusits once diverted the entire Gostos River to get at a large deposit of Topaz, cementing the stereotype even further that Lusitians are obsessed with gems.
  • The largest Topaz column ever recovered from a mine was thirty feet long.
  • There have been some very strange, unique examples of colder-hued Topaz found dotted across Aloria, with these incredibly rare objects often sold as Sapphires to unknown buyers.

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