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Official Name Topaz
Common Nicknames Poor Man’s Gem
Origin Daen
Uses Decorative
Rarity Common
Accessibility Lower Class, Middle Class

Topaz has been a common mineral for centuries on the coastline areas of eastern Daen, and after the fall of the Elven Empire, the mineral came to explode outward. Appearing in multiple colors along the warm color spectrum, the gem has been a gemstone of the common people and their jewelry ever since its unknown point of discovery. The mineral appears underground, but also at the bottom of rivers and other inland bodies of water; the shifting water wearing away the dirt around Topaz deposits to unveil them to those who know what to look for. Today, any number of lower and low middle class members of society can be found to wear this gemstone in their everyday lives, a small bit of color in what is for many, a long and hard existence.


Topaz has been a common mineral available for untold centuries. At the time of the Elven Empire, it was a gemstone found among the lower and poorer middle class, also known as the Llida- and Medlo-Altalar. Consequently, the Ailor and other slaving races learned of the gem from them and kept this knowledge when they escaped into the wider world. After the Cataclysm, this tradition continued as slaves escaped wider afield. However, the material remained rare for a number of years as Daen recovered from the collapse of the Elven Empire. By 90 AC, mines opened in Arvost, Lusits, and the Ithanian Hivres of San-lume and Agennes-sur-Livres, uncovered literal tons of this material. It’s price immediately dropped off and it has been a common mineral ever since. Today, it remains this way, but as Arvost slowly drains its island dry of all natural resources, talk turns of perhaps opening mines on Solacia or making a deal with Killarallis to obtain mining rights to seek new deposits.



Topaz has a wide range of colors, generally considered to be on the warm color spectrum, starting at wine red, to bright yellow, and ending on light brown. It is also slightly transparent. The material naturally occurs as large prismatic columns close to the surface and can also be found bare in shallow water, (usually leading to a larger deposit).

General Uses

Topaz serves one purpose: to be part of the jewelry of the lower classes. It is often made into a facet cut when it goes into jewelry, but kite cuts are also popular. Some even tie raw pieces of the material around their neck once a hole has been cut in the gem, especially if it's particularly clear. It is also commonly paired with Copper.


Topaz has no natural abilities.


  • Topaz have been known to be passed off as Rubies or other much more valuable gemstones by unscrupulous salesman.
  • Lusitians once diverted the entire Gostos River to get at a deposits of Topaz, cementing the stereotype even further that Lusitians are obsessed with gems.
  • The largest Topaz column ever recovered from a mine was ten feet long.

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