Torsian Rose

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Torsian Rose
Official Name Torsian Rose
Common Name Honor Rose
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration in homes and gardens
Origins Essalonia
Habitat Temperate climate areas

The Torsian Rose is native to Essalonia and was once confined only to the nation of Torse, leading to its name. This pale pink-colored flower grows from shrubs, which also produce red hips that have several uses. The plant is also considered to be a physical representation of good Soldi by the Kingdom of Torse and has long been a symbol for the people of their justness in the face of constant warfare with Arlora. But that foe is now defeated and so their beliefs are now more general in what the plant represents.


The Torsian Rose was discovered relatively early in the history of the Proto-Velheim people who would one day make up the nation of Torse. It is generally accepted to have been a creation of the Old Gods deity Basjtur as a symbol of the honor and good Soldi the region’s ancestors had. The flowers were originally highly local, contained to a forest found on the coastline of Torse territory facing outward to the ocean However, soldiers and hunters seeking to physically possess signs of their fair Soldi took samples of the plant home with them, and gradually, the plant escaped the humble flowerbeds of their origin and into the wild, where they took root. The plant was further spread, probably by trade, across Veløya and even appeared in Arlora territory though the nation actively attempted to destroy the plant when found. Torsian Roses continue to grow in these areas today, despite the calamity that was the Bone Horror Crisis that befell Torse in recent years. With the kingdom now slowly recovering and its population gradually returning from other lands, the flower has become a sign to them of their right place in the world, and that their Soldi is forever fair when compared to that of their former greatest enemy; Arlora.


The Torsian Rose is one of the most aggressive varieties of flowers in Aloria, capable of great growth and plant size. Each Rose itself is a soft pink, five-petalled flower with a pastel yellow center, most being around an inch in diameter. The rest of the plant, a variety of shrub, is where the real size and shape come in, as this vegetation is a variety of hedge and can grow as high as nine feet if pruned and tended to properly. In the wild, however, they are often more shorter, around three to five feet in height and possess girth. The leaves of this plant are tooth-edged, pointing outward to the leaf tip, and possess a deep green coloration. The plant also grows hips which contain the Rose’s seeds and are bright red in coloration. They are much smaller than the flowers themselves, often the size of berries, and easily collected. Finally, the stem of the shrub part of the flower is covered in small, straight needle-like spines. While nasty looking, these spines are relatively harmless to humanoids, only developed as a deterrent to animal pests.

Uses and Abilities

The Torsian Rose is primarily used as a decorative plant around homes of those with Oldt Gods beliefs, or of those who enjoy the pale colorful beauty offered by the flowers. Enthusiastic gardeners who get their hands on samples of the plant can help the plant trail up the sides of buildings, along trellises and gazebos, but can also keep them short and small in proper plant beds. The hips of the plant, meanwhile, can be used to make many things. Refined down to an oil, it can help to moisturize the skin and, when dried and used in teas, aids digestion.


  • To most Races, the Torsian Rose has a sweet scent similar to other flowers of its type. However, to Yanar the plant has a harsher smell while to Slizzar and some Allar subraces the flower has a more woody than floral smell.

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