Triclone Orchid

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Triclone Orchid
Official Name Triclone Orchid
Common Name Door-Inner Daisy, Three-headed Hibiscus
Classification Flower
Common Use Medical, Decorative
Origins Anglia, Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Temperate, wet soils

Triclone Orchids are three-headed flowers native to Anglia, once upon a time almost exclusively growing around the region’s Dragon Temples. With time the plant was able to spread, and now serves as one of many symbols of Anglia, with a tie to the Dogartan Unionists who often keep large fields of the plant in honor of those acclaimed with “first discovery.” The plant is also known for its ability to numb the flesh, making it useful in many medical circles.


The Triclone Orchid has a history dating back well before most assume it was discovered. Referenced at the very start of the Regalian Kingdom, centuries before the Cataclysm, the Triclone Orchid remained rare as Dragon Worshipers in Anglia actively prevented the plant’s spread beyond their claimed territories and the Dragon Temples which were littered across Anglia. By the time of the formation of the Regalian Empire, however,the Orchid was no longer intensely guarded and started seeping out into the broader Anglian countryside. The traditional story of the plant’s discovery states that in 173 AC, a trio of Dogartan lay-priests seeking isolation came to the foothills of a great mountain in Door-Inner. Upon discovering the flower, they took it as a divine sign they had reached the proper site to establish their own Celery. From then on, they took to harvesting the Triclone Orchids, and eventually, native Anglian alchemists converted to the faith determined the plant to have healing applications in Alchemy, aside from its decorative purpose. Since the rebirth of the Dragons across Aloria in recent years, the Triclone Orchid has gained increased notoriety among the Dragon faithful of the Regalian Empire for its fringe connection to the Anglian style of worship and faith. The plant remains populous in the wild as well, and likely will for many years.


Triclone Orchids sit at a maximum of six inches tall, on a thick, dark green stem with a trio of short pedate leaves the same hue as the stem at the plant’s base. The plant’s main feature is its head, which always features three identical trumpet-shaped flowers roughly an inch long, with a deep blue, almost violet, hue to the petals with lines of white running up the middle and surrounding the half-exposed, similarly white, carpel. The main flower is positioned at a slight angle at the top of the plant, with the other two blooms located slightly lower on either side of it.

Uses and Abilities

The Triclone Orchid’s best use is in the act of healing others, though it plays a less direct role than some other plants. Extracts of the Orchid can help to numb skin and areas of the body where they are applied over, allowing for easier surgeries and less pain for those suffering. While some sensational stories may speak of it freezing an entire body solid, at the mercy of any number of means, this is not possible. The plant’s other uses are purely aesthetic, being used to decorate one’s home, especially if they are a Dragon Worshiper, though they are also simply used as decoration by any man or woman with Anglian backgrounds.


  • Triclone Orchids are probably not orchids, though this botanical debate has raged for nearly a century by now.
  • The Dogartan cloisters of Eldringen in the Regalian Archipelago produce more Triclone Orchids than those groups in Door-Inner.
  • Zondespael literature has tended to keep away from Triclone Orchids after one such piece incited a Dragon Worshiper mob to lynch the poet who had composed it.

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