Turaal Order

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Turaal Order
Leader The Blademaster
Headquarters Turent Tower, Anglia
Affiliation Regalian Empire


The Turaal Order is naturally situated in the southern Anglian province of Turaal, a relatively unremarkable piece of land mostly covered in forests and hillsides with the occasional town. The School itself is on the outskirts of the town of Turent, which also doubles as the capital of the province.


The Turaal Order was developed following the Viridian Coup Attempt, after which some Kade knights believed the Viridian Order to be a dangerous organization (though they paradoxically kept sending their sons to train there). Some years after the coup attempt, the Tower Knight of Turent came up with the idea to create an organization dedicated to simply defeating Viridian Knights in combat. He gathered funds to start the order, and within some years was already popular among the Anglian locals because it offered reduced training courses for less money than was required for the more noble academies.

Over the decades, various innovative teachers have shaped the Turaal Order to include extreme endurance and fitness disciplines, as well as cohesion activities among the trainees. This made the Turaal Order well-known for strong camaraderie among its pupils, and its members are actually very tolerant of other Races and outsiders. As a result, the Turaal Order has ballooned in numbers, especially with the increase in different Knightly Orders demanding a large population of combatants specializing in taking them down, should history ever attempt to repeat itself.


The Turaal Order barely has a functional hierarchy. Pupils make up the vast bulk of its members, but there is a distinction between the pupils that study at the school and those who study with freelance teachers. A freelance taught pupil is never allowed into the school, though any Turaal Bladesman that has taught even for just a year is considered a mentor for the rest of their lives. The whole order itself is led by a single man known as the Blademaster. It’s not always entirely clear who that is, but generally speaking, it’s the oldest teacher still teaching at the actual Blades School.


The Turent Tower is an old Anglian Castle built during the time of the Regalian Kingdom, with its architecture mirroring that pre-Empire era. It originally acted as a Viridian chapter house during the first century of the Regalian Empire, but the Viridian Coup Attempt saw it seized by the Tower Knight of Turent, who eventually broke away from the Viridian Knights to create his organization.


  • Ironically, it is very common in modern times to see a Turaal Blade fighting alongside a Regalian Knight on the battlefield. Old hostilities between the two groups have faded since the Unionist Hero Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc forced a code of honor upon the various Knightly Orders.
  • Turaal Bladesmen receive an ornate dagger upon their graduation that they often use to identify each other due to the disorganized records of the Order.
  • Originally, the Turaal Blades were known as Turent Knights, though the name quickly fell out of favor to separate the order from its anticipated targets.

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