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School of Turall
Proficiencies Rapier Combat, Dagger Combat, Stealth Rogue
Race All (though agile, lithe Races have a higher chance of being accepted into the School)
Location Turent, Anglia
Origins Turent, Anglia

The School of Turall is an order of bladesmen based out of the city of Turent in the province of Turall, in Anglia. It is a fighting discipline which values endurance, fitness, speed and dual-wielding over other martial arts as a means to train soldiers meant to defeat knights. Their fighting style, known as Turall Techniques, make the Blades (Turall fighters) renowned for being some of the best double weapon sword fighters in the Regalian Empire and beyond, with unmatched combat stamina. Blades often fight with two daggers or two short swords, valuing speed over actual striking force to both out-balance and outmaneuver an opponent. The Blade’s technique has often been likened to the Skagger combat style, but with more control, class, and less raw power.


The School of Turall was developed at the same time as its ethical cousin, the School of Tyrian, in the wake of the Viridian Coup Attempt in 122 AC, though in a different location. The City of Turent had long held a local order of warriors, known as the Tower Knights, their name being derived from their headquarters, an ancient tower that sat as the cornerstone as the city’s battlements. In response to the betrayal of the Viridian Knights, the Tower Knights immediately dropped their naming convention, and dedicated themselves to retraining themselves with the explicit goal of taking down knights in combat. They restructured their hierarchy and, because many of the members were too adapted to knight-style combat, these swordsmen became the “practice dummies” for the newly trained classes of Turall Blades who were soon graduating and going out into the world. Their form of education grew more focused with time, and developed into the use of two offensive weapons, either a pair of shortswords, or a sword and dagger combo. The School of Turall of today is a very open-minded Combat School that lies in the very progressive area of Turent. Despite its somewhat dark conservative woodland vibes, the people in Turent are actually very tolerant of other Races and outsiders, and as a result, the School has ballooned in numbers, especially with the vast increase in different Knightly Orders demanding a large population of combatants specializing in taking them down.


The sole location that teaches the School of Turall is the Turent Tower, an ancient structure that forms the central lynchpin in the defensive walls of the urban city of Turent. This tower and its surrounding facilities hold as many as a thousand each year in the form of instructors, students, and workers. The students live as Trainees throughout their education in gender segregated barracks, while Bladesmen and women are expected to move on after graduating, or join the population of Turent as guards or mercenaries.

Code of Conduct

The School of Turall has a fairly loose Code of Conduct, as they actively shirked their old charter of rules following the treason of the Viridian Knights they were originally founded in emulation of. However, over the decades, and at the insistence of the city’s Aldermen, they have instituted a series of rules to better organize and discipline their Blades.

  • Fight Corruption: It is every Blade’s job to fight against the corruption caused by greed, lust and gluttony. Remain pure in intent, do not be swayed from a goal once it has been set, and do not allow misery and chaos to reign where you have the power to stop it.
  • Fight Arrogance: To be arrogant, hotheaded, and braggadocious is a corruption of the spirit, and of the humble nature all Turall should seek to encapsulate. Be honest with oneself and others, speak truth, and defy lies, be they told to you, told of you, or told from you.
  • Fight Death: The School of Turall are not assassins for the hire of black leather coin purses. Fight for honor, and good pay, from honest people, and do not actively seek to kill what we were founded to defeat. Knights are not evil, but their ambition and arrogance should see them knocked down a peg in the melees of the Empire.
  • Fight Extremes: Fanatics have no place in the Regalian Empire. All must be even and balanced like two blades against each other. Do not subscribe to the toxic beliefs of the slavers, that all are sub-Humanume, and do not enter the dens as friends of noble-hating Jacobins.


The School of Turall begins all students at the level of Trainee, where they spend their first year at the Academy undergoing exhaustive physical training. They also work as laborers for some of the city’s major businesses, as a way to pay their room and board, but also to train their bodies up from the physical labor. After this year has passed, they enter the second year, which sees their bodies be maintained, but also complex agility imparted to them through repetitive, aggressive exercises. The older Trainees often toss knives at each other when doing these motions, to test one’s ability to dodge. This period also sees a Trainee begin to learn the ways of their chosen weapon. While many make use of two blades at once, others favor two daggers, or one of each, with a rare few focusing on one sword alone. This training is then increased for the next two years, as duels begin to be actively sought out among the students and their teachers, as well as students against each other to test their skills. Every student who wants to graduate must either find and duel another knight before the Blademaster, or duel the Blademaster himself and last for two minutes. In total, the School of Turall has an average education time of five years, but people are free to stay on for longer should they be able to afford it, and desire to truly hone every skill possible. Ten years is the max amount a Blade can spend training in the School before they are forcefully graduated, though many who are there for this long replace retiring teaching staff.

OOC Rules for the School

  • Armor usage for Turalls is limited to leather or gambeson armor, if any at all, since any amount of armor seriously endangers their ability to properly use the Turall Techniques.
  • Turall combatants should ideally be Athletic in Body Shape given their focus on agility, as well as swift strikes and dual-wielding.


  • Turall Blades receive an ornate dagger upon their graduation that they often use to identify each other due to the disorganized records of the School, as many wear their ceremonial dagger on their chest in some form of satchel or decorative leather piece. Despite being against State Law, a small exception is made for these ceremonial daggers as they are often dulled.
  • Turall Blades tend to work as mercenaries, valuing a certain sense of freedom in their activities, professionally and personally. However, most keep to the ideals of the School, and those that openly break their code are known as Blackened Blades due to the perceived tainting of their training by the School of Blackmark.
  • Some people have argued that the Tower Knights were the original Hedge Knights of the Regalian Empire, being very similar to the Bloodcasts in many ways. If they had only remained as they were, instead of reacting so quickly as they did, the Bloodcast Order might be extremely different today.

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