School of Tyrian

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School of Tyrian
Proficiencies Greatsword Combat, Two-hand Blunt Combat, Glaive Combat. Strength Training
Race Any Male
Location Regalia
Origins Regalia

The School of Tyrian, or Tyrian Order, is best known for producing the exceptional warriors of the Imperial Guard, the cream of the crop when it comes to Human combat ability (and to a lesser extent, to that of other Races) in the entirety of Aloria. The Imperial Guard are few, but have a reputation known across the world. The Tyrian Order members obey the commands and whims of the Imperial Family with the utmost precision, obedience, and ruthlessness. Occasionally, the Imperial Guard can be seen outside the Imperial City, but the vast majority stay with their master in the Imperial Palace. Historically, the Imperial Guard used to be referred to as the Tyrian Order, a name given due to the color of the cloth used to decorate the official Imperial Guard armor. However, the name went out of style after a few decades, as the Imperial Guard considered themselves infinitely better than the Violet Order and wanted to dissociate themselves from the “low caste” soldiers of Regalia, while the School of Tyrian itself developed as a term for their form of “imperial” combat: fierce, unyielding, and obedient to a fault of those higher than them.


Imperial Guards have some of the heaviest classified armor, made largely out of Blacksteel.

Before the Viridian Coup Attempt, the guarding of the Royal Family of the Regalian Empire fell to the Viridian Order, which they did rather poorly in the last years before their effort to usurp control of the Regalian Empire. In the wake of this effort, Emperor Henri III sought out a new group to replace their role in his household. He ultimately settled on the Duke of Castor, Duke Harald II Kade-Schwarz, to lead this effort and to this day, Harald’s descendants have been the Imperial Guard Commanders, serving with honor and distinction. Harald was largely given free reign in determining the way that he would form the Royal Guard, and was drawn to the idea of overwhelming force being used to defeat an enemy before they became a threat to a person of Imperial blood. As a result, he first sought out the brawniest, and most accomplished physical mercenaries of Anglia to take into the service of the royal house. He then relentlessly drilled them, maintaining their perfect physique, and developing other custom aspects for the Order to make them distinct. Rumor has it that he even had an alchemical creation, known as the Castor Serum, developed and injected into his first batch of recruits to ensure their peak muscularity, reaching the very limits of what were possible for Ailor. Regardless of the truth of this, his vision for the School of Tyrian proved fruitful, as two assassination efforts were foiled by his men within their first four years of service.

This first iteration of the School of Tyrian was highly successful and remained so, but under Reginald III Kade-Schwarz during the tenure of Morgann Kade as Chancellor, grew far darker and directly corrupted by the man’s influence. Reginald III actively courted the extreme Hermann von Toberwolleberg, an inquisitor of fame from New Regalian lands, to come and remake his “knight-slayers” into beasts of endless determination and loyalty. To this end, von Toberwolleberg perfected a stressful process of indoctrination borne out of a combination of torture, experimental drugs, and psychological stress. The main idea behind the practice was to break the psyche of a selected Viridian Knight and then to rebuild him in the self-glorifying image of the Imperial Guard. The Castor Serum, if it did exist earlier, was refined with the aid of Allar alchemists and was definitely used within this second version of the School of Tyrian. This practice continued and, for a few years after the Chrysant War, was even accelerated from the looting of Allar alchemical secrets. This saw the birth of the Nellon Serum, a potion that literally remade the musculature of the individual who took it, and created unnaturally physical Ailor, while also unnaturally boosting the few other Races allowed into the Imperial Guard at this time. However, the overall program came under intense scrutiny after the collapse of the Regalian Senate, and the deeper involvement of House Kade into the cadet branch that had been in charge of the order since its inception. The entire Serum program was ultimately discontinued, devastating much of the guard force which had become addicted to the drug, but allowing the new commander Reginald IV to form a wholly natural order with new recruits.

This rejection of the Serum took place under the brief reign of Emperor Cedromar I, who also put an end to the intense indoctrination practices that had broken the will of the Viridian Knights who had been selected for it, and turning them into dispassionate machines of duty. Cedromar’s rejection of the extremes endured by the guard force normalized them, and while they certainly lost some of their superhuman features, the Imperial Guard experienced social warmth from the Palace for the first time. Emperor Cedromar routinely treated the Imperial Guards as a family, sleeping in the same barracks and eating food with them in the mess hall, even playing cards during leisure hours, and the Emperor always showed great personal care to each individual Imperial Guard, changing the Imperial Guards from a hyper-aggressive, antisocial warband into a group of extremely loyal, tightly knit praetorians who are loyal to the Imperial Family due to Cedromar’s care of them, and no longer because they have no choice. Alexander I has not continued this practice himself, but Cedromar does still visit the barracks, and other Imperial family members retain close friendships with the School of Tyrian’s members.


The School of Tyrian is taught at a single location, the Tyrian Association School, a building close to the Imperial Palace that teaches the tenants of the School to any selected for the honor of serving the Imperial family. The facility is simple but effective, and is currently staffed with many of the eldest Tyrian members, the last remnants of the Serum days, who teach their students with a dispassion that reflects their traumatic pasts. Although there is also a “second location for education, this is the barracks for the Tyrian Guards within the Imperial Palace itself, and is a place of education insofar as many young Tyrians first learn about the extensive connections to the royal family that take place within these quarters such as card games.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Tyriannis is the Code of Conduct for the Imperial Guards and is one that they are strongly indoctrinated to follow. Never in the history of the Imperial Guard (at least after the implementation of indoctrination) has an Imperial Guard violated any of the tenets of the Code of Tyriannis. Doing so would certainly mean execution for one of the greatest treasons one can commit against the Emperor. The Imperial Guards are also routinely interrogated to ensure their continued loyalty.

  • Duty to the Emperor above all: An Imperial Guard is expected to give their life for the Emperor and keep the Emperor safe at all costs; that also means from his own family members in some cases.
  • Duty to the Imperial Family: An Imperial Guard must explicitly follow orders from all members of the Imperial Family in a direct line of succession, meaning the Emperor’s wife, children, siblings, parents, and grandchildren, unless this conflicts with the first tenet.
  • Duty to show no weakness: Crying, sobbing, self-doubt and self-pity are strictly forbidden by code in the Imperial Guard. Any such behavior is often punished by a lashing.
  • The Cheek for Unionism: Imperial Guards are expected to ignore the wrongdoings of the Imperial Family and especially the Emperor. It is not their place to question, but to obey.
  • Silence of the Highest Order: Imperial Guards must never divulge the secrets of the Emperor to anyone, not even to other members of the Imperial Family itself.


The School of Tyrian trains its soldiers by a combination of ruthless drilling, psychological stress, ndoctrination, as well as heavy exercise to become super killers in service of the Emperor and the Royal Family. Officially, the Tyrian Training is limited to only the actual Imperial Guard. That said, over the decades a number of military enthusiasts have painstakingly recorded eye witness reports of palace servants as well as war engagement reports to reconstruct the Tyrian School, making it more accessible for a fee outside of the Palace. Every day a Tyrian awakens before dawn to begin their exhaustive endurance and strength training, before settling into their normal day, that being a day filled with receiving and fulfilling orders, being tested on and manipulated to ensure peak physical and mental readiness, and intense indoctrination sessions administered by their mentors. They are additionally schooled in the use of at least two of the three weapons wielded by the order, as well as in defensive and offensive tactics for the Imperial family. The lifestyle of a Tyrian ultimately weeds out the weak and ensures only the very best make it through with their sanity intact. In the past, most did not, and retained broken mentalities that rendered them unfit for proper retirement. Luckily, such things are far behind the group, while those who engage in the School from a distance on their own time certainly never suffer the same pain and tumult as formal members.

OOC Rules for the School

  • This School is formally open to any Race as long as they are male (due to the physical requirement of the School which exceeds the female average). This is as long as the student belongs to the Tyrian Association School.
  • It is not permitted to produce an Imperial Guard Character without specific consent from MonMarty, as these Characters need to strictly be coordinated with the other Imperial Guard and the Imperial Family. That being said, playing just a regular non-Imperial Guard student of the School of Tyrian has no limitations.
  • While the history describes a lengthy process of emotional and physical torture, these practices are not present in the School when learned outside of the Imperial Palace.
  • When learned outside of the Imperial Palace, one should never compare themselves to an Imperial Guardsmen, as to do so is the height of arrogance and idiocy in Regalian society. Everyone knows that only Imperial Guards are the true elites of the School of Tyrian, and to claim an identical skill level as an outside adherent would be laughable.


  • Imperial Guards are replaced only on death or retirement. Retired Imperial Guards are often given a barony and are ennobled, but they usually do not marry or produce children after that.
  • Those who learn the School of Tyrian style almost always end up in service to the royal family in some capacity, with those who shirk from this responsibility are usually met with swift hunting and execution.
  • It is often thought that the only real weakness of Imperial Guards is archery. However, those who intend to use bows against the Imperial Guards often forget how thick their armor is, and how well crafted their chainmail is. It is easy to forget that the Imperial guards carry such colossal weight due to their unnatural strength that makes them nearly almost immune to arrow fire when in their full armor.

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