Udtyr's Band

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Udtyr’s Band
Name Udtyr’s Band
Origin Unknown
Classification Ailor Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Udtyr’s band is a simple silver band engraved with indecipherable Proto-Picaron engravings along its circumference. The ring itself is curiously heavy for its apparent material and is always noticeable to the wearer when slipped upon their finger. It imbues the wearer’s weapon in hand with curious power. Its origins lie within the rich folklore of Breizh history. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


The stories of knights like Arthair and the Green Knight are well-known to most Breizhfolk, but that of Udtyr is an oft-forgotten one, much less told. Udtyr was the King of Callertot in the era before noble Arthair’s time, and lorded over his Grand Knights. Often did he quest with them, crusading to rid their homeland of the vile creatures of darkness such as the Sanguine and fighting alongside the benevolent Angels. Udtyr, however, was not a man without flaw, and became far too aware of the affections that Lanthel, one of his Knights, carried for his wife, the Queen Caerlyssa. Commonly did Lanthel dote upon her in the courtyard of Callertot, and too many times did Udtyr spy him letting his lips linger for too long upon her hand when he greeted her. It drove him into jealous fits, and one night he confronted her about his growing paranoia. Disgusted by his accusation, Caerlyssa fled from Udtyr’s bedchambers and found comfort in Lanthel’s arms where the two made love that very night. Udtyr saw them, and then when they slept killed the knight Lanthel in his bed.

Stricken with grief and horror at his own actions, Udtyr ran from the castle that night and into the woods beyond where he decided his own life must be taken as penance for his horrid deed. It was there that an Angel descended from the moonlit sky to stay his hand, and deliver upon him a new charge: As penance for his crime, Udtyr would renounce his kingdom and pilgrimage to the great mountain of Pellathael so as to be closer to the heavens. There, he would have to build a cloister with his bare hands and live in sworn solitude, aiding any travellers with generosity befitting the Angels themselves and passing on what wisdom he could. This, the Angel said, would be enough. Udtyr agreed.

His crown left behind, he set out for the mountain and spent many exhausting years constructing a cloister near Pellathael’s peak where he lived on not much but hard bread and lichen. Some days he cursed the seeming meaninglessness of this punishment, but destiny made itself clear to him when a young knight named Arthair came wandering to the remote cloister. He had been charged with learning the wisdoms of the ‘man who had forsaken his whole world’, and so Udtyr passed on to young Arthair what he had learned: that nothing is as precious as the true love you carry in your heart, for your kin and your people and your faith. As Udtyr spoke those words, the wedding band he had held upon his finger since the day he married his Caerlyssa ignited with silver light, and the former king knew his penance was paid. Arthair invited Udtyr along with his band of knights to smite the last of the land’s vampires. Udtyr died in that battle and was given a hero’s burial in a meadowy cairn, where his band remained for centuries.


Udtyr’s Band is a simple silver band inlaid with a looping phrase engraved within the metal, written in Proto-Picaron. Thanks to the language’s incompleteness, even modern scholars have been unable to decipher the true meaning of the phrase, as it uses a length of archaic words. It is surprisingly heavy for its size and thickness, and constantly reminds the wearer of the burden they wear on their finger.

Uses and Abilities

Udtyr’s Band enables the wearer to imbue their weapon with a holy silver light that causes it to radiate with the warmth of a hearth. To the mundane, contact with the steel is mostly like any other, though skin-to-skin it is distinctly warm as if it had been resting by a fire for some time. To the Lingering or higher Void aberrants, however, the feeling is agonizing: like having a hot knife slashed right through their flesh. It burns and cauterizes their skin as if it were red-hot as well.

The weapon can be pointed in any direction, and over the course of 5 seconds it charges up with increasingly-bright light before the light stored within it is released, arcing out with blinding light in the immediate area around it and searing the vision of anyone who can see it (aside from the wielder), temporarily blinding them for 10 seconds. Lingering or higher Void Aberrants who are affected have their entire silhouette light up, remainining for an hour and making them visible through any depth of darkness (even magically-created darkness) or effects that might make them otherwise invisible.

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