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Pronunciation Oom-Red.
Classification Common Vampire.
Rarity Very Common.
Regions Human, Faraddi, Oriental and Elven populations.

Once forming the great Bloodfeast Armies, the Umredd are the main foot soldiers of the Vampire affliction. Umredd are mostly combat oriented Vampires that excel at fighting most enemies, regardless of skill or size. Umredd are similarly distributed to the Ombratore, though unlike the more hidden Ombratore, the Umredd are always very obvious and present, as their Vampirism is hard to disguise. The Umredd are deceptively skilled at single combat, no race or skill in any form of combat protects one against the skills and traits of the Umredd, which they frequently employ in battles. The Umredd have a very problematic relationship with the other Bloodlines. Still, the vast majority of them see the necessity of cooperation with the other Bloodlines, towards the common goal that all Vampires share.


Umredd came into being roughly around 70 AC when the Zehler started approaching their infections with a touch more grace. Previously their ravenous feeding had only resulted in Tresmisae Vampires, but as the need for more organized soldiers grew, and the Zehler became more selective in their feeding cattle, the Umredd came into being. The Umredd were immediately the malleable soldiers the Zehler needed, and for the first few decades, they were the loyal footsoldiers of the Zehler. Out of all the Vampires, the Umredd developed the most unique and distinct culture. While for example, the Ombratore retained much of their old individualism, Umredd had an unexplainable drawing to one another, as well as the desire to establish a common culture for themselves. Umredd developed a unique architectural style as well as a long-forgotten forging technique through which they developed Vile-Armor and Blood-Drawing Blades called Blood Singers. While lost to time and perhaps the intentional destruction at the hands of the Regalians, these cultural items offered both a unique dress code as well as fighting style for the Umredd, one that often resulted in the spilling of a lot of blood and excessive gore during battlefields.

The Umredd formed the majority of the armies sent against the Kingdom of Hedryll and later against the Regalian led coalitions during The Unspoken War. With their uniform armors, glaive weapons, and spiked shields, their battle formations were a sight to behold. While the war with the Regalian coalition was a back and forth conflict in terms of the military successes, many of the Umredd victories turned the grounds of the battle into an orgy of blood feasting. This in itself also betrayed the true downsides of the Umredd, their dependency on the blood they fed on, and their capability to engage in unnecessary carnage and anarchic brutality when presented with a fresh kill. The new weapons brought into the conflict by the Regalians was eventually the undoing of the Umredd. While the Zehler went into hibernation and the Ombratore fled, the Umredd were completely exterminated. It is generally believed that not a single Umredd survived the fall of the Vampires in Ellador, thus providing the other Bloodlines with a window to escape.

The first re-creation of the Umredd occurred early in the rule of Justinian the Second in 225 AC, the zealous Vampire-hating Emperor of Regalia. Previously, the Tresmisae and Ombratore were sufficient to destabilize the Regalian Empire for the Zehler, until their previously more pliable political supporters died and made way for a new generation. With the re-creation of the Umredd, a true conflict was roused between the Vampires and the Crimson Inquisition and its allies. Yet again, however, the Umredd were slain by the Crimson Inquisition and the tide turned against the Vampires as a whole. Much like before, nearly all Umredd perished, only to see the Zehler and Ombratore fade in hiding once more. This time, however, some Umredd survived, becoming increasingly more aware of the fact that they were simply used as cannon fodder by the other Bloodlines. While their hiding out in the open was perhaps not as effective as the Ombratore, the Umredd fled into the sewers where their new natural home provided them with a hunting ground away from the prying eyes of the Empire. In the sewers, the Umredd regained their numbers, but also simplified. What little draw of the culture they possessed in the past was seriously diminished, and their physically exaggerated features formed a gap for the much more common pale skinned lanky appearances they have today. The essence of power was lost in the Umredd, but this did not make them any less dangerous. Umredd, in fact, were at the top of the Sewer food chain.

Physical Characteristics

Umredd Vampires are the more physically adept Vampires, perhaps in the same line as Tresmaesae, but far more structured and elegant. The Umredd are an enemy to many, that none wish to face in single combat, as Umredd are a terrible enemy to fight without allies. The Umredd have obvious red eyes, though they may sometimes also be of a brighter rusty red color. Their skin shares the same paleness as the Ombratore, in that they look as if they have been living indoors for a long time, though it is often a few shades less colorful. Their canines are elongated and sharpened, something that is always obviously present when their mouth is opened wide, and particularly useful for feeding on the blood of their enemies. Otherwise, Umredd retain all physical features they had before infection, though many become frailer, thinner, or notably less brawny. Umredd combat proficiency is after all found in their abilities, not in their physical prowess.

Mental Characteristics

Umredd are inherently angry and chaotic beings. In their belief, chaos and anarchy are the only ways in which life should be led and they are inherently gluttonous when it comes to the need to feed. They often forego class and style for pure intimidation and menacing appearances, preferring to force their subjects into submission instead of seducing them to it, like the Ombratore do. The Umredd are a Vampire kind that openly appreciate power, any who wield it, and any who use it to their benefit. The Umredd despise weaklings and outcasts, garnering them a superiority complex that sometimes even makes them daring enough to challenge nobles or individuals that could clearly defeat them with ease. The Umredd are the most socially independent of all Vampire Bloodlines, in that lone wolf Umredd are not uncommon. In fact, the vast majority of the independent Vampire communities are led by Umredd, in their delusional belief that they don’t need an Ombratore’s structured rule, or that numbers to make up for what enemies they may face. Umredd, as such, are vain, egotistical, and self-absorbed, while also being equally falsely confident in their ability to best any opponent.

Feeding Habits

Umredd require more blood than the Tresmaesae or Ombratore. They can go several days without feeding, but increase the required amount of blood they consume from a victim if they have been without for several days. Umredd care very little for their feeding cattle, believing, after all, that one that allows themselves to be fed from is weak, and is therefore undeserving of their regard. Umredd have a low chance to inflict a lethal infection on their victims of feeding that will eventually cause high fevers and death. This percentage is relatively low, however, and often also mistaken for an actual Vampiric infection. Vampirism spreads at a rough rate of 15% to those bitten by Umredd Vampires.

Bloodline Traits

The Umredd have some traits shared by their cousin Bloodlines, though a fair few differ. Below is an informative table which explains the individual traits and their effects.

Bloodline Abilities

Umredd have abilities more commonly shared with the other Vampire Bloodlines but are more generally understood to be much more suited to open combat than those of their cousins. Below is a table which explains the effects and terminology for various abilities.

Curing & Infection

Umredd Vampires are created through three major means: firstly, another Umredd Vampire’s bite will always result in an Umredd Bloodline infection for the individual if it succeeded in the fifteen percent chance mark. Secondly, drinking a goblet of Umredd infected blood will assure an Umredd Bloodline infection. Finally, the ritual performed before a Dark Altar, after which a goblet of sacrificial blood is consumed, will turn the performer into an Umredd Vampire without fail. Out of all the Vampire Bloodlines, the Umredd Vampirism is the easiest to contract, but the curing methods follow much of the same lines as other Bloodlines. Either heavy bloodletting or repeated Light Magic Cleansing Light sessions will cure a Vampire after a few days. Obviously, for either method, this process is painful and has several strong side-effects. These can be found on the main Vampire page.


  • The means to forge Blood Singing Blades has been lost to time, but some rumor these ancient blades can still be found by daring adventurers in the frozen wastes of Ellador. Still, looking for some is never short of any dangers, given the old lands held by the Zehler hundreds of years back are now occupied by Isldar or Ogres and even wild beasts, all hostile to outsiders.
  • Umredd is a rough translation to un-saveable in Northern. This is largely in reference to the fact that the Hedryllians thought that the Vampires were beyond redemption, and should just be exterminated, a belief that is supported by many modern states.
  • Filing down or removing Umredd teeth doesn’t actually work. Either by damage or removal, any interference with an Umredd’s canines will result in them being replaced or repaired within four days, though the process is often described as very painful, and leaves the Umredd Vampire extremely hungry for blood.
  • For unknown reasons, Songaskia with slitted pupils cannot become infected with the Umredd Bloodline. Songaskia with normal pupils can, however.

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