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Heroes of Unionism
Notable Person
Claim to Fame Legendary Individuals touched by the Godspark from the God Emperors and Empresses of Unionism

The Heroes of Unionism were mortal Alorians (not necessarily Ailor) who were judged to have been touched by the Godspark from the God Emperors and Empresses. It is believed by Unionism that when a God Emperor or Empress died, their spiritual being transcended mortality and became immortal, and would pass parts of their souls, so called Godsparks, into mortal believers of the faith. These people would then go on to do exceptional feats of glory and piety throughout their lives, becoming legendary through their feats after death, to the point where they even deserve some modicum of worship (though not to the extent of the God Emperors or Empresses, and certainly not to the extent of the Everwatcher). Each of the Heroes of Unionism is broken up into the seven God Emperors and Empresses, based on the Godspark that is believed to have entered the Hero’s soul during life.

Heroes of Theomar

Vlaas Kade, Hero of Foresight


Vlaas Kade, known to history as the Glorious Chancellor, was the 17th Arch Chancellor of the Regalian Empire. Succeeding his father Sarvan Kade, Vlaas started his political career at the age of 16, the youngest Chancellor to date. Despite his youthfulness, Vlaas proved to be incredibly astute in his political career, able to read a room full of strangers and instantly tell whether they possessed some shred of usefulness to the Empire, or were merely courting his favor in vain for personal ambitions. When Emperor Henri II died during a party the Chancellor attended, Vlaas was one of the few nobles to note the absence of the Viridian Order. As if by fate, the Kade army was stationed on the Crown Isle on the eve of the Viridian Coup Attempt, which allowed Emperor Henri III to arrest the Viridian Conspirators and restore security to the Imperial Throne. While this was the earliest example of Vlaas’s uncanny ability to predict the moves of his opponents, it would only be the first in a long list of achievements done during his time as Chancellor, such as when he convinced the Ithanian Sovereignty to submit to the Regalians despite the formidable defensive army the Hivres possessed.

While Vlaas is remembered as the Chancellor who oversaw the entirety of the Blessed Reign, he was also a fervently devoted Unionist, who worked alongside his good friends, Emperor Henri III and Grand Admiral Hector Cadar to ensure the Unionist caused was spread both through diplomatic sway and through military strength. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often burn used ink quills in a small bowl, symbolizing the many treaties and decrees that Vlaas Kade signed throughout his life

Sinavaal, Hero of Unification

Sinavaal is unique as a Hero of Unionism, in that she is also an Unwritten God in the Faith of Estel. A Solvaan Altalar from Solleria, Sinavaal lived through the Cataclysm and the Wildering, avoiding destruction alongside the rest of the Regalian Archipelago. When it became clear that no further communications would arrive from the Allorn Empire following this calamity, Sinavaal allegedly received a divine vision from the Everwatcher, proclaiming that the Altalar in Solleria should join forces with the Ailor to usher in a new future for the two once hostile Races. Convening the Azure Court, Sinavaal later journeyed to the City of Regalia, petitioning to Emperor Theomar I to allow the Sollerians to join the newly established Regalian Empire. Moved by the humility shown by the Altalar delegation, Theomar accepted the offer, and Solleria became one of the first states to join the Regalian Empire in unity.

With her duty to the Azure Court complete, Sinavaal entered the service of the Imperial Court, acting as an advisor to future Emperors and Arch Chancellors, serving as a competent Arcane Specialist and demonstrating undying loyalty to the Empire til her dying days. It is even said by Unionists that Sinavaal was the first Altalar convert to Unionism after being blessed with God Emperor Theomar’s Godspark following his death, which devout Estellians dismiss as Ailor propaganda. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often plant Violet-wing Flowers in their gardens, with their Nelfin-ear appearance acting as a subtle nod to her non-Ailor identity.

Heroes of Juvin

Ellora, Hero of Tutors/Teachers

Ellora was an Anglian woman who lived around the end of the Blessed Reign. As the Empire expanded and grew, Ellora noticed that the educational standards of the average Regalian were not keeping up with the times, especially in her homeland of Anglia where many children didn’t even have a rudimentary understanding of the history of the Empire. Believed to have caught divine inspiration from God Emperor Juvin after he ascended to Godhood, Ellora began to write up an outline of basic education skills any Regalian should have to better serve the Empire, of which Unionism was a chief component. While at first dismissed for being too idealistic, she found an ally in Arch Chancellor Vlaas Kade, who saw the benefit of an educated populace, regardless of how minor it was. As a result, Anglia implemented Ellora’s teaching across the agrarian heartland, and to this day all Anglian children are mandated to attend primary school for two years, before they take up an apprenticeship.

While many scholars value Ellora for taking the first real steps to furthering education in the Regalian Empire, her intentions to teach the basics of Unionism to the populace is what earned her recognition within the Unionist community at large. As such, Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often write small blessings in books before handing them out to others as gifts, be that small children starting their primary education, or adult scholars studying an advanced subject material, in order to foster a sense of learning.

Volckamaar, Hero of Inquisitors

Volckamaar was an Anglian who grew up in the City of Regalia during the reign of Allamaria I. A rather unimposing scholar, he served as a member of the Imperial Scholar’s Court, collecting documents and records of previous Regalian history in order to aid the Emperor’s focus on codifying law. During his research into Theomar’s latter years, Volckamaar came across some correspondences between a fairly notable Unionist sect in the city at the time, the Brothers of Virtue. A hyper-reactionary and fundamentalist organization of shadow-ruler priests, the Brothers sought to control the minds and wills of the people by skirting holy law and manipulating social opinion through faith. Unfortunate to them, Volckamaar had uncovered their conspiracy, revealing their entire structure to the Imperial Guard, causing an internal witch-hunt against these fanatics and many public burnings in the Bonfires of Vanity, where the Brothers who had manipulated social politics and the people were burned as heretics on the pyre.

It is believed that Volckamaar received a Godspark from Juvin, due to the removal of the Brothers of Virtue reestablishing a sense of moral purity within Unionists in the capital. Volckamaar went on to serve as one of the first Justicars of the Empire following the establishment of the Regalian Judiciary, able to uncover the true meaning behind testimonies. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often write his name on documents with invisible ink, acting as a symbol to those who try to find the hidden meaning of things given at face value.

Heroes of Allest

Korthas, Hero of Fighters

Korthas was another Unionist Hero who was a non-Ailor, being an Eronidas in Race. He lived in Merredweg for most of his life, where he earned a living serving as a formidable pit gladiator. As he added more victories to his name, word began to reach neighboring provinces, and soon Korthas was going from city to city, facing off against warriors of all backgrounds, from the most honorable of Knights to the most reckless of tavern brawlers. Throughout all of these fights, one thing made this Eronidas stand out to the crowds: his praising of the Everwatch and Allest in his victories. Indeed, before every fight, Korthas would pray for strength from the supreme being and God Emperor rather than Makosh and Vakgar, and his faith in Unionism was believed to have granted him a Godspark from Allest.

Korthas would continue to fight in gladiatorial pits until his senior years, before eventually retiring and using his earnings to fund the construction of a Unionist Temple in his home Polon in Merredweg in dedication of his God Emperor of choice. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero do so by washing themselves before and after a fight, to recognize the Eronidas emphasis on personal hygiene, and to wash away the worries of life to focus on the fight ahead.

Herebrand, Hero of Crusaders

Herebrand was a young Wirtem who lived during the end of the Skagger Wars. Descended from the proto-knechts of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom, Herebrand’s family fled from the Wirtemcaller strongholds in modern day Neuhandelweg when the Skagger Horde moved into the collapsing kingdom. While these invasions were eventually pushed back by the Regalians, Herebrand’s family remained in the City of Regalia, where he became enamored by the Viridian Order, who had reformed itself into a model representation of Unionist warriors in the service of the Emperor. After the death of and ascension to Godhood of Allest, it is said that a Godspark of his attached itself to Herebrand’s soul, granting the Wirtem a sense of divine providence that his forebears had lacked. With a purpose in mind and inspiration from the Viridians, Herebrand moved to Greater Calemberg, where he formed a group of fellow ex-Wirtems who desired to return to the lands they had lost to the heathen armies. They would become the Herebrand Holy Order, and together they rode back into the region of Ostfriedland to reconquer the fortresses of their ancestors, which they did to an extent.

Herebrand and his knights would constantly launch raids into Zvorun and Velheim territories in the name of Allest, expanding their own holdings until they reached their peak in 250 AC. Once the borders stabilized, Herebrand saw to the migration of Wirtem into several nearby provinces, a demographic which still exists to this day, even if the Herebrand Knights have moved to other areas of the Regalian Archipelago. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often engrave Unionist blessings into their weapons, believing that doing so will earn them favor from Allest, just as Herebrand did in his own crusade against non-Unionists.

Heroes of Almar

Nicoleto, Hero of Merchants

Nicoleto was a Dressolini Ailor living in the Montanian region of the southern Regalian Archipelago during the reign of Emperor Allestrain I. A banker by profession, Nicoleto was one of the first mercantile individuals to see the benefits of incorporating all areas of the Regalian Empire into an exclusive economic zone. As the Emperor, his Empress, and his Chancellor were all focused on subjugating other states into the Regalian fold, Nicoleto was said to have been blessed by a Godspark from God Emperor Almar, taking on a great understanding of bureaucracy to derive a system of trade networks that could be pushed onto subject states as the Regalian Military sailed around Aloria.

Nicoleto’s plan would soon gain the attention of the Emperor, who would use it to create the Acts of Navigation, a legal code which still exists to this day. For his devotion to the Empire, Nicoleto was put in charge of launching the first diplomatic talks with foreign states to sign the Acts, and oversaw the establishment of trading outposts across the Empire’s new territory. This in turn earned him great amounts of wealth, which he used to fund the construction of Unionist Temples in these newly conquered states, as well as the Holy Wars called to further the empire’s expansion. Unionists who wish to honor Nicoleto do so by dedicating a portion of their income to Unionist causes, be that the support of local Celates, or for putting young men through military training, so that one day they may fight in Holy Wars.

Gregory, Hero of Vigilance

Gregory was an Ailor Mage who grew up in the slums of the Regalian capital. While Emperor Allamaria’s legal codes had been in effect for some time, the Regalian Judiciary knew that there was an established criminal underworld in the slum district, to the point where attempting to fully stamp out the illegal activities would be impossible. Even if one kingpin was taken down, his followers would soon appoint a replacement, causing a never ending cycle of crime vs justice. This in turn prompted the Violet Order to engage in a policy of containment, where the Judiciary would ignore most petty crimes in the slums, and only deal with the high profile gang activities as they flared up. This ultimately left the downtrodden residing in the slums with very little way to deal with their victimhood under the gangs, as they lacked the means to effectively fight back, or go to the courts who would ignore their pleas. Gregory however, was not the Judiciary.

Blessed with a Godspark of God Emperor Almar, Gregory took the law into his own hands, using his Magic to fight against the gangs of the underworld. While officially, there was no record of Gregory’s activities due to the Empire’s magic ban, word did eventually reach the Azure Order that a Mage was acting in the slums, prompting them to act. Gregory’s public life ultimately ends here, but rumors state that the Azure Order accepted him into their ranks as a Sentinel of the Spire due to his devotion to Unionism, calling upon Almar’s blessings as he casted Magic against the slum elements. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often do so by returning stolen objects to their proper owners, be that from buying them off the black market, or by stealing them back, believing that Almar favors those with noble intentions.

Heroes of Elia

Almard, Hero of Defenders

Almard was a Paladin of the Oranjen Order, and was known to be a frequent traveller to various Unionist Temples dotting the Regalian Empire. While initially operating in Anglia and the City of Regalia, Almard eventually sailed to the Etosian Isles, where he began to aid the Evintarians with protecting their own holy sites. While many Unionists at the time found the protection of various Schisms to be unthinkable, the Oranjen Code provided Almard with an opportunity to protect all Unionists from danger in their pilgrimages, and not just a single Schism. To this day, the Dogmatics, Evintarians, and Dogartans all claim that Almard was a follower of their specific Unionist body due to the devotion he showed to those who came across him, though his real alignment eluded everyone both in life and death.

Almard was unique as an Oranjen Knight, in that he utilized a longsword rather than the polearms more frequent within the Order, with his weapon passing into Artifact Legend after his death. He would eventually retire to the Thousand Blade Cloister, placing his blade alongside the many others that belonged to former warriors of the Unionist faith, and acted as a mentor to future Oranjen Knights. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero call on his name when swearing an oath of protection, or by visiting his dedicated shrine near the Thousand Blade Cloister in Axford, which is guarded to this day by Oranjen Knights.

Yvrize, Hero of Knights

Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc was a Primae of the Viridian Order during the Purple Bleeding, a period following the conquests of God Emperor Allest and God Empress Elia when the coffers dried up, and the economic boom starting from the Blessed Reign finally reached its end. Ordering the Viridians to suppress those who were owed their money by the Empire, Yvrize grew dissatisfied with the conduct many Viridians held during the Bleeding, believing that knighthood had devolved into a barbaric practice lacking the class it once had. It is said that God Empress Elia blessed Yvrize with a Godspark, providing him the strength to persevere through these dark times in order to reform what was in need of change.

Spending several days closed off from contact in the Viridian Castle, Yvrize wrote up a treatise on knightly ideals, proclaiming that knights were bound to a higher standard than those around them, and just as The Creed dictated the Unionist faith, so to should Codes of Honor dictate what knighthood is. Using his Viridian Knights as proof of concept, Yvrize implemented the Code of Charlemois, and soon all other Knightly Orders followed suit (except the Bloodcast Order, which simply lacked a means to effectively implement a code over wandering hedge knights). Today, Yvrize is known as the origin of chivalry in the Empire, and many knightly themes originate from his treatise. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often abide by personal codes of honor, mimicking the format of Knightly Orders and applying them to anything from businesses to the family itself.

Heroes of Ness

Olennais, Hero of Orphans

Olennais was an Ailor woman who lived during the Blessed Reign, an era of Regalian history when the economy was strong, the Empire was constantly expanding, and the four remaining Five Families were at the height of their power in areas of the Regalian Archipelago and beyond. However, while most of the Empire was going through a golden age of improvements, there was one group of individuals who was often forgotten about. With progress towards the Great Way comes sacrifices, often in the form of death on the battlefield. As families lost their fathers, and their mothers to grief and sickness due to a lack of financial advancement at the time, children often lost their parents, forced onto the streets begging or resorting to petty crime. Often the only action taken by Regalian authorities would be throwing them in prison for a night, before returning them to the streets. Olennais, herself having lost a husband to war and a child to a harsh winter, was sympathetic to the plight of the orphans, and was blessed by a Godspark of God Empress Ness to grant her the means to help save the youngest and most vulnerable in society.

Working with local priests, Olennais helped to raise funds to create the first Alms House in the City of Regalia. While initially only taking in a few children, it soon gained the patronage of Emperor Henri III, who saw the charitable act of Olennais as proof of Unionist virtue manifest in Aloria. With support from the Crown, Olennais was able to hire more caretakers, and soon the orphanage system she set up was implemented in several urban centers around the Empire. To this day, depictions of Olennais are found at the entrance of any Alms House, acting as a symbol for those who lack parents to find the comfort of those they lost inside. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero often adopt children from an orphanage, or help out at Alms Houses to ensure that no child who seeks support is turned away.

Kristoph, Hero of Redeemers

Kristoph was a naval officer in the service of the Regalian Navy. Having fought in several wars of expansion, he was a respected man among his subordinates, and also by his superiors for his dedication to duty. Indeed, Kristoph was a no-nonsense type of man, who believed that Unionism compelled him and those under his command to answer the call of duty with devotion and fervor to the cause, else risk the ire of the Everwatcher. During a routing docking in the City of Regalia, Kristoph was witness to the arrest of a notorious gang of brigands who had operated out of the harbor district for several years. Due to the severity of their crimes, the Judiciary had been considering the death penalty for the men. During this high profile court proceeding, Kristoph is said to have been blessed with a Godspark by God Empress Ness, moving him to see sympathy for the criminals, and seeking a way to put them to use for the Empire.

Being a man of military thought, Kristoph proposed to the Justicars out of session that his ship could press the criminals into service, where they could spend the next decade of their lives fighting in the name of the Empire, while building character and a sense of loyalty at the same time. While an unconventional proposal, the Judiciary agreed to deliver the men under the watch of Kristoph, who promptly forced them aboard his ship to act as a galley crew, threatening the men with execution if even a single order was disobeyed. Having nothing left to look forward to but death, the criminals served the Navy with little protest, and eventually went on to gain the respect of their fellow crewmates once they proved their use to the crew. To this day, the Regalian Navy sometimes adopts Kristoph's impressment plea in the case of criminals who might still prove useful serving a ship’s crew, which has not only saved thousands of lives over the years, but also rehabilitated these former criminals into disciplined and upstanding members of Regalian society. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero do so by working with city guards to put petty criminals in work programs, where they spend time out of prison performing labor, all while supervised by a guard overseer.

Heroes of Vess

Lucia, Hero of Musicians

Lucia was a Dressolini woman who lived through the Regalian Pessimism, a time where the growth of the Empire stalled, faith in the Unionist cause waned, and the Regalian Senate polluted the capital with inadequacy. In an era where there were very few things to be optimistic about, Lucia was a notable exception. Blessed by a Godspark of God Emperor Vess only a few years after his ascension to Godhood, Lucia was moved to compose musical arrangements to be sung in the taverns around the Empire. Urging people to put their faith in Emperor Justinian II, Lucia’s music helped to stir the souls of those who heard her melodies, which were remarked to bring out the youthful joy of eras long passed.

Lucia’s music would be a galvanizing force in the Dressolini lands, whose Senators began to look for any way to undo the stagnancy of the Regalian Senate. They ultimately formed the Iron Bulwark faction, and were able to pass enough votes to launch the Chrysant War, a military campaign which saw patriotism surge back into the Empire’s citizenry, who continued to perform the songs written by Lucia. Many notable songs in the Empire’s many bars and entertainment businesses were authored by Lucia, continuing to rouse the hearts of all who hear them. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero do so by funding the musical arts, or by performing the songs written by Lucia during her life.

Amun, Hero of Liberation

Amun was an Asha who lived during the reign of Justinian II. A sailor by profession, Amun was unique as unlike his fellow Asha, he was a devout Unionist, often seen visiting local Temples and praying to the Everwatcher, God Emperors, and God Empresses. During his time learning the faith from the priests, Amun began to remember his own Race’s history, being equally enslaved by the Allorn Empire. Despite the collapse of the Altalar state, many Asha were still living in slavery, either under new Nelfin masters, or even by Ailor whose ancestors had once been in chains themselves. Noting the hypocrisy of the Ailor slave system, Amun was said to have been blessed with a Godspark of God Emperor Vess, who gave the Hero a desire to undo this injustice towards his Race.

Amun would make his move during the middle of the Chrysant War. While the Regalian Navy moved the bulk of its resources to Hadar for the campaign, Amun as his small crew sailed across the sea to the Ithanian Sovereignty, where he began to conduct small raiding parties on local Hivres, liberating their Asha slaves who in turn helped the Hero to free more of their Race. Calling out praise to Vess as they departed, Amun eventually was forced to abandon his efforts in Ithania due to Regalian battleships returning from the war. To avoid entanglements with the Fleet, Amun sailed further south down the Daen coast, where he came into contact with a few Altalar Principalities. There he would continue his liberation raids, before he was eventually killed by an Altalar bowman following the liberation of a minor lord’s estate grounds. In total, Amun is said to have liberated at least five thousand slaves during these years, though some claim this number to be exaggerated. Unionists who wish to honor this Hero do so by forming abolitionist lobbies in areas of the Empire which still allow slavery, aiming to convince the local rulers to end the outdated practice.

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