Unionist Liturgical Calendar

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Unionist Liturgical Calendar
Pronunciation Yoon-yen-ist Lit-er-gi-kal Kal-en-dar
Notable practices
  • Devotional prayers and gestures
  • Various forms of celebration (feasting, dancing, etc)

The Unionist Liturgical Calendar is very class and profession based. The period of spring is seen as the Cycle of Growth, in which children are conceived, crops are planted and the year's census is done. The following period in Summer is the Cycle of Dominion, in which wars are usually performed by the Regalian Empire for expansion. The next Cycle is in Autumn, the Cycle of the Harvest, in which the ending part, children are usually born, the crops harvested, and the lands subjugated. Finally the months of Winter represent the Cycle of Reflection, months filled with worship, feasts and thinking back on everything that has happened past year. Every one of these Cycles has their own smaller holidays, but each cycle has its own Festival week, in which most Regalians celebrate the Liturgical Calendar with each other in a merry week of drinking, games, feasting and communal prayer. There are a handful of Holidays beyond these festivals devoted to various aspects of Unionist life. These are often day-long celebrations marked by a special mass and certain activities that take place only once a year. In 236 AC, the Unionist Sancella declared that each Canonized Heron would have its own day of remembrance, titled Reiher-tags. While these are regarded by the larger Church as minor holidays, certain groups do tend to hold small parties, or potentially take the day off among certain professions.



  • March 20th/21st - New Growth Festival {Spring Festival}: A week-long celebration celebrating the Cycle of Growth, (in which children are conceived, crops are planted and the year's census is done) during which there are generally dances, tourneys, games, and feasts
  • April 8th - Herztide: A minor festival in honor of the Spirit bringing about the end of Winter, where freshly grown flowers are handed out to stranger, and often decorate fountains, benches, etc. Also a popular day for men to propose to women.
  • April 20st-30th - Walpurgisnacht [May Eve]: A ten day holiday, each one celebrating a creed. Begins with the First Creed on the 20th, and ends with the Tenth Creed on the 30th.
  • May 1st - May Day: A celebration asking the Spirit to bless the year’s crops. Often marked by bonfires, feasts, and games.
  • May 28th - Heilige Beichte Day: Confessing your sins to the Spirit and receiving the blessing forgiveness of the Spirit’s light. There is a tradition of writing down your sins on a piece of parchment, putting it in a bottle, and releasing it into a body of water.
  • June 1st - Aufgeben Day: Giving something up of material worth to the Spirit in order to bring the Empire closer to the divine light. There is a ceremony at the Cathedral, where they gather all the donations, and hand them out to the poor and needy.
  • June 12th - All Herons Day: A holiday commemorating the collective Congregation of Saintly Herons. Many Herons have reiher-tags that are not celebrated, so this single holiday celebrates all Herons for their gifts to Unionism.


  • June 20th/21st - Hochsommerfest {Summer Festival}: A week-long celebration celebrating the Cycle of Dominion, in which young boys compete in fighting tournaments, jousting, and general revelry for the Empire.
  • July 5th - Markttag Day: A holiday about forgiveness and expansion. Merchants flock to the Capital, where the streets are lined with stalls and shops of all varieties. Banners and flags decorate the streets, and anything you can think of is being sold for some price somewhere. The day is also marked with the annulment of debts between some merchants in hopes of helping both parties.
  • July 15th - Sternenklar [Starry Night]: A holiday where citizens of Regalia tie their dreams to candles attached to little boats and release them into the harbor to be answered by the Spirit. Previous years have seen firework shows in addition to the candle ceremony.
  • August 31st - Remembrance Day: A holiday in honor of those lost in battles for the Empire. The Day usually consists of a Parade at noon, followed by parties and feasts starting in the mid-afternoon, and at evening families often hold bonfires.


  • September 20th/21st - Ernte Nächte Festival {Autumn Festival}: A week-long celebration celebrating the Cycle of the Harvest, (in which the children are usually born, the crops harvested, and the lands subjugated), usually consists of feasts, dancing, and revelry.
  • October 14th - Eternal Waters Day: A minor holiday focusing on the eternal well of water that is said to come from faith in the Spirit. The most common practice is decorating fountains around the city with garland/ribbons.
  • October 30th - Herbstnächte: A remembrance of loved ones lost, and hope for the future. The night is often filled with prays over the damnation for those who stray from the light of the Spirit. Jack o’ lanterns are placed to help guide the lost ones to eternal Paradise at the Spirit’s side.
  • November 7th - Komponist: A celebration of music. The festival lasts from dusk on the 7th until dusk on the 8th. The 24 hours are filled with singing, playing of instruments, and general music making.


  • December 12th - Grüne Zwiebel: A holiday about the Spirit giving Ailor the gift of sailing. Most towns across the empire with a majority of Ailor population put on an old play about the first Sailor, and his magnificent journey around the Archipelago.
  • December 20th/21st - Wintertide {Winter Festival}: Weeklong Celebration, Celebrating the Cycle of Reflection, it is filled with worship, feasts and thinking back on everything that has happened past year. It is also a time of family and friends, and many individuals partake in gift giving.
  • January 1st - New Years Celebration: Feasts, games, presents, and general revelry. A holiday about remembering the past year, and welcoming in the year to come.
  • January 25th - Offenbarung/Revelation Day: Celebrating the day the Imperial Spirit reached out to Emperor Theomar, Founder of the Union Church, and the birth of the Holy Regalian Empire. Most families of the Empire hold private parties, and children play games.
  • March 15th - Goodwill Day: A day where all people devote citizens of the Empire share their wealth with the less fortunate, often associated with gift-giving from amongst close friends and relatives. A major gift-giving holiday.


The Reiher-tags (Heron Days) Bull of Supreme Gabriel di Zophilare in 236 AC established the tradition of naming a day after each of the Herons of Unionism. The original idea was meant to give the populace a means of connecting to each Heron, as well as providing a specified daily lesson for the clergy to give that day in mass. Over time, the Reiher-tags took on their own flavors, and each is celebrated differently by different groups. For example, on the 3rd of February, many farmers across the Empire celebrate Heron Barton with a small party; while Unionists in the big cities often will simply go about their day.

In 257 AC, Johannes Hebenstreit, di Zophilare’s successor, passed another Bull, setting levels of importance for the various Reiher-tags. The system is comprised of three levels; Reverential, Hallowed, and Dedicated. Reverential Reiher-tags are for Herons who are considered to have given everything for the Great Way. These days involve special prayers, readings of the Heron’s lessons, special meals may be eaten, and often Unionist Businesses will close down for such days. In addition, many major holidays are also considered ‘Reverential’, despite not being Reiher-tags. Hallowed Reiher-tags are for Herons considered by most to be good role models and leaders. They are often venerated by a larger portion of the population than very niche Herons. On these days, special prayers are offered up, the lessons of the specific Heron are the focus of the day’s readings, and businesses that lay within the Heron’s domain often close for the day. Finally, the Dedicated Reiher-tags are for Herons that are locally celebrated or more niche focused. Often these Herons will have larger celebrations among smaller, more dedicated groups. However, the Sancella officially does not require churches to do anything special.


  • Korthag the Brute, the Heron of Orcs - 8 January - Dedicated
  • Eurlon the Strong, the Heron of Strongmen - 10 January - Dedicated
  • Ulrich the Commanding, the Heron of Sailors - 15 January - Hallowed
  • Cristoforo the Toppler, the Heron of Engineers - 22 January - Dedicated
  • Girard the Innovative, the Heron of Painters - 31 January - Dedicated


  • Barton the Diligent, the Heron of Farmers - 3 February - Hallowed
  • Herebrand the Pure, the Heron of Crusaders - 6 February - Dedicated
  • Lucas the Charming, the Heron of Young Boys - 10 February - Dedicated
  • Aethelhard the Calm, the Heron of Beekeepers - 18 February - Dedicated
  • Leinhart the Thankful, the Heron of Hunters - 25 February - Hallowed


  • Alledar the Regal, the Heron of Kings - 6 March - Reverential
  • Auberlin the Sharp, the Heron of Stewards - 12 March - Dedicated
  • Pasqualina the Delicate, the Heron of Sculptors - 18 March - Dedicated
  • Isalora the Nurturing, the Heron of Mothers - 20 March - Reverential - Known as Mother’s Day
  • Randulf the Endurer, the Heron of Miners - 26 March - Hallowed


  • Alvito the Expressive, the Heron of Actors - 10 April - Dedicated
  • Geoffrey the Drunk, the Heron of Brewers - 13 April - Dedicated
  • Jacotin the Hardworking, the Heron of Blacksmiths - 17 April - Hallowed
  • Jimena the Skillful, the Heron of Weavers - 21 April - Dedicated
  • Lenric the Firm, the Heron of Fathers - 24 April - Reverential - Known as Father’s Day


  • Olennais the Humble, the Heron of Orphans - 6 May - Dedicated
  • Alegreza the Elegant, the Heron of Queens - 12 May - Reverential
  • Telembectar the Ageless, the Heron of Elves - 17 May - Dedicated
  • Vlaas the Powerful, the Heron of Chancellors - 22 May - Dedicated
  • Alexander the Learned, the Heron of The Shield - 30 May - Reverential


  • Michel the Careful, the Heron of Alchemists - 2 June - Dedicated
  • Caspar the Proud, the Heron of Lords - 4 June - Hallowed
  • Jehanne the Delicate, the Heron of Ladies - 15 June - Hallowed
  • Nicoleto the Silver-tongued, the Heron of Merchants - 18 June - Reverential
  • Petrova the Beautiful, the Heron of Maidens - 25 June - Dedicated
  • Rhyse the Prepared, the Heron of Millers - 29 June - Dedicated


  • Victoria the Valiant, the Heron of Nurses - 7 July - Hallowed
  • Ellora the Instructive, the Heron of Tutors/Teachers - 9 July - Dedicated
  • Virtuario the Creative, the Heron of Architects - 16 July - Dedicated
  • Philippe the Nimble, the Heron of Barbers - 28 July - Dedicated
  • Agatha the Placid, the Heron of Water-Fetchers -29 July - Dedicated


  • Galen the Withdrawn, the Heron of Candlemakers - 4 August - Dedicated
  • Manfried the Pious, the Heron of Priests - 7 August - Hallowed
  • Cedromar the Soldier, the Heron of Dragonbloods - 16 August - Reverential
  • Aelfric the Quick-witted, the Heron of Lawyers - 18 August - Dedicated
  • Zzessen the Foreign, the Heron of Glassmakers - 27 August - Dedicated
  • Faust the Martyr, the Heron of Martyrs - 30 August - Reverential


  • Yvrize the Noble, the Heron of Knights - 4 September - Reverential
  • Gonsalvo the Inquisitive, the Heron of Students - 7 September - Hallowed
  • Amelotte the Silent, the Heron of Silent Sisters - 16 September - Hallowed
  • Pierre the Patient, the Heron of Fishermen - 23 September - Hallowed
  • Helena the Gracious, the Heron of Servants - 29 September - Dedicated


  • Reginald the Vigilant, the Heron of Guards - 8 October - Hallowed
  • Bernhardt the Just, the Heron of Judges - 9 October - Hallowed
  • Godeffroy the Dutiful, the Heron of Aldermen - 11 October - Dedicated
  • Wilhelm the Green, the Heron of Monks - 16 October - Dedicated
  • Ruedin the Inspiring, the Heron of Generals - 23 October - Dedicated


  • Syferlin the Tactical, the Heron of Tacticians - 5 November - Dedicated
  • Lucia the Attuned, the Heron of Musicians - 7 November - Hallowed - Also Komponist
  • Loyse the Graceful, the Heron of Dancers - 13 November - Dedicated
  • Balthasar the Wise, the Heron of Lawmakers - 17 November - Dedicated
  • Volckamar the Zealous, the Heron of Inquisitors - 29 November - Dedicated


  • Harald the Steadfast, the Heron of Infantry - 4 December - Hallowed
  • Warin the Keen, the Heron of Archers - 10 December - Dedicated
  • Volo the Poor, the Heron of Beggars - 14 December - Hallowed
  • John the Loyal, the Heron of Mayors - 18 December - Hallowed
  • Colleta the Shadow, the Heron of Spies - 28 December - Dedicated


  • Certain Ailor Cultures alter some of the calendar dates for the Herons to more align with their own local customs. Colonial Ailor, for example, shift the day dedicated to Petrova the Beautiful from June to February.

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