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Official Name Urdthogg
Common Nicknames Cave Thogg, Rock Hoppers
Classification Mammal
Habitat Ellador
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

The Urdthogg is a sleek, swift beast inherently found among the Urdweld subspecies of the Dwarves in Ellador. Newly surfaced with the Urdwelf, the wider Dwarven population is very interested in these beasts and their capabilities to traverse underground and navigate tunnels almost like second nature. Kings and Warlords within Dwarven hierarchies are paying top coin for Urdwelders to breed these creatures and train them for military use. Even then, Urdwelds are being paid to teach these lords how to successfully use these beasts themselves, as the Urdthogg is surprisingly responsive to the Dwarven tongue, and commands if taught properly. Today, the Urdthogg numbers are beginning to grow steadily as the demand for them also grows.


How this distant cousin to the Bathogg came to be is unknown in all of Aloria. Even the Urdweld are fairly hazy on the details, likely on purpose, but their writings do reveal some things. Urdthogg first appeared in 78 AC, apparently appearing different to what they now look like. Drawings in the ancient tomes depict the creatures as smaller, and more boar-like beings, not being strong physique wise, nor battle-hardened like they are now. From there, the Urdweld rigorously adapted the animal to suit their needs, producing a more lanky creature, and grow to be more mount-like over generations. They became the deep-dwelling Dwarf subspecies’ primary form of transportation, easily traversing the deep tunnels of Ellador, but also grew into an animal of sport. Urdthogg fighting pits, cause for mild gambling, sprung up within the tunnels. Recently in 307 AC, the Urdthogg has been revealed to the wider world thanks to the interactions with it from their Urdweld masters. Only time will tell if these magnificent creatures will become a useful weapon to other Dwarves around Ellador, or will ever reach beyond that snowy continent into areas like Regalia.

Physical Appearance

Urdthogg are tall susids, standing about four feet tall, five feet long, and with a weight around 250 pounds, primarily found in their body muscle. The mysterious creature’s head appears to be a cross between a wolf and boar, making their appearance quite grotesque. Their pig-like snout is short and almost pushed into their facial features where everything appears to protrude more outward. Their tusks are of an unmatchable bone composition, being able to slam into stone without breaking. The tusks of Urdthrogg’s have recently been a boost in the market for hunters, and collectors as they are made almost Steel-like bone which can decimate even rock. All tusks of Urdthrogg’s point directly forward for thrusting and these tusks span as far as seven inches from the jaws of the animal. They have somewhat of an underbite, leaving them having a hook-jaw almost, and their eyes are uniquely shaded grey and while some speculate this may be the effect of their magnificent navigation in the dark rock-tunnels under the frost, this is simply not the case; their vision is actually terrible. Their nose has more to it than meets the eyes as it is able to predict any coming obstacles. A thick neck attaches this strange head to the rest of their bodies, which are longer than they are wide, but to the surprise of many are able to carry Dwarves of all subspecies quite easily, along with their weapons and armor due to powerfully built legs. Urdthrogg’s legs are muscular and unsymmetrical to the rest of the beast's body, having four thick, and long talon-like claws that extend from their feet, able to stick into most surfaces, including stone. The animal is covered in a coarse mane of black fur, with sickly-grey skin, almost the texture of sandpaper beneath the layer of hair.


Diversity amongst the Urdthrogg is limited as both genders appear the same physically unless one were to get up close. Their population numbers though are drastically different, with one piglet out of every five litters being female, which causes males to be very aggressive during mating season as they compete for what few mates there are.

Life Span and Development

Urdthoggs are live born in litters of two to five members, small and vulnerable, with a light grey tone to their flesh and a white coloration to their small amounts of hair. The animal rapidly matures and over time, darkens both in skin tone and fur tone, adolescents clearly marked by their streaks of black through their white manes. By the age of two, Urdthroggs have matured physically, though mentally they are mature by the age of ten. Extremely hearty creatures, they live far longer than one might expect considering their distant cousin the Bathogg, reaching up to sixty years.

Mental Overview

The Urdthogg is a thoroughly domesticated animal, with no known wild members of the species remaining anymore. As a result, they have been tailored to the needs of their Urdweld trainers. They only respond to the Dwarven tongue when taking commands. They are not overly hostile, usually not attacking without receiving a command, but this changes once they are harassed or pressured into action. Loyalty is a key value noteworthy, and has been bred into their mindset. They also have a strong bond with their rider, glad to take hits for them and attack their enemies, rarely ever biting the hand which feeds them. Toward their own kind, the Urdthogg’s are rather brotherly, as there are so many males. The only time an Urdthogg will fight another member of their species is if they have been ordered to do so or it is mating season.

Territory and Groupings

The Urdthogg is a pack animal by nature, primarily keeping close to their family members throughout their training by handlers. The only times this changes is during the mating season when they are purposely separated from any sisters or when they are out being ridden, lone riders scouting or carrying messages reducing them to a loner. They firmly keep with their owner for as long as they live, even into urban environments which are quite overwhelming to their noses.


  • Urdthroggs often headbutt one another if they are meeting for the first time; no one knows why they do this, but scholars theorize it is a form of greeting.

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