Vagrand Poplonnis

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Vagrand Poplonnis
Notable Person
Full Name Vagrand Poplonnis
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 8th of June, 232 AC.
Date of Death N/A.
Real or Mythical Real.
Claim to Fame Undead King of Etosil.

The “Bone King” as he is often referred to, may be the most well known Undead to be documented. His story has been shared to many corners of Aloria, from children in the form of tales, to scholars studying the origins of undeadism. Originally a pious man from Parithea, a remote mining village in Etosil, his story is full of tragedy, moral turns, and even warfare, in his final days. The man Vagrand Poplonnis would become a true, yet utterly insane king of Undead.

Origins and Early Life

Born to middle class parents in Parithea, Vagrand Poplonnisr was trained among the local Militia, being a pious Old Gods Worshipper. His dedication to his faith was only rivaled, to his passion for the sword and for it’s many uses, as he grew. His parents saw Vagrand as their pride and joy, and pooled their money to have him trained not only in swordplay, but in the commanding arts as well. On the tail end of his teenage years, his interest in leading military forces grew, and thanks to a noteworthy battle against local raiders, he rose to an officer position in said city militia at 21.


A few short years later, Vagrand was sent into the local mines to clear out what was rumored to be demons within the lower levels. Silly rumours spread by the miners, but Vagrand took up the task all the same. A random collapse would seal his fate, killing him as he investiaged the rumours. These mines were no iron-filled caves however; this was a Lapis mine, and given the sheer amount of it, he was raised from the eternal slumber as an undead. Originally not believing himself to be undead, he gathered the other miners and men under his command that had died in the cave-in, and over time, they opened a tunnel to the surface, leading to the village of Parithea. At first, he attempted to form a society with his undead brethren, and for a few short years, it succeeded.

Yet as the village realized what was beneath them, they attempted to strike at the few Undead sent to parley with the humans; violence was unavoidable, much to the reported woe of Vagrand. Finally, as the battles and raiding between the two groups intensified, news reached Vagrand, who had been dubbed “The Bone King” by the fearful villagers of Parithea, that his parents had been slain in a raid. This unhinged him utterly and now welcoming the mantle his pious, military mindset did a true 180, and he began an all out war against the villagers. Undead that had risen across the Islands of Etosil soon came under his rule, accumulating a large forcein the mountains. Within a year the village had been overrun, and the Bone King set up a safe-haven for undead in the ruins of Parithea. Word spread of such a place for undead, and they flocked there, strengthening his numbers vastly.

Later Life

With the now undead city of Parithea serving as a haven for undead, and his lair deep within the mountains nearby, the Bone King continued to grow his army. Over time, small armies and forces would widdle his numbers down when their raids grew out of control, but as of recent, his forces have numbered in the thousands; perhaps more tucked away in the mountains of Etosil. To this day the villagers speak in fear of his ongoing hunt for new members to his “family.”


As a mortal, Vagrand was pious, and a strong leader. He cared deeply for the men under his command and training with him, even at a remarkably young age. He showed wondrous foresight for an officer so young, and even in his final mission to secure the mines, he showed determination to see the task done, and to see his men to safety. Contrasting from the independent folk of Etosil, he was determined to remain loyal to those around him, to his family. That determination and goodly nature made for an even more brutal “Bone King,” for when his parents fell, and his mental state too collapsed, he remained just as determined and caring for his own people (now undead). However he became cruel, arrogant, and overtly brutal to any that marked himself his enemy. This brutality was against any living that opposed him, from battle-readied men to innocent villagers. His love for family remained, but it has now transitioned to all undead, all under his unquestioned rule.


The Bone King is the first true “ruler” of undead, his reputation is used as both a story for children, and a serious understanding of what happens when communities of undead are left to their down devices, and not put down. That is the opinion of the living at least; to undead, he seems someone with worthy goals, a savior to those who have not moved on. Regardless of the mental state of undead, many seem attracted to his haven.

Extended Family

Vagrand never married, and his parents died in early conflicts with undead colony, which spurred on his madness. No other known relations of his are documented.


  • He was dubbed “The Bone King,” as rumored, by the portly barkeep of Parithea. It is said when he took the village, The Bone King stabbed the barkeep repeatedly with a knife, letting his screams rip across night.
  • The Bone King has been relatively silent in his actions for a few years now, not attracting too much attention from the locals. Some fear he is preparing for war.
  • Select merchants will still trade with the most sane undead, bringing what supplies the undead folk require to continue their hold. It is a risky proposition for a trader to take however, and many end up joining the “family”.

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