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Name Valei
Origin Unknown
Classification Elven Artifacts
Found No
Location Unknown

Valei or sometimes called Valei’aïual Alë or Valei’s Root, is an ancient artifact created by Estel that grants the owner the ability to revive dying or deceased plant life. The object was revered by generations of Elven priests in the Temple of Valei, before the object was lost at the hands of the invading Eronidas that destroyed the entire Val region. Valei has since been sighted throughout history numerous times, before simply disappearing again in the past century or so. Valei is considered the oldest artifact ever created by Estel, and the most sought after by both Yanar and Elven Rangers. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


It is said that Valei was created when Estel took pity on the death of nature at the hands of a drought some eons before the Cataclysm. The object was used to revitalize a region of forest and grassland that was particularly badly affected by natural disaster, giving rise to the popular groveland area of Valei that contained many lesser shrines and greater temples. Valei remained popular among the Estel worshipers throughout the ages, even well into the period of Altalar decadence. The object finally disappeared when the Eronidas came, who landed near the Valei region after their long exodus from distant Guldar.

The Valei region was utterly destroyed by the Eronidas who conquered their way through the shrines and temples that were nearby, and the lands suffered also. Many Yanar had, since their creation, been living in the grovelands of Valei, all but few were utterly decimated during this period in history. The Valei had supposedly survived the destruction however, as it was supposedly sighted again in 127 AC to combat an encroaching Dulofall infestation, showcasing its most prized capability, to cleanse Dulofall from dead plants and trees and to revitalize them. Since that sighting, it was recorded to be seen again in 167, 186, 191 and lastly in 211. Since the last sighting in east Daendroc in 211 however, the object has not been seen again, though many still hope for it to return one day.


Valei appears like a root pulled from a tree, though a very frail and twisted one. It emits a constant yellow/white light while smaller light flecks race around and through the object as if a bee’s nest protecting a queen. A curious aspect about the object was that it seemed to defy the laws of nature, it simply refused to fall or turn over, and gently floated wherever it was put or in whoever’s hands it was positioned. When handled by a curator (someone who used the Valei on plants) the person’s eyes would glow solid yellow/white much like the light of the plant, and the object would slowly rotate before sending out a glow of light to the affected plants and trees, revitalizing them in mere seconds.

Uses and Abilities

Valei had numerous abilities that all stemmed from the same practical use: Valei could revive dead plant and tree material and even make them healthier than before. The object could be used once a day to revitalize roughly an acre worth of grasslands or tree. More curious yet, it was able to reverse the mildew on trees and plants and completely revive petrified and dead plant material as long as it had not yet broken and dispersed into the wind. Valei when submerged also created life in lesser forms, creating so called Valei’s Tadpoles which were small bioluminescent tadpoles that swam around ponds, giving life to all manner of beautiful flowers and plants as long as they remained in the water.

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