Valezzo Sausage

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Valezzo Sausage
Appearance Four to five inch tube of speckled, brown meat
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Giovanni dei Lamperport; Vultaro
Class Dressolini nobles and commoners
  • One pound Vultarico pork.
  • ½ cup of a shredded or grated cheese mixture.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Small quantities of Montanian herbs and spices.

Valezzo is a form of sausage typically cooked by the Dressolini, but it is also a very popular dish in other parts of the Archipelago due to its distinct savory taste. It’s fairly easy to make as long all of the necessary ingredients are used. In fact, the most difficult part of the cooking process is obtaining the meat of a Vultarico, a swine endemic to Vultaro. Valezzo is not Valezzo without Vultarico, as the trademark tender meat and taste helps give the dish its signature deliciousness. Giovanni dei Lamperport, a chef famous for creating various pieces of Vultarin cuisine, developed Valezzo as his first culinary achievement.


Sausage originated as a Ceardian dish, nearly as old as the Ailor race itself. At its conception, it was made from the meat of the Bathogg-- a rough, chewy meat that matched the nature of the Ceardians. Of course, over the years sausage was cooked and created by several different Ailor cultures, the meat of the sausage varying depending on the types of pigs (or occasionally cows) available to the chef. As a result, Giovanni dei Lamperport was not the first person to make sausage out of Vultarico. He was, however, the first that implemented ingenuity and creativity in the cooking process; rather than just slapping the meat onto a stove, he added other ingredients and seasonings to it. Once Valezzo made its way onto the menu of his restaurant in Lamperport, it quickly found its way into the hearts of many Ailor, Dressolini and non-Dressolini alike. Valezzo was only developed in the second half of 200 AC.


The first step in preparing Valezzo is acquiring Vultarico meat, a process in and of itself. Vultarico is a pig that can only live in Vultaro, so its meat rarely ever leaves the Archipelago for fear of being spoiled. Once the meat or pig is acquired, the cooking can begin. Nearly every muscle of the body is put into a meat grinder, and one pound of the ground meat is obtained. The cheese and spices are then thoroughly mixed in with the meat before the mixture is laid out in a long line on a flexible paper. The paper is rolled up until a one-inch diameter tube of meat is encased in the paper. With their fingers, the chef will start putting “kinks” into parts of the tube by twisting the paper, every five or six inches. At this point, the separate lengths of sausage are put into a pan and cooked over a fire until brown.


Valezzo looks like an ordinary sausage except for the fact that it has white stripes or specks strewn all over it; and decorated with green spices and herbs from Montania. Professionally cooked Valezzo has a slight curve to it, a curve achieved by shaping the sausage that way before cooking it. The smell of Valezzo is much like its taste: savory and enticing to the senses. The spices, herbs, and the very meat of the Vultarico are prominent and serve to distinguish the sausage from the Calemwurst and the sausage of the Ceardians.


  • Giovanni dei Lamperport was killed by the same horde of Undead that practically wiped out the Lampero family.
  • It is unknown why Vultarico can only live in Vultaro, especially since Montania is a much safer and more comfortable land for livestock to live in.

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