Vampire Hunter's Journal

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Vampire Hunter's Journal
Author [redacted]
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge

The Vampire Hunter’s Journal formally titled as “On the Subject of the Sanguine and How to Apprehend Them” is a small journal written around 120 AC that gave basic information on how to combat those infected by Vampirism. While the original author has since been lost to time (or removed on purpose), the book has found much use over the years as a starting point for combating vampires. Today the book is difficult to come by for most Alorians, with the most preserved copy being the original housed in Castle Virgadulvlas in Tirgunn.

On the Subject of the Sanguine and How to Apprehend Them

Author’s Foreword: Those that read this journal should know that the Vampire is a creature of darkness, always lurking in the shadows. To assume that this report will always succeed in hunting the plague is folly that will leave those unable to adapt as victims of the blood lusting menace. Though to those who understand the threat full well, may these notes provide guidance in your endeavors. As we walk in the Light against the creatures of the Dark.

A Vampire’s greatest weakness are items deemed holy to Alorians. A hunter should never attempt a hunt without first attaching a flask of Holy Water to their belt, or carrying a Faith Bangle under their shirt. Though they will not defeat a vampire, they will serve as the best protection against the plague they carry.

Clothing is the next piece of protection when countering the Vampires. One's skin should be covered as much as possible, as to remove all feeding points for a vampire. Armor above Leather should be avoided, as it reduces mobility. Leather is a material that maximizes both movement and protection. Metal is your greatest enemy, as it removes all stealth you may have on your side.

A Vampire should always be attacked from a distance. Arrows or bolts serve as the best weapons, though a spear may be used if the former are unavailable. Remember, a Vampire must close the distance in order to feed. Never allow them that opportunity.

Finally, the Vampire threat increases in numbers. A single Vampire can be dealt with using the above notes, though two require a more tactical approach. Never reveal yourself to a group of Vampires directly, else you will be quick to join them. Only through careful strategy can these creatures be defeated.


  • More seasoned vampire hunters view this book to be obsolete in its teachings, and regularly criticize it for “writing down common sense.”
  • A Dwarf once took the second paragraph to the extreme and created a full body suit of leather armor. Believing himself to be invulnerable to vampire bites, his body was later found in the snow with several tears and bite marks in his armor and on his body.

Writers FireFan96
Artists None
Processors HydraLana, SupremeCripple
Last Editor HydraLana on 08/7/2018.

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