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Appearance An incredibly thick, clear liquid.
Application Contact with the tongue. This means that either the user ingests it, or swishes it around in their mouth.
Proficiency Requires 2 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Arleigh and Halnick Mosenhof of Dorinn.
Potency As little as a mouthful, if let sit in the mouth.
Injectable No
  • ½ parts Vocadine.
  • ¼ parts Haurmann saliva.
  • ⅜ parts Apple juice.
  • ⅛ parts Mashed potatoes.
  1. Makes any item taste deliciously sweet for a limited amount of time.

Usually thought of as more of a parlor joke than a serious alchemical invention, Verfecht is easily obtained, but hardly ever wanted. It’s occasionally used as a practical joke, or even a contrived weight-loss strategy for individuals with an aversion to healthy food. Many people turn their noses up when they find out what it’s made of, however, to the irritation of many alchemists.


Created by the same man who made the Dorinn Herbal, Verfecht was the accidental result of an experiment meant to have very different results. Mosenhof aimed to create a potion that stopped hunger, but it was tampered with by his young daughter, Arleigh. She snatched his vial and, after dumping the contents of her unfinished dinner into it, sneakily replaced it in his laboratory. Mosenhof, upon drinking it, was infuriated -- it had no effect! But later, when biting into a lemon, it was sweet. He spent months trying to figure out how he had done it, before learning from his daughter that she had created it. Mosenhof promptly took all credit and spread word of “his” creation.


To experienced alchemists, Verfecht is almost insultingly easy to create. The ingredients could fluctuate greatly, and the same, strange concoction will still occur. First, Vocadine must be mixed with Haurmann saliva in some way. This occasionally takes place when a pesky Haurmann tries to eat a vial containing Vocadine, and instead manages to slobber all over and inside of it. More often, though, it’s disgustingly obtained by bottling it straight from the source. This is left to sit from between twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the amount combined. Then, a sludge is made by mixing the apple juice and mashed potatoes together, which is then poured into the container of saliva and vocadine. This is mixed thoroughly, and could be ready in as little as five minutes after mixing.



Simply covering your tongue with Verfecht would do, but it’s much easier to drink enough that it coats the tongue. Though you could smell it or coat yourself in it, it wouldn’t do anything--tested extensively, as many find it disgusting to ingest saliva of the “Annoying Eggman.”


Upon application, Verfecht makes anything and everything taste sweet. Things that already taste sweet become overwhelmingly so, and things that don’t have a taste beforehand taste like straight sugar. Ingesting more of it makes the effect last longer, but it seems to flatline at around four hours. A mouthful will give the user an hour, and drinking a vial full provide a full four hours of sweetness. Any more than that has no effect other than slight intoxication from the Vocadine.

Physical Characteristics

Despite its sweet effects, Verfecht is disgusting to ingest for any race that has ever encountered it. It’s odorless and clear, so the consumer has no warning unless told ahead of time. It’s thick enough to be nauseating to drink, yet liquid enough to still be considered a drink. Its taste is as pungent and disgusting as the smell of spoiled milk.


  • Verfecht is potentially dangerous with young children, because it makes everything sweet. There was once a report of a toddler being fed Verfecht to make them eat their dinner. They also ate the plate, napkin, and part of the table.
  • It’s forbidden to have any amount of Verfecht in the Regalian prison, because a prisoner once used it to eat his way out of the cell. No one is quite sure how he ate metal bars, but it’s a precaution that’s still taken.

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