Violet-wing Flower

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Violet-wing Flower
Official Name Violet-wing Flower
Common Name Pointy Flower, Elfie Flower, Sinavaal’s Metamorphsia
Classification Flower
Common Use Culinary
Origins Solleria, Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Temperate forests or fields

Violet-wing Flowers are deep purple flowers, sometimes with white edging on their petals, native to the ancient region of Solleria in the Regalian Empire. Shaped almost uncannily like an Elven ear, the plant has grown to be a symbol of Sinavaal, an Unwritten God of the Altalar people and a Hero of Unionism. The flower has also become associated with the same characteristic of Sinavaal, loyalty, and is often used to decorate and signify allegiance to the Regalian State in Nelfin across the Regalian Archipelago and sometimes, the broader Empire.


The Violet-wing Flower has grown in Solleria for over two millennia, or so it is said. At the very least, the plant was already in the region by the time that the Altalar of the Allorn Empire arrived to establish their colony. The plant remained relatively unnoticed, though its unique shape did attract the interest of some as a symbol of Nelfin providence. It became a common metaphor as to the Allorn impact on nature and the world in regional poetry and art. However, when the region entirely broke away, the plant was more openly embraced as the region's Altalar adapted to the lack of contact with Daen and its vast horticultural resources. Local plants, like the Violet-wing, were rapidly added to regional guardians. It wasn’t until centuries later, with the rise of the Unwritten God Sinavaal, that it gained a new meaning. The Unionist clergy of the era Ailorized the Hero, but in a small sign of her true nature, the official statue of her holds a cutting of Violet-wing Flowers to represent her missing ears and heritage. Since that time, the flower has been used for religious purposes by the Sollerian Altalar and has also seen wider use by Altalar with a similar dedication as herself to the Regalian Empire.


The Violet-wing Flower is most notably known for its unique flower shape. The plant grows in clusters of three to five, all out of a firm, deep green stalk dotted by several rhomboid leaves of a similar shade. However, running up the plant are several faint white lines, which manifest most clearly in the leaves, where they often run along the middle of the leaf from the stem connection point until they fade away. At the top of the plant in the cluster mentioned above are the flowers, which each have four petals around a tightly protected black pistil, which is often entirely overshadowed. The flowers themselves are arranged similarly to a butterfly, with two small, rounded petals facing down. However, the upper two are prominently pointed, sometimes with a slight curl, other times with a single blunt point, and other times with a bit more delicate thinness at the end. The result is that they look like an array of stylized Elven ears, despite their deep purple coloring. The flower is also occasionally edged by white, usually on each petal, creating a more exotic look to the plant.

Uses and Abilities

Violet-wing Flowers have a single use, which is that of decoration. The plant is used as a symbol of the Elven nature which Hero Sinavaal possessed, but also as a sign of loyal Elven pride amongst the Nelfin populations of the Regalian Archipelago. The purple color of the flower is seen to represent the Empire, and the shape demonstrates an Elven nature, linking the two together. With the rise of the Regalian Empire and the long-ago collapse of the Allorn Empire, this tie to imperialism has seen the symbolism now most commonly used to relate to the Regalian Empire, hence its use as a symbol by proud, Regalian-loyal Nelfin.


  • Violet-wing Flowers are not at all popular with Altalar in Daen, for obvious reasons.
  • Perfume made from Violet-wing Flowers smells like nothing, hence the plant’s sole use as a decorative.

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