Von Kërle Bloodline

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Von Kërle Bloodline
Pronunciation Von Kerr-luh
Origins The Calemberg/Drachenwald region
Niche Darkwald Nemesis, Vampire themed hunter/soldier/gladiator

The von Kërle Bloodline is not a very popular Bloodline, but one that is frequently heard in the Regalian Archipelago due to their constant clashes with the Darkwald Order, and their near-constant threatening presence in the dark wald regions of Drachenwald in Waldmark, Baldmark and Calemberg, attacking carriages riding through the night on window roads between the trees or mustering larger warbands to attack forts and claim them for their own. The von Kërle were originally made when one of the Dorkarth Princes fled Ellador after the Vampire Wars, ironically landing in Calemberg, the rousing capital from which the Wirtem sent armies north to fight the Vampires. Proverbially living in the den of the lions, the Dorkarth Prince eventually managed to murder and plot his way into the peripheries of the court of Adriaan von Kërle, the Count of Parchstadt, some while away from Calemberg. The Dorkarth Prince used his Vampire wiles to seduce the Count of Parchstadt, slowly converting him to Ancient Worship and inducing him into familiarity with the Coven and using the Count's power at the Cadar Court to keep the eyes of the Regalians away from their escapades. What the truth of the events that followed were are not known to anyone but the Count, but the Count has claimed that Woldemar the Scarlet Scourge spoke to him in his dreams, whispers of power and fame and adoration, and eternal life to call his own for a price. The price was for the Count to kill his Dorkarth Prince lover, which perhaps to his own surprise, he readily agreed to. Even though the Count was not a Vampire at the time of the killing, it was said by the Count that as soon as the deed was done, Woldemar appeared before him and allowed the Count to drink his blood from his finger, making him the first von Kërle Vampire. The Count has since disappeared, though appeared from time to time to attack a fortress in Baldmark, Waldmark, or Calemberg, hold court there before disappearing again for several years, spreading the von Kërle Bloodline in his absence from the victims he made during his conquest. This makes the von Kërle Bloodline somewhat unique, in that it is claimed that it was not by act of the Arken that the Vampires altered (like is the case for every other Bloodline), but the Ancients of the Faith of the Dark Ancients themselves. To this day, the von Kërle produce so-called Courts of Crimson Blades, where they engage in planning to capture military forts or abandoned ruins of castles to host their military might from. Such Courts of Crimson Blades exist dotted all over the Wirtem regions of the Regalian Empire, right under the noses of the local rulers, but often too well hidden or fortified to become an active priority, with the local rulers risking themselves being bogged down in an eternal hit-and-run battle with the von Kërle who perfected their martial skills in the dark forests that hide many other beasts and secrets.

von Kërle Mentality

All Vampire Mentalities are presented as general guidelines. This means Characters should follow them to about 80% and apply some leeway where applicable to help their roleplay along. This Mentality should never be an obstacle to roleplay, so if you have questions, please send in a ticket to Lore Staff. As for the list below, it mostly operates from the assumption that the reader is not yet in a Coven, or is playing a solo-Vampire. Even though the description mentions "Enemy Bloodlines" or bloodline conflicts, these conflicts only arise insofar Vampires are not working together, or in the same social setting. For example, a Cratos and Wyrden would hate each other due to opposing themes of ideology, but this would not result in them constantly attacking each other inside the same Coven. They would rather be snarky/snippy with each other before a Dorkarth interceded and gets them to calm down. Their hatred towards one another would only express itself outside of Covens or situations where they don't need each other.

  • General Demeanor: Combat oriented Vampires who insist on Bloodline purity, classiness, and establishing a hierarchy where their combat prowess allows them to shine and become infamous.
  • Regarding Loved ones: They can choose to infect Loved ones, but only those they deem deserving of the Dark Gift. The vast majority of the Loved ones will instead be reduced to Blood Cattle.
  • Regarding State Loyalty: Von Kërle have a complicated relationship with governments. Generally governments provide the structure and organization that von Kërle seek to establish their dominance based hierarchy, but at the same time, governments are also the most effective means to hunt them down. As such, von Kërle don’t outright seek to destroy the government, but to reform it by keeping it entirely intact, but replacing the leading figures with Vampires to lead society instead (or infecting those already in it).
  • Regarding the Regalian Empire: Von Kërle, despite being efficiently hunted by the Regalian Government, greatly acknowledged the Empire’s martial culture and successes in combat, dreaming of one day turning the Regalian Empire into the Crimson Empire with a von Kërle Emperor. The von Kërle are not even outright anti-Kade, the majority of them believe the Kades are so politically powerful they all deserve to become Vampires and retain the lineage of the Crown.
  • Regarding Friendship: Von Kërle have a hard time forming friendships, because everyone is a challenger or opponent to best. Those that flatter the vanity and submit to von Kërle could be looked upon favorably like a pet however.
  • Regarding Religion: Von Kërle can surprisingly still be religious, however whatever version of religion they profess to, the Affliction has convinced them to believe that the Vampires are their deity’s favored and blessed children.
  • Regarding other Vampires: Von Kërle see other Vampires who act proud, pose, or otherwise seek out conflict as those in need of a duel to be put in place. Especially among other von Kërle, they feel the need to establish a hierarchy of who is strongest, or submit to those they know can defeat them in single combat. Other bloodlines are less threatening, and as such they get on fairly well.
  • Regarding other non-Vampires: Von Kërle are generally apathetic to non-Vampires, though prefer enslaving large quantities of them either to serve as blood cattle, or a personal thrall army of Vampiric slaves. Von Kërle are particularly possessive over what they consider their “Blood Claim”, which is to claim a specific person as their property, and will fight to stake their claim.
  • Regarding Cahal: Von Kërle see Cahal as rabid animals to be put down, and as such will often seek out a fight with any Cahal that doesn’t immediately run away.
  • Regarding Curing: Von Kërle violently resist curing, believing it will steal their gifts from them, and will fight until subdued into curing, while still resisting as much as they are able even while bound or imprisoned.
  • Primary Objective: To create a world in which power is the only measure and worth of a person, and where Vampires can roam free while challenging each other to duels to determine who is strongest, and to live as infamous warriors or tacticians.
  • Enemy Bloodlines: The von Kërle frequently clash with the Dorkarth on account of Dorkarth professing their superiority by age, and the Wyrden, because Wyrden often betray von Kërle when their antics become too public for them to bear, seeing the von Kërle as a risk to the survival of Vampirism.

Vampire Base Kit

Vampire Base Kit are the Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to at all times. Vampire Base Kit Abilities are always roughly the same between different Bloodlines, with only incremental changes (such as Blood Eyes I or Blood Eyes II). Vampire Base Kit Abilities are inspired by the theme of the Vampire Bloodline, but detached from utility versus combat balancing. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Von Kerle Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Servile Collar 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 1

Servile Collar 2 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 2

Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Blood Feeding 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Blood Feeding 1

Blood Eyes 2 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Eyes 2

Blood Curse 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Curse 1

Vampiric Form 1 Full Shift Self Grants the user Vampiric Form 1

Cursed Soul 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Cursed Soul 1

Vampire Form Rules

Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, strongly recommended for immersion. Vampire Forms are usually more fantasy-like than normal appearance, so players are encouraged to be wild with their designs.

  • The von Kërle Vampire Form must have the majority of their body colored in white, silver or light gray, or a combination of them.
  • All Vampiric Form additional body parts must be aesthetic and non-functional unless defined otherwise by Abilities.
  • Vampire Forms may not closely resemble other Transformations or Afflictions, and must be unique from other Bloodline aesthetics.
  • While in Vampire Form, the character does not have to be recognizable, but can be, if the player wants.
  • Designs of Vampire Forms are permanent, and remain consistent between Bloodlines with only color or minor changes depending on rules.

Bloodline Ability Kit

Bloodline Ability Kit is the list of Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to only while in Vampiric Form, unless they have Vampiric Form II, in which case they can always use them. Not all Bloodline Ability Kits have the same number of Abilities, as not all Abilities are born equal. Each Kit is roughly balanced between combat or utility functions, depending on the theme of the Vampire. von Kërle Vampires in particular are combat oriented, and as such have less Abilities but more powerful Abilities than other Bloodlines with little Utility. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Von Kerle Bloodline Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Primal Horror 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Primal Horror 1

Belliard Horror 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Belliard Horror 1

Super Self 2 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 2

Super Self 4 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 4

Super Self 5 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 5

Blood Dance 1 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Blood Dance 1

Blood Dance 2 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Blood Dance 2

Blood Dance 3 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Blood Dance 3

Vampiric Familiar 2 Toggle Passive Emote Distance Grants the user Vampiric Familiar 2

Power Howl 1 Trigger Passive Emote Distance Grants the user Power Howl 1

Corvaic Will 1 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Corvaic Will 1


  • Before House von Drachenburg ruled prominently from Lödenthal-Dessau, a coven of von Kërle once tried to assault the fortified Drachenburg Castle in an attempt to stage a hostile takeover. While the actual attack failed and was repulsed, the night is still remembered as "Nachtblätter Tanznacht", which translates to "Night leaves dancing night", celebrating the victory of the locals every 3rd of December by wearing all-white clothing with a single green sash tied around the waist and a small 5-inch dagger bound with ropes on the shoulder. Many Waldmarkers died during the attack, but it is still fondly remembered by the citizens for their brave defense against the militarily superior von Kërle Vampires.
  • Count von Kërle has not turned any Vampires himself over the past 100 years, however claiming descent from 3rd removed infection or higher by von Kërle himself is a frequent boastful claim by Vampires, as von Kërle was also one of Calemberg's most skilled and unbeaten fencers.
  • Speaking of fencing, von Kërle Vampires absolutely adore fencing, as in many ways, the sport represents so many parts of their identity and their favorite activities, enshrouded in class and grace.

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