Wandering Fever

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Wandering Fever
Affected Races Asha, Url
Contraction Saliva
Mortality Rate 30%
Origins Jorrhildr
  • Low fever
  • Increased salivation
Treatment None

Wandering Fever is a curious disease that impacts two of the more animal-like Races of Aloria, being spread from the ancient species of canine-like Thylan that inhabit Jorrhildr today. The illness is marked by the bizarre effect it has on an individual’s mind, as it compels them to enter a rabid all-out sprint once the illness finally overwhelms the mind. While not intrinsically lethal, the disease causes a high mortality rate as it can either cause its host to run to death physically or run into deadly situations, especially in the more hostile parts of the world. The only sure prevention method for this is to restrain them and many are happy that the illness is limited to only three types of creatures because of this.


Wandering Fever finds its birthplace in icy Jorrhildr, which was once not as icy as one would imagine. In the ancient past, it was rather verdant and a variety of animals suited to such a climate thrived. One of the major denizens were the Thylan, a species of canine-like creatures of low intellect that clustered in packs across the entire region. It was among them that Wandering Fever was first documented, as scattered Altalar records indicate certain “wanderers” of their population. Through observation via airship, certain and rather rabid Thylan were observed to be either driven out by the pack or to be fleeing after biting some of their fellows, ultimately breaking into a ceaseless run across the terrain. Eventually, they would collapse, utterly exhausted, but would slowly drag themselves up and proceed back the way they’d come, their “fever” for “wandering” sated. From these records, the modern name for the disease is derived. When the Thylan were eventually forced underground by the climate changes that turned Jorrhildr into an ice sheet, the disease vanished from public view. However, after the Cataclysm, when the Thylan were again surging on the surface, Wandering Fever was transmitted to a sentient Race; the Url.

Driven to half madness by the desperate need to run, those infected with the sickness were anomalies, most concerning to the generally stoic Url. To see a member of their Race crack under invisible pressure moved them to great lengths. When one was determined to be suffering from “The Wandering”, as they came to call it, they were imprisoned and muzzled. This proved successful, especially when metal restraints became readily available to them. But the illness spread again, into a rather unexpected Race: the Asha. How and when exactly is unknown, but the famous first public example of the disease occurred in Ithania. An Asha servant by the name of Rozz suddenly sprinted out his mistress's backdoor and ran some sixteen miles, where he was found collapsed the next day by plantation slaves. He was returned to his owner, but from then on, the wider world became informed of Wandering Fever and just what sort of effect it could have on Url and Asha alike. Luckily, the disease appears contained to those two Races and has yet to make the jump to those less animal-like than them.

Disease Cycle


Wandering Fever is contracted when someone comes into contact with the saliva of an infected individual. As it stands, the only possibly carriers are Url, Asha and the animal Thylan. Generally, biting is a common method of transferal, especially from the Thylan onto the Url.


Wandering Fever has no proper treatment. Generally, those identified to be infected are to be aggressively restrained in order to help keep them within the care and sight of others. The low fever that comes with the Fever can be treated like any normal cold-based ailment, but the infected saliva cannot be removed.


  • Some scholars are deeply concerned and curious about this disease, especially in the cases that it affects Url. Considering a key part of the Url is the Oorl Worm within them, they believe that the Fever must also be infecting the Worm, and to be so invasive so as to reach that deep into an Url’s “dual” mind, the Fever must be one of the most insidious diseases in Aloria.

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