Wandering Fever

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Wandering Fever
Affected Races Dargon Races
Contraction Saliva.
Mortality Rate 28%
  • Heightened salivation.
  • Minor fever.
  • Muscle cramps and compulsion to run.

The wandering fever may present itself as either an uncomfortable nuisance or a lethal scourge, depending on circumstances. The disease spreads quickly, and the infected experience a strong desire to run. Wandering fever affects only the Varran race.


Wandering fever had once been a scourge for the Varran race and has been carried ever since, in a mild form, by Thylan and the Varran. However, a strain carried by the Thylans swept across the Varran populace several decades after the Cataclysm. To encourage the spread, ill Thylans have led attacks against the Varrans, often delivering a few nips and then retreating, only to return after the entire group of Varran has begun to show symptoms.



Wandering fever is spread through the saliva. When infected saliva makes contact with another member of the Dargon races, there's a high chance of contraction.


There is no known cure for the disease, although the low fever that follows may be treated. During the initial stages it may be best to restrain the infected. While it may feel like a form of torture to remain in bed, the muscle cramps that result from lack of movement will not cause any real harm.

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