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Affected Races All
Contraction Soul-Drain, feeding off Soul Essence
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Cataclysm

Werebeast, also known as the Shattered Curse, is an Exist-spawned blood-curse that has plagued Aloria for hundreds of years. Being a Werebeast causes the subject to undergo physical and mental transformations, while also giving them an insatiable hunger to feed off the Soul Essences of others, and in feeding, infecting them in the process. Werebeasts are reviled by the people of Aloria in a similar manner as Vampires are, and many would call them much the same. There is, however, a nuance with Werebeasts, where these cursed creatures take active steps to hunt the Vampires that have tried to repress and enslave them for centuries. The Werebeasts, much like the Vampires, have started forming their own societies and cultures, blurring the lines between affliction and identity as they struggle between their cursed nature and their old lives. Some Werebeasts try to live in their old societies, while others seek to live in as much isolation as they can, avoiding persecution. Most Werebeasts however have embraced their identity, and many have taken the fight back to the Vampires who tried to use their kind so long ago, and continue to hunt them. Others yet are choosing to fight the Regalian Empire, to fight back against the repression and insulting way that the Regalian authorities have clumped the Werebeasts with the Vampires and declared them unholy abberrants.

History of Werebeast

The exact origin of Werebeasts is unclear, largely because of the academic confusion directly following the Cataclysm. Vampirism came into being directly after the Fifth Void Invasion and it is reasoned that Werebeasts emerged in a similar manner, yet under the auspices of the Exist forces instead of the Dark Banshee controlled by the Archdemon of the Void. Some also speculate that Werebeasts have their origins in old Human Cultures and Pagan rituals, a reason why Werebeasts were originally not easily distinguished from the legendary animals of Old Ceardian Faiths. In the fledgeling years of the Werebeasts, all were the so-called Uhr-beasts, a now distinct Soul-line of Werebeasts that were far more beastly and less organized than modern Werebeasts. The Vampires enslaved these creatures to act as their war-beasts, particularly in the Great Vampire Wars, though signs of resistance followed towards the end of these wars.

The crusading of the Ohrneti and increased military repression from Regalia and the weakened Elladorian states resulted in a sharp decline of Werebeast presence, forcing them underground. This was a difficult time for the Werebeasts, as many of their lineage were proud of their beast-like forms, and eventually they sought the aid of the Exist Arken to raise them out of tribal beastliness. Some Arken acquiesced, causing the creation of multiple Soul-lines of Werebeast, each distinct from one another, and effectively ending the Uhr-beast Werebeast form as diminutive feral creatures. The Werebeasts became part of the public conscience around 150 AC when their numbers started increasing rapidly and spreading across the Regalian Archipelago, particularly in low-populated areas like the Skagger lands and the marshes of Anglia, as well as the Gallovian Highlands where the more pagan populations accepted their presence while continuing to hate the Vampires they were opposed to.

Werebeasts continued to spread over the world, notably because unlike Vampires, their brood can be safely spread through normal reproduction and can lay dormant for decades before manifesting in an adult. Werebeast-ism, much like Vampirism, is curable and considered a blood curse by the public at large, and many states have policies consistent with Vampirism towards Werebeasts. They remain parasites on the godly and righteous civilizations of the world, even if their constant war with the Vampires is a boon to the opponents of the Void. Werebeasts form packs, while some of them remain independent, seeking out to quench their hunger for Soul Essence while also inadvertently spreading the blood-curse.

Ursarr Creation

The Ursarr Soul-line was created by the Arken of Revenge, as the early Werebeasts who became the Ursarr sought to exact their revenge on the Vampires and Ailor alike for their slain brethren. All Ursarr stand for freedom and self-determination, but there is a split noted in how they choose to express this. Some Ursarr build large communities, 'adopting' other weaker Ursarr and Werebeasts to protect them from Vampires and Persecuters (And eradicate them in return). Others see only themselves as worthy, and strike out on their own, vehemently refusing to partake in these 'Ursarr Packs' and consider them weak. Ursarr Werebeasts are more inclined to freedom ideals, while also having a great manner of pride and self-value about themselves. Ursarr Pack-Beasts spread the Curse sparingly, but Solitary Ursarr refuse to Curse others at all. To them, the Werebeast Curse is a blessing, one that they do not want to give to others as they consider only themselves worthy. The Ursarr can often be found in Velheim inhabited lands where their presence is almost rampant because the Velheim borderline-worship the physical changes given by this Soul-line.

Uthurenn Creation

The Uthurenn Soul-line was produced by the Loyalty and Lineage Arken who meant to produce a very strong connection between the Werebeasts, and achieved just that. The Uthurenn are the most communal Werebeasts of all others, who raise up their own kind as more uniquely connected than any sense of kinship they might feel with other Soul-lines of Werebeasts. Uthrurenn are naturally comfortable around each other, but may also still have friendly competitive attitudes internally, creating their own internal hierarchies of Alphas, Betas and Packmembers, or seeking out a Manebeast and forming packs around them, resulting in them being frequently found in the landmass of Talahm, the largest landmass in Gallovia and Clannadh Alba.

Raprann Creation

The Raprann Soul-line was created by the Knowledge and Compassion Arken, producing a Werebeast that was able to help the other Werebeast escape persecution and attacks from the Vampires seeking to oppress them. The Raprann have a very peculiar sense of superiority which stems from the idea that only they would be kind and compassionate enough to aid the Werebeasts, who are all more barbaric in their eyes. The Raprann consider themselves the most righteous weapon against the Vampires. The Raprann can be found close to any source of knowledge, due to their liking of historical accounts and reading, favoring big cities.

Scorrico Creation

The Scorrico Soul-line was created by the Workling Arken. While the Scorrico were originally meant to be more about creating a strong community, the concept evolved in a different direction because the Arken did not fully commit to the task of raising them up. As such, the Scorrico are in a unique position where they don’t feel a connection with the other Werebeasts and consider themselves a species entirely separate from the other Werebeasts, taking that sense of independence that the Ursarr have to even greater levels. In spite of their consideration of separation, they serve a unique role in Werebeast "society" as that of the laborers, skilled craftsmen, and workers. Packs of Uthurenn or even a singular Ursarr usually either barter, threaten, or offer protection in exchange for services by the Scorrico, who will often complete it with varying degrees of indignance (but often not without leaving something behind to agitate or inhibit their prior employers). Beyond that, they are mischievous and act like others are their playthings while they build a legacy of their own. Scorrico are frequently found in caves and other damp places such as swamps, roaming the Essalonian and Anglian marshes.

Werebeast Infection

Werebeast Infection can occur one of three ways. The primary method of infection is for Werebeasts to use their Soul Scry. Soul Scrying can occur during Soul Draining (Ability described below), during which the Werebeast must make the conscious decision to try and infect the target with Soul Scry. This can only work if the target is isolated and alone with the Werebeast in Emote Distance, and is already paralyzed because of Soul Drain. Each Soul Drain, the victim has a 50% chance of being infected. /dice 1 2 rolled, with 1 being saved from infection, and 2 being infected. When infected, the new Werebeast must pick the First Soul-Line "Step" of the chart that their Infector has (Ursarr, Scorrico, Raprann, Utherenn), but can take any steps they want after that. When cured, and re-infected, a Werebeast can take their Original Soul-Line, or can take the new Soul-Line Step of their new infector. Excessive changes of Soul-Lines and Abilities may be declined by Lore Staff reviewing the App.

Another method for infection is the consumption of half a cup of Werebeast blood, which can be mixed with another drink or diluted, as long as the blood was at least half a cup. This drink can both be consumed voluntarily and involuntarily. When consuming an infected drink, infection is guaranteed at 100%. The third and final method of infection is to perform the Exist Soul ritual. This involves praying to the Exist deities, before sacrificing some sort of critter animal on a Exist Altar, and then consuming at least half a cup of its blood. This Exist Blood ritual has a 100% infection rate also, but can only be performed voluntarily by the ritual performer. The first and second infection method result in the person being infected by the Soulline of the person donating the blood or Soul Scrying them, while the third ritual will result in an infection based on the Soul-Line the performer feels most closely connected to.

After infection, a person will not yet fully be infected for about 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, and up to 72 hours after being infected, the person will experience confusion, cold shakes, and hunger that cannot be satiated. After the third day, they will fully become a Werebeast and unlock Fusions, while also being extremely hungry, and having a practically unstoppable soul-lust to find the nearest victim they can safely get their hands on and satiate their hunger. Once they have done this, the mental aspects of being a Werebeast also kick in. No Race is immune to infection from Werebeast, except Sihndar and Url (excluding if the Url is in Fine Form, in which case they can be infected). Being a Werebeast does not interfere with Racial Abilities, though Primal Aberrancy Individuals and Mages are immune to infection, as the Essences in them stop them from being infected. All Werebeasts are able to reproduce normally, like some of the Vampire Bloodlines, though they may also choose to specifically sire Dormant Werebeasts. Any child that is a Dormant Werebeast cannot develop their infection until after the age of 17, where it can suddenly erupt at any age after this point. Dormant Werebeasts cannot have their infection detected until it is becomes active, and after being cured and re-infected, they will always return to the same Soul-Line. Dormant children will always be of the Soulline of their most dominant parent if they are two Werebeasts, by whatever metric measured (Player choice). There are some additional rules:

Ability Effect on Ability
Ritualism Werebeasts may use Ritualism, as long as the ritualism is an exist-corrupted version of their belief, or is based on an Exist Diety/Werebeast.
Magic & Sorcery Werebeasts cannot use Magic or Sorcery, unless a Mutation allows it.

OOC Note: Because draining is not always possible, it usually fine to assume a character has fed on an NPC citizen for day to day rp. This is purely for practicality sake, because there aren't enough players around to constantly feed every Werebeast. The only exception to this is Werebeasts who are imprisoned (who should roleplay out being deprived of Soul Essence) and Werebeasts who have certain Mutations which rely specifically on draining at a specific time, or to trigger a specific ability. In such cases, the draining must always be done IC and cannot be time skipped (save for situations where the curers are not providing consistent roleplay) or assumed from an NPC. If you suspect a player has not fed off a person but is using a draining based ability anyway, report them to Lore Staff for God-Rp. Everyone should always keep in mind, however, that being fed on, or being turned into a Werebeast, is not a consent-based thing, and should always be roleplayed out for character development sake.

Mental Characteristics of Werebeasts

  • Werebeasts have a constant hunger for Soul Essence, and a desire to drain non-Werebeast.
  • Love and friendship changes from something unconditional and protective into something more possessive and objective. A Werebeast can still love a non-Werebeast, but their love takes a different tone of a jealous, "You are my property" attitude. Similarly, in friendships, Werebeasts become exclusively taking as opposed to giving or taking. A Werebeast might still go drinking with their friends, but insist that one of their friends pay for them, as that is the price of friendship with them. They might also attempt to convert their friends and family into being a Werebeast so that they might enjoy the gift with them.
  • Obsession with hedonism and the ambition to live life the way they want it without any regard for other people, their emotions, or their well being. Werebeasts hold no respect for traditional religion, family, state or culture, instead developing their own Werebeast codes and societies.
  • Werebeasts after infection develop a pack mentality, and sometimes even incorporate animalistic behaviors while hunting, such as erratic body movements and head gestures, claw scraping, sniffing, growling and stalking.
  • Werebeasts are fully incapable of casting any forms of magic, including sorcery, unless a specific mutation allows it. Sorcerers lose access to their Sorcery Abilities upon infection, while Mages cannot be infected.
  • Werebeasts can use Ritualism and have 'religious' beliefs, but the religion followed must be an Exist-corrupted version of an existing religion, or a belief in a distinct Exist-based Diety or Werebeast "God."
  • Werebeasts absolutely despise Vampires and cannot stand to be in their presence. They automatically believe these creatures to be corruptive leeches that should be eradicated from the world, and have a strong natural inclination to make them suffer, or to fight them into submission and chase them out as revenge for years of enslavement.

Base Werebeast Abilities

Ability Type Range Base Kit (All Werebeasts have these Abilities)
Soul Drain Werebeast Spell Direct Touch The Werebeast hungers for Soul Essence, needing to feed on a regular basis to remain in control of their sanity and not turn into a feral beast. Feeding can be done on any non-Vampire or non-Werebeast, with Primal Mages and Primal Lineage targets being especially juicy and tasty for the Werebeast. Soul Drain is activated by Direct Touch. If a Werebeast and their target are alone, Soul Drain also paralyzes the target, making them unable to escape or move, but still aware of what is happening around them. If other non-Werebeasts are within Emote Distance, this paralyzing effect does not occur, and the target can wrestle themselves free. Draining takes about 5 minutes, and if completed, leaves the target exhausted for 5 minutes after the Soul Drain completed. Soul Drain can be used in Normal Shift, Halfbeast Shift, and Beastmode Shift. If a Werebeast is denied Soul Essence for more than a week, they are locked into Beastmode and become feral, unable to respond to communication, until they have Soul Drained anyone, after which they turn back.
Normal Shift Constant Passive Self Normal Shift is the default state of the Werebeast. While in Normal Shift, the Werebeast can use all Werebeast Abilities from their Fusions, but looks entirely normal otherwise. When using any Werebeast Spell, the Werebeast's eyes glow bright silver with a light blue glow. It however does not apply any Physical Stat bonuses gained from the Fusions
Halfbeast Shift Beast Shift Self Halfbeast Shift allows the Werebeast to apply some animalistic features to their appearance, but it does not wholly make them unrecognizable as Beastmode does. For example, they might have tufts of hair on their face, larger canine teeth, hair or scales on their forearms, or feathers on their back. Their face should still be roughly recognizable as their Normal Shift, but can also have a flattened and widened nose, etc. Additionally, their eyes become bright silver with a light blue glow. It however only applies half the Physical Stat bonuses gained from the Fusions. This Beast Shift can be maintained indefinitely, and transforming is instant. Halfbeast can have tails, or not. It is up to the player.
Beastmode Shift Beast Shift Self Beastmode Shift allows the Werebeast to apply their entire animalistic appearance from all Fusions. This means their skin will be replaced with fur/scales/feathers/carapace, their head changes to that of an animal. The shape remains humanoid, that is to say, an Ursarr does not turn into a bear, but their skin and head appears like that of a bear, making them appear like one, and they become entirely unrecognizable. Additionally, their eyes become bright silver with a light blue glow. It applies the full Physical Stat bonuses gained from the Fusions. This Beast Shift can be maintained indefinitely, and transforming is instant. Beastmode can have tails, or not. It is up to the player.


Fusions are like Mutations for Werebeasts. While any Werebeast is always an Ursar, Raprann, Uthurenn or Scorrico, they gain additional so-called Fusions that add animals on top of the base animal. For example, if a Werebeast is infected as Ursarr, they can gain additional fusions of the Wolverine, Grizzly and Walrus. In such cases, the Werebeast must always appear 50% like a bear in Beastmode, but can have additional aesthetics divided over the remaining 50% from the other animals. This would result in the shape of a bear, with the snout of a Wolverine, the fur patterns of a Grizzly Bear, and the tusks and whiskers of a Walrus. Players have freedom to design their own aesthetics within the confines of the base+Fusions, but must always respect 50% clean base animal. For Ursarr, this is just a generic Bear, for Uthurenn a generic Wolf, for Scorrico a generic Ant, and for the Raprann a generic Falcon. Fur, feather, carapace or scale colors and patterns are up to the players to decide, with some notable exceptions (for example: Only Polar Bear has the right to white fur in the Ursarr line). For all unique traits, refer to the list below:

Unique aesthetics by Fusion

  • Polar Bear: Only those with Solitude of the Polar Bear can have white fur as Ursarr
  • Wolverine: Only those with Stalk of the Wolverine are permitted a long tail as Ursarr
  • Fox: Only those with Prowl of the Fox are permitted orange fur as Uthurenn
  • Glorybird: Only those with Song of the Glorybird are permitted dazzling colors and peacock feathers as Raprann

Note: It is mandatory for Werebeasts to write a description of their Werebeast’s aesthetics through the fusions on their Character Application, in a “Werebeast Shift” section. It is also mandatory to list the exact Fusions chosen. Having a separate skin for shifts is not required, but strongly recommended. Each Fusion has a distinct animal mentioned, of which the aesthetics are carried over. The only one that is vague is "Glorybird" which stands for a general collection of Paradise Birds from tropical regions.

Fusion Chart

The Fusion Chart

Fusion Chart Rules

  • A Character must always start at the center, and pick one of the four main lines: Ursarr, Uthurenn, Raprann or Scorrico.
  • A Character may only move in the direction of the arrows, never back.
  • A Character may only make a total of four steps. Each Abilities per step is gained at no cost.
  • Starting Fusions and ending Fusions both give +2 Abilities, while middle Fusions give only +1 Abilities.
  • It is not mandatory to pick up to 4 Fusions (including the first for example Loyalty of the Uthurenn). A player may cut off at the second Fusion, but it is recommended to make the full 4 for the total 6 Fusion Abilities.
  • A player may, despite having 3 Fusions, ignore the aesthetics of these Fusions entirely and have the aesthetics only based off the base Soul-line, for example Ursarr.
  • All Werebeasts have the Base Kit (see above) by default. Fusion Abilities are added on top.

Fusion Abilities

Ursarr Fusions

Strength of the Ursarr
Black Steel Claws Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast is able to extend their nails, forming black sharp claws, capable of tearing through armor up to and including chain-mail. This Ability has no cooldown, and can be enabled and disabled instantly. If the Ability is Countered, it goes on a minute cooldown. If the Werebeast has any other Ability that gives them claws or nails with a special function, this Ability gains the functions of all of those Abilities.
Ursine Hibernation Trigger Passive Self The Werebeast, while sleeping, recovers from all great wounds inflicted on them. This ability is only in use during off-time, meaning the healing effect takes place when the player is asleep. This healing effect removes all wounds bar from dismemberment (or other removed body parts) but does leave behind scars. The sleep must be for a period of 6 hours or longer for the healing to take effect at all. Being ‘knocked out’ in battle does count as being put ‘to sleep’, as does taking alchemical supplements to induce sleep.
Ursarr Strength Constant Passive Self When in Beastmode Shift, the Werebeast gains +10 Physical Stat, or +5 while in Halfbeast Shift, and +0 while in Normal Shift. This Physical Stat boost also increases the Physical Stat limit by the same amount.
Stalk of the Wolverine
Scattering Claws Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast is able to extend their nails, forming black sharp claws, capable of effortless climbing up vertical surfaces. This Ability has no cooldown, and can be enabled and disabled instantly. If the Ability is Countered, it goes on a minute cooldown. If the Werebeast has any other Ability that gives them claws or nails with a special function, this Ability gains the functions of all of those Abilities.
Bunkering of the Cave Bear
Skull Thickening Constant Passive Self The Werebeast is resistant to any and all Abilities that would stun or daze the Werebeast into being unable to act. These Abilities are simply shrugged off.
Growl of the Grizzly
Mauling Brawl Werebeast Spell Direct Touch Once per day, an Ursarr is able to use a single melee attack that ignores any and all shield Abilities, deflect Abilities or anti-mundane-melee deflection or immunity mechanics. The Ability part of this attack only rendered the defence mechanic null and void, the attack is mundane, and can still miss if the roleplay situation would cause it to.
Solitude of the Polar Bear
Winter Embrace Constant Passive Self The Werebeast has complete immunity to cold, cold damage, Ice or Cold based Abilities, ice effects, ice-based constrictions, or other cold-based damage effects. Furthermore, the Werebeast is not slowed down by any thickness of snow, no matter what form they are in, or how deep the snow is.
Solitary Hunter Constant Passive Self The Werebeast’s mentality shifts, and they gain a solitary attitude, a dislike for any and all other Werebeasts (often even their own children). At most, they might tolerate a single Raprann to closely work with, resenting any other form of attachment. Additionally, while fighting completely alone against at least two (or more) enemies, the Werebeast gains +2 Physical Stat (that can break the Physical Stat Limit) for each opponent they are fighting. This can stack with all other Physical Stat boosts, but cancels out as soon as someone aids them in a fight either through Mundane or Magical means, and can never exceed more than +10 Physical Stat derived from 5 combatants. Additionally, for each opponent, their size increases by half a foot, while their musculature also increases in size. These effects are however purely aesthetic and do not actually make the Werebeast more powerful.

Ursarr-Uthurenn Combination Fusions

Hunt of the Bear-Dog
Iron Jaws Werebeast Spell Direct Touch The Werebeast can, when biting down on someone or with at least one hand touching a piece of armor (for example an arm-guard or bracer, or a helmet, or curiass), use overwhelming force in their hand or jaws to crush that armor piece. The armor piece itself is rendered useless, it remains attached to the body in a broken state, but no longer provides protection against further attacks. If this Ability was used on a limb like an arm or leg, then this limb is additionally paralyzed for 2 minutes, or until a person other than the person who the Ability was used on can remove the broken armor piece that constricts the limb underneath. If this Ability was used on a helmet, the visor is crushed, and the player must use /t add Blind to emulate mundane blindness, for 2 minutes, or until they can get someone else’s help to remove the crushed helmet around their head. This Ability does not work on Artifacts, but can work on Ability Armor. If such Ability Armor has some form of “disappears after 3 hits”, or some similar conditional durability, it is instead instantly destroyed, if it does not have conditional durability, it responds like normal armor. This Ability can be used once per hour.
Swaying of the Walrus
Enduring Mass Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can summon a defensive coating, gaining extra layers of Body Fat, appearing at minimum Built Body Fat. While this effect is active, the Werebeast becomes immune to blunt or bashing damage from weapons such as fists, maces, clubs, or other heavy force Abilities that use kinetic energy to inflict blunt or bashing damage. This effect can be summoned and unsummoned instantly without Cooldown, but if Countered, goes on a half an hour Cooldown.
Forward Mass Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can belly-smash forward, rapidly moving and automatically hitting a targeted person unless there was an obstacle between them, or some sort of shield deflecting the attack. Any person hit takes blunt force damage, while also being knocked back off their feet. This Ability can be used once every hour.
Leap of the Fossa
Leaping Freedom Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can contort their body, using agility and contortionism to free themselves from any type of restraint. This only works on Mundane and Ability restraints outside of the Prison, but can work on tied hands and feet, guard shackles, and any type of Ability that snares or traps the character, for example ice encasing their legs or a Bola. This Ability has a 5 minute cooldown.
Forever Behind Toggle Passive Self Should the Werebeast be affected by any Ability that knocks them over, or pushes/knocks them back, this effect is instead cancelled, and the Werebeast contorts their body to instead land behind the individual using the Knockback Ability, unless that Knockback Ability was used from further away than 3 blocks from the Werebeast. Any damage that is applied with any such Knockback Ability is also negated.

Uthurenn Fusions

Loyalty of the Uthurenn
Loyal Empathy Werebeast Spell Direct Touch The Werebeast is able to sense the emotions of a person by touching them, which is an ability that cannot be turned off, sometimes resulting in sensory confusion. This cannot be used to tell a lie, but does give an accurate reading on the emotional state of whoever they share physical contact with. This ability is powerful enough to allow the Werebeast to sense their emotional pain, and even make them able to absorb a part of it, reducing the suffering of the other person.
Howling Call Werebeast Spell Infinite The Werebeast is able to produce a wolf-like howl that can be heard all over Regalia (even in the sewers) that notifies all other Uthurenn Werebeasts of their exact location. This Ability can be used once every hour.
Uthurenn Strength Constant Passive Self When in Beastmode Shift, the Werebeast gains +10 Physical Stat, or +5 while in Halfbeast Shift, and +0 while in Normal Shift. This Physical Stat boost also increases the Physical Stat limit by the same amount.
Prowl of the Fox
Shadow Prowl Constant Passive Self The Werebeast gains +5 Proficiency in Stealth Rogue. This cannot break the Proficiency limit. If the Werebeast is already at 10 Stealth Rogue, they instead gain an additional re-positioning saving grace (the same that is applied to 10 Stealth Rogue), so that they may reposition twice instead of once.
Lovingness of the Dog
Bonding Link Werbeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast is able to produce a mental link between themselves and another person, producing a red mist-like tether between themselves and their target. Any wounds inflicted on the target by third parties is automatically transferred to the Werebeast. This Ability has no Cooldown, but if Countered, goes on a 5 minute cooldown.
Howl of the Hyena
Bound Tracking Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can track a person anywhere within 1 hour of having tasted their blood, or drained their Soul Essence. The Werebeast must consume the blood either freshly from the person, or within 15 minutes of it being shed for this ability to function. This tags the target as Tracked for the duration of the Ability.
Violence of the Sabrewolf
Teeth of Steel Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can enchant their teeth, causing them to be indestructible, and if clenched down on something, can bite through metal to the strength of chain armor and even break swords (though not bars or beams). Enchanting or removing the enchant is instant, and has no cooldown. If the Ability is Countered, it is put on a 10 minute Cooldown.
Enduring Hunt Constant Passive Self The Werebeast does not have any fatigue loss, meaning they can continue to train, fight and run for as long as they please. This also prevents any forced fatigue or tiredness mechanics caused by other spells or abilities, and also protects against forced-sleep mechanics.

Uthurenn-Raprann Combination Fusions

Leap of the Miacis
Shifty Shift Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can rapidly leap from one place to another location in Emote Distance, as long as it is on a horizontal level, and within view. This Ability has a 5 minute Cooldown, and if Countered, goes on a 1 minute Cooldown. They cannot leap into a person, or within 3 blocks of a person.
Scurry of the Weasel
Wriggle Away Toggle Passive Self The Werebeast uses contortion and Agility to dodge incoming Abilities that have projectiles or moving functions. They are able to dodge incoming Abilities two times per day.
Sharp Smell Werebeast Spell Emote Distance If the Werebeast knows that a specific Werebeast is a Werebeast, they can smell all the Fusions of that Werebeast, thus knowing all their Abilities. This can only be done within Emote Distance.
Scavenge of the Raccoon
Trash Bomb Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can throw a splash of ink at a person’s face, which will hit guaranteed unless there is an obstacle in the way, or some type of Ability barrier. When hit, the target has Blindness applied to them and the player must use /t add Blind to emulate mundane blindness, for 2 minutes. This ink cannot be wiped out or removed with any Abilities, unless the target has Blindness immunity. This Ability has a 2 hour cooldown.
Trash Sight Constant Passive Self The Werebeast is completely immune to Darkness effects either Mundane or Ability based. Should anything force Blindness on the Werebeast, this effect is also cancelled, and the Werebeast can even see through a blind in front of their eyes, as long as this is made of cloth.

Raprann Fusions

Wisdom of the Raprann
Long Aging Constant Passive Self The Werebeast's aging slows down by a factor of 4, meaning each year is the equivalent of a quarter year lived. Characters beyond the age of 150 still require a Special Permission.
Long Draining Constant Passive Self The Werebeast can Soul Drain from a distance, up to Emote Distance, applying all effects as if the target was held by Direct Touch. Additionally, if another Werebeast Soul Drains in Emote Distance of them, this Werebeast gains satisfaction also.
Raprann Strength Constant Passive Self When in Beastmode Shift, the Werebeast gains +0 Physical Stat, or -5 while in Halfbeast Shift, and -10 while in Normal Shift. This Physical Stat boost also increases the Physical Stat limit by the same amount.
Dive of the Eagle
Flock Shift Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast does not have a traditional Beastmode Shift anymore, but can use this Ability, turning into a flock of several Birds of Prey (which must remain together loosely). These Birds of Prey are distinctly magical, with bright white glowing eyes. The Werebeast can swarm a person, and while swarmed, the victim cannot activate Abilities, or attack anyone, or communicate with anyone due to the loud bird screeching, but can still move. Attacking the victim will attack the Werebeast instead, forcing them away. The Hawks cannot actually damage or attack the person physically. After being knocked off a person, the Ability is cancelled, and forcibly goes on a 10 minute Cooldown. The Werebeast can maintain this Shift for up to 10 minutes, after which they are forcibly ejected and it goes on a 10 minute cooldown.
Sharpsight of the Hawk
Glass Gaze Werbeast Spell Self The Werebeast can enchant their eyes to see through Target Illusions and Object Illusions. While the effect is active however, their eyes become solid silver, shining with incredible brightness. The Ability must be activated in emote, but remains active for the duration of 1 hour and has no cooldown. If it is Countered, it instead goes on a 5 minute cooldown.
Poise of the Heron
Compassionate Magi Constant Passive Self With this Mutation, Raprann can purchase and utilize Sorcery. They can only take Sorcery Abilities from the following Categories: Aesthetic, Home Enchant, Travel, and Support (But Not Casting Light I or Cursing Light I). The Werebeast follows all rules for Sorcery. If the Werebeast had Sorcery before becoming infected, they are all refunded and can be re-spent, and if they are cured, the original set (or no Sorcery) is restored. Regardless of alignment chosen beforehand, a character with this Mutation is automatically an Exist Sorcerer and cannot change alignment unless this mutation is removed. With this Mutation, Raprann Werebeast can also be a Mage. It is possible for a Mage to willingly become a Raprann Werebeast with this Mutation already unlocked through the Exist Raprann Ritual, however this is irreversible, and the Mage can no longer be cured.
Song of the Glorybird
Eagle’s Call Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can target themselves or another person, and call down a Falcon, Hawk, or Eagle to act as their familiar once every five minutes. When this Bird is called down, it can intercept any single Ability or single Mundane attack on a person, completely nullifying its effects. The Bird can only nullify the Default Arrow Attack from Ranged Combat Category. After nullifying the effects, the Bird disappears.
Sanguine Featherlight Werebeast Spell Emote Distance Each time a Vampire Spell or Greater Vampire Spell is used to target the Werebeast, a puff of feathers explodes from their body, and the Ability is countered. This is a Werebeast Spell (despite its automatic nature) meaning the effect can be countered itself (in which case the Vampire Spell or Greater Vampire Spell would not get countered).

Raprann-Scorrico Combination Fusions

Crawl of the Centipede
Arthro Spit Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can spit a spray of acid over a target that will automatically hit unless the target has a shield. If a shield is hit, the shield corrodes away and is unusable. If the target does not have a shield, it instead corrodes their armor. Any person whose armor is corroded no longer gains the benefit of any type of armor, as if they were wearing just cloth itself. This Ability has a 2 hour cooldown. It does not affect Artifacts, but does affect any Ability-Created armor.
Grace of the Moth
Dustful Damage Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can spray a cloud of Proficiency Reduction dust at an opponent in Emote Distance. Unless there is an obstacle between the target and the Werebeast (shields and magical barriers do not count), all of the target’s Proficiency Points are halved. This effect endures for 5 minutes, and the Ability has a 1 hour Cooldown.
Moth to Flame Constant Passive Self The Werebeast gains soft immortality, being unkillable in a mundane manner. If attacked and killed, the Werebeast instead explodes into a cloud of Moths, and dissipates. After 2 hours, the Werebeast re-materializes in a safe location elsewhere, with Moths coming back together. This does not heal any damage that was inflicted before the final lethal blow, and as such cannot be used to undo any damage outside of death itself. If the Werebeast "revives" through this Ability, they can no longer utilize or benefit from any Abilities they have (except this one) for 3 days after. The only way to permanently kill this Werebeast is through an Artifact.
Flutter of the Butterfly
Dustful Promise Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can spray a cloud of Proficiency Buffing dust at an ally in Emote Distance. Unless there is an obstacle between the target and the Werebeast (shields and magical barriers do not count), any Proficiencies the target has are increased by 5 (which does not break Proficiency Cap). This effect endures for 5 minutes, and the Ability has a 1 hour Cooldown.
Butterfly to Light Constant Passive Self The Werebeast gains soft immortality, being unkillable in a mundane manner. If attacked and killed, the Werebeast instead explodes into a cloud of Butterflies, and dissipates. After 2 hours, the Werebeast re-materializes in a safe location elsewhere, with Butterflies coming back together. This does not heal any damage that was inflicted before the final lethal blow, and as such cannot be used to undo any damage outside of death itself. If the Werebeast "revives" through this Ability, they can no longer utilize or benefit from any Abilities they have (except this one) for 3 days after. The only way to permanently kill this Werebeast is through an Artifact.

Scorrico Fusions

Burrowing of the Scorrico
Crawl the World Toggle Passive Self The Werebeast is able to crawl on walls, ceilings, or practically any surface with their hands and feet, as long as it's not wet. Speed is about the same as walking speed.
Underworld Senses Constant Passive Self The Werebeast is able to sense micro vibrations in the floor they are standing on, allowing them to know the position and presence of each person in Emote Distance around them as long as they are moving. They can essentially detect invisible, hidden or illusion affected individuals as long as they move in Emote Distance. This also sees through any Rogue Proficiencies that would hide a person.
Scorrico Strength Constant Passive Self When in Beastmode Shift, the Werebeast gains +0 Physical Stat, or +0 while in Halfbeast Shift, and +0 while in Normal Shift. This Physical Stat boost also increases the Physical Stat limit by the same amount.
Fortitude of the Beetle
Battle Carapace Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast is able to summon a carapace armor, once a day, that grants them additional protections. While this armor is active, it blocks up to 3 Mundane attacks or Abilities that inflict damage (it does not block any additional effects besides the harm). If no attacks or Abilities land to break parts of the carapace, it remains active for 30 minutes after activation, or until fully broken down. If this Ability is Countered, it goes on a 30 minute Cooldown, but it cannot be Countered after it has been activated.
Claws of the Mantis
Predator Leap Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast can, from anywhere, in Emote Distance, leap to a target person, which automatically hits unless there is an obstacle in the way (shields do not stop this Ability, unless they are anti-pass through Abilities). Upon hitting, the target is pinned to the ground with the Werebeast on top, who will have initiative to Emote first after this Ability. This Ability has a 1 hour cooldown, but if Countered, has a 5 minute Cooldown.
Sting of the Wasp
Stingers for All Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast is able to shoot a projectile stinger from their wrist that cannot pierce armor, but can pierce clothing. It does not cause bleeding, but when hit injects the subject with localized sense-toxin that causes the limb to become numb for the next hour (still movable, but become unusable in the case of for example wielding weapons), while also causing pain when hit. After shooting five successive (within the same hour), the Werebeast must wait a full hour before shooting another. Each projectile will hit if the Werebeast rolls 6 and above on a /dice 20.
Venom of the Scorpion
Webbing Spray Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast is able to projectile spit a spray of webbing at another person or a group of people. This web causes the target, and anyone within 3 blocks of them to be rooted to the ground for a minute. This webbing can be cut away, but only by someone not affected by it, and even then it would take 30 seconds to fully remove. Once sprayed, the Werebeast cannot use this ability for 5 minutes.
Biotic Acidity Toggle Passive Self The Werebeast's spit and blood take on acidic properties, able to bite through organic matter within seconds, and can corrode inorganic matter after 5 minutes. The only effect it has on living flesh is leaving a painful rash however. This effect can be disabled through a Toggle Passive (because otherwise, romance roleplay would become complicated).

Scorrico-Ursarr Combination Fusions

Roll of the Armadillo
Arming Roll Werebeast Spell Self The Werebeast can summon armor onto their arms that allows them to double their arms as shields. Their arms become immune to Mundane weapon attacks, function as Shields (deriving from Shielding Proficiency) and give the Werebeast +5 Shielding Proficiency. This Ability has no cooldown and can be summoned and unsummoned instantly, but if Countered, goes on a 5 minute Cooldown.
Stagger of the Sloth
Treading the Forest Toggle Passive Self The Werebeast can choose to, with every step they take, causes flowers and small plants to grow around whatever surface their foot touches. This even occurs when they walk across pavement, where the greenery will appear through the cracks of the stone. This greenery will linger for a few seconds after their feet have left the area, after which they will slowly shrink and disappear. While standing on greenery created by this Ability, the Werebeast cannot be knocked off their feet through Abilities. Additionally, the Werebeast’s hands can direct the swaying movement of other plants and flowers, this greenery naturally bending in the direction of where their hands are when they are anywhere near greenery.
Slothful Recovery Toggle Passive Self The Werebeast can activate this Passive to rapidly recover any wounds applied to them as long as they are not internal. While active, the Werebeast cannot run or dodge incoming attacks. They will however recover from any superficial wound (cut, bruise, gash, that does not go further than skin-deep and drawing blood) in a matter of seconds. This Ability has no cooldown and can be activated and deactivated instantly, but cannot be deactivated for 3 minutes after being activated. This Ability also cannot be Countered.
Farsight of the Tarsier
Yard Sight Constant Passive Self The Werebeast is completely immune to Darkness effects either Mundane or Ability based. Should anything force Blindness on the Werebeast, this effect is also cancelled, and the Werebeast can even see through a blind in front of their eyes, as long as this is made of cloth.
Call of the Forest Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Werebeast is able to produce a person-sized whirlwind of twigs, leaves and other small forest debris that can be steered around at the speed of a walking person. It requires both hands to be free and does as much damage as repeatedly being sliced with paper cuts against anyone touching it, while also pushing them away, disallowing anyone from passing through it. This whirlwind is 3 Blocks wide and deep, and 5 Blocks high.

Combatting Werebeast

Curing of Werebeast

Curing Vampires or Werebeasts is fairly straightforward, albeit dangerous, since it can be interfered with by outsiders. The only true place to cure a Vampire or Werebeast, is inside a Sacrosankt, a holy place of Unionist Communion. Sacrosankts were once more numerous, but the collapse of the Imperial Cathedral reduced the number of active Sacrosankts to one. The only remaining active Sacrosankt is within the Church of the Lady of Salvation in Old Town. One also exists in the Imperial Palace, but it is not publicly accessible, and as such not operational. Only individuals with Curing Knowledge and 10 points in Medical Sciences are capable of gathering the materials and rites for curing a Vampire or Werebeast, and performing the whole ceremony. The process begins by bringing the subject in chains to the Church of the Lady of Salvation in Old Town, and leading them up to the altar in the back. The altar houses the Sacrosankt, a small domed alcove at the center, the outside richly decorated with stone carvings. The Arcanologist performing the ritual must escort the target into the Sacrosankt, and close the door behind them (this door should always be usable by anyone, and is a simple lever mechanism, no keys are required). If the target was inserted into the lower part of the Sacrosankt, the magical glowing water at the bottom causes them to be unable to lift their feet off the ground, and they become physically weak, unable to leave the Sacrosankt even if someone were to open the door without being carried out. After the door is closed, the Arcanologist must perform the Cleansing Rite on the door, after which the 1 hour timer starts. The Vampire or Werebeast must remain inside the chamber for 1 hour exactly, and only up to 2 persons can go inside, otherwise it will not work. The process is painless and allows the target to remain aware of what is happening, and even to speak with those outside of the Sacrosankt, as it is not air tight, however they are unable to escape, and may feel a tingling sensation in their feet as the Affliction is drained away from them. If the door is opened, this does not outright stop the cleansing. Only removing the target from the cleansing waters will cause the process to cease, after which it has to start over from the beginning. The Sacrosankt itself cannot be damaged by Abilities, as the masonry is made out of an earlier predecessor of Purestone that, while not cancelling Abilities nearby, makes the actual structure immune to them. The Masonry is also so sturdy that practically all brute forcing would not break it. Freshly infected can also be cured in the exact same manner. Regardless of whether the process is interrupted or completed, the first 15 minutes following the cleansing, the ex-Vampire or ex-Werebeast will experience physical fatigue, and require someone else to support them to walk, or rest on a nearby bench. After these 15 minutes however, the Vampire or Werebeast will only experience post-infection syndrome, and be otherwise physically capable of walking on their own.

After curing, either a Vampire or Werebeast gains post-infection syndrome, where their mentality quickly reverts back to normal, but there is always a risk of relapse because for a few weeks there will be a faint hunger for blood in the cured Vampire, or Soul-Essence in a Werebeast. The curing process is also deeply traumatic and them, causing them to forget the specifics of what their abilities and powers were and how they functioned, becoming incapable of spreading information on them post-curing. When cured, a Vampire or Werebeast cannot be re-infected for 72 hours, after which if they are re-infected, they become immediately infected with the same strand of Vampirism or Werebeastism they had before, including the same mutations. The re-infection takes 24 hours and involves none of the usual symptoms associated with infection, meaning it does not go through the multi-day infection process of the first time. When this process of curing is performed on incurable Vampires or Werebeasts, their Vampirism or Werebeastism is not cured, but it does cause their Mutations to go into a dormant state for 5 days, essentially making them powerless. During this period, the Vampire or Werebeast's mentality also returns back to normal, feeling no urge to drink blood or consume Soul-Essence or manifest other mental traits these infections might give. After this 5 day period is over however, everything returns back to normal. They also do not lose their visual features while this process has occurred.

((OOC Note: The curing process is not allowed to be time-skipped, except for one exception. After 10 minutes have passed, the curer/guard at the Sacrosankt is able to ask the infected player in OOC chat if they have anyone planning to rescue them from the Sacrosankt. If the infected player does not have anyone coming to rescue them, then the curing process can be time-skipped after an extra 5 minutes have past, shortcutting the curing time to 15 minutes total vs the regular hour.))

Silver Skinwalker

Silver Skinwalkers are technically Werebeasts, but don't follow a lot of the rules normal Werebeasts do. Firstly, Silver Skinwalkers much like the Crimson Witches are a Cielothar-unique form of permanent Werebeast infection that has some longer standing cultural and historical meaning to the Cielothar. To understand more about the backstory of the Silver Skinwalkers, refer to the Cielothar Page.

Silver Skinwalkers do not follow Classic Werebeast Mental Characteristics, and only retain the following:

  • A natural distrust and distaste for Vampires.
  • A constant hunger for Soul Essence, and a desire to drain non-Werebeasts. This hunger can become so great that if deprived of it for an extended period of time, they will do anything and everything to satiate it.
  • Silver Skinwalkers hold the safety of their Pack and Family above all else, even traditional law and authority.
  • Silver Skinwalkers are incapable of being Mages, can only cast Sorcery as their mutations allow, and can only use Ritualism if their religion is distinctly Exist-Based.
  • Silver Skinwalkers choose 5 Mutations from the following Mutation list, with Soul and Form Mutations being free.
Choice Mutation Ability Category Range Description
Blackwald Grimoire Constant Passive Self The Silver Skinwalker gains Light Mend I.
Blackwald Walk Toggle Passive Self The Silver Skinwalker with this trait can walk through any trees or vegetation as if they aren't there. They must transition through the trees and plant material after initiating and cannot stay inside the bark or plant to hide.
Blackwald Aging Constant Passive Self The Character becomes immortal and does not visually age (though damage and harm can still kill them). Age over 150 years old requires an Ancient Character Special Permission.
Blackwald Vision Constant Passive Self The Silver Skinwalker is immune to Target Illusions (though can still choose to see them), Target Curses, and Object curses. Additionally, they are immune to alchemy induced hallucinations or illusions.
Blackwald Dance Werebeast Spell Self A Silver Skinwalker can choose to relocate a location up to 10 blocks away, either in height or in distance, by breaking down their physical form into a flurry or twigs and leaves, which may then levitate to the area of choosing at walking speed but without being affected by gravity. This flurry can only move in a straight direction, and is still physically a person, even if the person inside this flurry cannot be seen, therefor they can still be struck or shot with weapons or Abilities mid-movement, which will cancel out the trajectory and turn them visible again. This Ability can be used as frequently as the user wants, but they must always exit the flurry before re-initiating it.
Blackwald Protector Constant Passive Self The Silver Skinwalker new Physical Stat Limit is 25, and their height is increased by a foot (optional). Additionally, the Silver Skinwalker is able to manifest a weapon made of light, which is the equivalent of steel. Once summoned, the Light Weapon's shape and function cannot be changed for a week, and the weapon cannot be given to someone else. The Light weapon cannot be a bow or a crossbow. This Weapon summon is not a Spell, and cannot be countered.
Blackwald Summoning Mobile Channel Viewing Distance The Silver Skinwalker is able to cast a Mobile Channel that acts as a subtle Target Curse (and as such can also be countered by Anti Target Curse counters) on a person within Viewing Distance. While they remain in Viewing Distance, the Silver Skinwalker can cause items or a person or other object greatly desired by the target to appear anywhere in Viewing Distance, so as to try and lure the target in a particular direction. These items are not real, but also are not Illusions, rather the effect of the Curse, therefor Illusion immunity does not prevent one from seeing them. This item or object or person can be moved, so that the target is enticed to follow it, but always just out of reach. If the Skinwalker takes their eyes off the target, or the target is attacked, the Curse is instantly cancelled, and cannot affect the same person within 24 hours. This Ability is not mind control, and the person remains fully in control of their own actions.
Blackwald Lording Control Power Emote Distance After defeating a Werebeast of any Soul-line, excluding Raprann, Carpedeim, and Enhanced Werebeasts (defeating being classified as knocking them out, or getting them to surrender), the Silver Skinwalker may activate a Soul-Leash on the Werebeast, which when chained, instantly refreshes and heals any damage the Werebeast sustained in combat against the Skinwalker. This leash is seen as a see-through blue chain from the neck of the Werebeast to the hand of the Skinwalker. While chained, the Werebeast can choose not to obey the commands of the Skinwalker who holds the leash, but if they do so, they will feel as if their blood is boiling, the same thing occurring if it tries to attack the Skinwalker while chained. Additionally, while chained, the Werbeast’s animalistic features become exaggerated as if it devolves, and it gains +10 Physical Stat (which cannot break the Physical Stat Limit), and enlarged claws, also losing the ability to speak beyond growls and snarls. Only two such chains can be active within Viewing Distance of each other, and if a new one enters viewing distance, that chain instantly snaps. The chain can be broken through a number of means: the Skinwalker letting go of the chain, the Skinwalker leaving Emote Distance, the Skinwalker being knocked out, an Enhanced Werebeast being given 5 seconds of uninterrupted time to try and break the chain with both hands grappled onto it, or the maximum of 1 hour time limit on the effects of this Ability expiring. If the Skinwalker holding the chain threatens harm on the chained Werebeast or attempts to kill or harm it, the chain will also break. After breaking, the Werebeast’s appearance and stats return back to normal, and they become immune to being chained again for 3 days, which applies to all forms of chain breaking.
Blackwald Flickering Werebeast Spell Emote Distance The Silver Skinwalker is able to cast a Werebeast Spell on a target, giving them a Target Illusion that lasts for half an hour. During this period, the victim experiences constant dancing lights and bright flashes in their vision, as well as random lights going on and off in the distance. Any combat action performed must roll a /dice 3, with rolling 3 resulting in the victim being unable to correctly hit or accurately target their intended target (if 1 or 2 is rolled, the attack proceeds as intended). This spell can only be used twice per day, and cannot be stacked on the same target, resetting when re-cast. Target Illusion immunity stops the effects, but there are no other ways to prevent the effects.
Blackwald Pact Werebeast Spell Self The Silver Skinwalker can make a binding agreement with an individual that requires both the Silver Skinwalker and the Individual complete a single task within a week’s time of making the agreement. The Silver Skinwalker and target must both be present for the ritual, and clearly speak the specific task they want the other to complete. If there are any hidden aspects of the task that either party is aware of, they are magically compelled to speak it. The party that fails the task will find themselves blind for the next week, with all of their mundane proficiencies set to 0. Speaking of the agreement to another party counts as failing the task.
Soul Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description (Soul Mutations are free but mandatory, meaning all Silver Skinwalkers have them, and they do not cost any Mutation slots)
Skinwalker Body Constant Passive Self The Silver Skinwalker's new Physical Stat Limit is 20, and can only be a Cielothar.
Skinwalker Functioning Constant Passive Self Silver Skinwalkers can eat and drink normally. Silver Skinwalkers are unable to infect others through any means, and can only create other Silver Skinwalkers during Winter Solstice by offering a child to the Silvermoon Ritual. The Skinwalker can see clearly in Mundane Darkness.
Skinwalker Appearance Constant Passive Self Silver Skinwalkers have silvery irises without pupils that cause their eyes to appear as if they are blind (but they are not). Additionally, any hair they have is silver, with a metallic shine to it. Dying this hair will change the color, but keep the metallic shine and reflectiveness. They look like Cielothar otherwise.
Skinwalker Empowerment Constant Passive Self Silver Skinwalkers can learn Sorcery (following the normal Sorcery rules), but must be Exist Sorcerers, and can only learn from the following categories: Curse Abilities, Aesthetic Abilities, and Combat Abilities. Silver Skinwalkers can learn Ritualism, as long as it is distinctly exist-based. Despite being able to learn these Sorcery spells, Silver Skinwalkers cannot be Acolytes. Silver Skinwalkers can choose 5 mutations.
Form Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description (Form Mutations are free but mandatory, meaning all Silver Skinwalkers have them, and they do not cost any Mutation slots)
Blackwald Ravaging Beast Shift Self The Silver Skinwalker's head, neck, torso and arms turn into that of a brown bear with sharp claws. The size of the Silver Skinwalker remains the same, but they gain +5 Physical Stat that cannot break the Physical Stat Limit and increased damage from their claws and teeth.
Blackwald Deceiver Beast Shift Self The Silver Skinwalker turns into a domestic dog sized red fox, which instead of having red fur, is entirely made of silvery metallic fur. While not moving, the Silver Skinwalker is camouflaged, requiring anyone at least 10 Proficiency Points in Perception Training to see through.
Blackwald Hunting Beast Shift Self The Silver Skinwalker is able to split their body into two silvery metallic furred coyotes while in a fight with an opponent. While in coyote form, these coyotes cannot leave Emote Distance of each other, but can independently attack anyone (though they are unable to atack different targets). While in coyote form, each coyote has 15 Physical Stat and 15 Unarmed Combat Skill, and no other Proficiencies. Killing one of the coyotes forces the Silver Skinwalker to return to normal, unable to re-use this Ability for half an hour.


  • When a Werebeast is killed either in their Soul-Hunger or Beastmode form, their body actually does not change back to its pre-transformation stage. This has often led to confusion for slain Werebeasts, and a lot of misinformation on their nature.
  • Evidence exists of a massive battlefield fought in Ellador around 200 years ago. Exact details are hazy, but it appears as if Vampires fought a massive battlefield with Werebeasts of all kinds, given the mass graves in the area of the Broken Spear Valley.
  • Werebeasts have a hard time resisting attacking Isldar using their natural abilities, since nearly all of them are strictly tied to the very substance that the Werebeasts consume.
  • Some scholars theorize that the memory lapse upon curing about Werbeast powers is a latent aspect of infection that prevents those who were prior infected from explaining all of their powers to would-be Werebeast hunters, so as to protect its host should they be infected again.

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