White Sibraxas

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White Sibraxas
Official Name White Sibraxas
Common Nicknames White Terror, Vit Rädsla
Classification Mammal
Habitat Jorrhildr, Ellador
Domesticated No.
Current Status Common

The White Sibraxas is one of many hazards in the hostile regions of Ellador and Jorrhildr. It is a nuisance to both travelers brave enough to traverse the snowy landscape, and to those who live there. Originating in Jorrhildr, they later traveled north and adapted to the ever-growing harsh terrain. These large, sabre-toothed felines are said to be descendants of an ancient species that ruled the land before the rise of the Elven Empire. The White Sibraxas are extremely difficult to see due to their clear white coat that allows them blend in with their natural surroundings. Known by their knack for traversing the harsh environment with amazing speed and stealth, this sabre-toothed feline is by far one of the most efficient hunters of the northern land masses.


The White Sibraxas are thought to be descendants of an ancient species that ruled Jorrhildr before the rise of the Elven Empire. There is no concrete evidence, however, as the only indication of such is several obscure Thylan cave paintings. The first recorded sightings of these felines was by the Url shortly before their religious awakening at the hands of Shkut Sokolov. Reports started to circulate of living snow cats before a pack of White Sibraxas was found and killed, showing that they were not supernatural creatures. Ever since then, the White Sibraxas has been a common sight within both Jorrhildr and Ellador. They are often hunted by tribes of Northerne Ailor and Url as a coming-of-age tradition where the young man or cub takes the cat’s severed head as a decoration. These trophies can most commonly be found in the homes of major chiefs and Nordskaggian Jarls or Warlords.

Physical Appearance

The White Sibraxas is a rather large animal with a high muscle mass. Fully grown females range between 4 to 5 feet tall, 6 to 7 feet long and can weigh up to 650 lbs, whereas males can range between 3 to 4 feet tall, 5 to 6 feet long and can only weigh up to 575 lbs, making the males significantly smaller than the females. They have very prominent canines, some so much that they are often called sabre-toothed by members of the School of Husbandry. They have short tails, measuring four or five inches. They also possess strong, thick claws, and have fur coats that very rarely stray from a snowy white colour. Occasionally, the “runt” of the litter will have a dirty cream colour instead. As a consequence of their thick and luscious furs, merchants and poachers have evaluated the White Sibraxas as something of high value, often hunting them for the sake of conversion into rugs, fur jackets, or house decor.


White Sibraxas are exclusively found on the Northerne land masses of Ellador and Jorrhildr. There is an even split of gender diversity amongst the species and packs are evenly spread across the landscape.

Life Span and Development

White Sibraxas pups are born in litters of up to 4 at a time and do not take long at all to age and grow. For the first 2 months of their life, the pups must stay with their mother in order to breastfeed and develop, after that the pups may choose to leave their mother in order to join another pack, though this rarely happens. After 2 years, the pups are then fully grown and are officially recognised as adults. At this point, they may choose to leave their pack and either make a new one or join a different one. The White Sibraxas very rarely live past the age of 45 years old.

Mental Overview

The White Sibraxas are the typical example of a wild, territorial species hostile to any who may pose a threat to their lives or the lives of their pack. They are surprisingly intelligent and tactical, using pack tactics, camouflage, and natural adaptations to their habitat to be very effective hunters. They are also unique in the fact that they can grasp the concept of family surprisingly well.

Territory and Groupings

These sabre-toothed felines are extremely territorial, swiftly taking care of any species that dare enter their territory, no matter its size or strength. They do, however, go out of their territory’s boundaries (ranging from 15-25 square miles) to hunt in packs. Unless forced to, conflict over territory is limited, with the White Sibraxas typically unwilling to violate another pack’s territory. In regards to household roles, it is the duty of the female to hunt while the male remains home, protecting their territory and offspring from any potential threats. Packs can range from as little as 10 cats up to 50.


  • There has been an enormous increase of the White Sibraxas population within Ellador as of late, it is unknown why.
  • There are many tales of singular men independently fighting off a whole pack of White Sibraxas; it is almost guaranteed that none of these are true.
  • The White Sibraxas naturally has a knack for climbing icy mountains with relative ease due to its sharp claws.

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