Whitebred Elladorian

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Whitebred Elladorian
Official Name Whitebred Elladorian
Common Nicknames Hero Stallion, Stable Boy Nightmare
Classification Mammal
Habitat The North Belt, Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

The Whitebred Elladorian is a pure white horse that hails from Ellador and is highly sought out by the wealthier men and women of the Regalian Empire. While there exists several minor theories as to possible other locations of origin, Ellador has remained its origin point in the scholarly community. The animal became well known during the Skagger Wars and remains a symbol of valor and power for the Regalian Empire itself. The horse is noted for its odd hooves and a thick coat of hair, both of which help it survive in the freezing wilderness of its natural home. It also possesses blue eyes like a variety of other Elladorian wildlife. Given recent turbulent events in the North, some fear that the animal will be rendered extinct in reprisal for the Regalian Empire, but their popularity and the sums nobles are willing to pay for them is sure to force many to reconsider their actions before a blow is struck to stain the white coat red.


Whitebred Elladorian horses are of vague origins, going back to sometime before the Cataclysm. It is believed they developed alongside the Velheim Ailor of Ellador and were bred from two existing horse breeds into the animal known today. Some disagree, but these fringe elements are often ignored. Dragon scholars claim the creatures were once the mounts of the Isldar before the rise of their Frost Wyvern mounts. As a result, the Isldar released the animal out into the snowy plains where the Ailor then found them. Another theory is that the animal belonged to the Elven Empire and were native to Daen before the Cataclysm scattered the population north, where the then Ailor found and domesticated them. Regardless of origin, the animal was soon moved out of Ellador following the Cataclysm and into small pockets of the broader North Belt region and to Drixagh in the Regalian Archipelago. The mount became renowned for its beauty, and throughout the Skagger Wars, was romanticized as a symbol of the Regalian dream of glorious Empire, forever held back by the Velheim savages. Once the Wars were won, the animal kept these connotations and has been highly sought out by military families ever since. Unfortunately, their mating cycle makes it difficult to breed them effectively and so horse dealers must wait for the animals to reproduce naturally with their own kind. Following the recent events in the North and Drixagh in particular, the animal is very rarely found on the market as merchants scramble to locate new ranches.

Physical Appearance

The Whitebred Elladorian has many common features like that of a horse, standing at six feet tall and somewhere around seven feet in length. They stand on four hooved feet with a large body and a jutting neck, sleek head, and long snout. However, this is where the unique traits of this horse breed begin. For starters, their eyes are shades of blue ranging from crystal clear to deep ocean blue. Their entire bodies are covered in a layer of white hair, which naturally grows long and shaggy. However, this hair is kept long only in the horse’s tail and mane, as civilization helps keep it warm instead of its natural coat. In the winter time, the lower leg hair is also kept uncut to help warm the creature. The animal’s hooves are also odd as they exist in a strange half horse-half cervid stage. The design is unique and mainly helps them during the wintertime or in the snowy fields they hail from.


Whitebred Elladorians lack the gender dimorphism of other horse breeds, which means the sexual organs are the only way to tell the genders apart. In addition, as all Whitebreds have white hair, the only differences between each animal exists in their blue eyes.

Life Span and Development

Whitebred Elladorian foals are born in single births by their mother after a gestation period of a year. The foals are born pink with little to no hair on their bodies, but within days are running around free and growing their white coat. On ranches or farms, their hair is allowed to be kept long for at least a year before their hair is trimmed to the proper standards or to the customer’s request, if their pockets are deep enough. Two years after birth, the horse has physically matured close to its adult size, as well as adult mind. During this phase, training is begun to help the horse learn additional skills and directions for riding in Combat Schools like the School of Drixon. Within four years, the horses are fully matured and exceptionally well trained. From here, males are free to breed with females, but such conflicts are often fierce. If one gender attempts to be united to a partner they dislike, they will fight it. It does not help that mating season for this animal is only every other spring and both genders are picky about their mate. The horse has a lifespan of 40 years but grows infertile at the age of 34.

Mental Overview

The Whitebred Elladorian is a regular horse with regular horse tendencies, however some have noticed “aristocratic” personality traits to them. The two sexes are not monogamous with each other, but unlike other horses where males have a large harem of mares, the Elladorian males only mate with two or three females. This smaller harem is most likely due to their pickiness, a trait shared by the females who often fight mates they do not like. What constitutes this dislike is unknown to trainers or breeders. Females outside of mating season are calm creatures who care for their spawn until the age of three, at which point they slowly start to separate themselves from their foal’s lives, if Ailor handlers haven’t already done so. Female on female interactions are courteous and calm. Male Elladorians among themselves, however, are less so. As it is rare for them to be gelded in domesticated environments due to their high demand, this gender is often more aggressive and “rough” to younger males than others. However, males do protect the herd as a united front when danger presents itself.

Territory and Groupings

Whitebred Elladorians exist in small wild populations as well as larger domesticated ones. They live in herds like other horses with a trio of dominant males leading their group across whatever landscape they might be in at the time. This trio is subsequently often the most popular with females during the mating season as they are often the strongest or fastest.


  • Whitebred Elladorians have recently been hard to acquire as the Burning of the North in Drixagh resulted in ranches either releasing the animal into the wild or killing them in anger for the symbol of the Regalian Empire they are interpreted as today.
  • Some have noted the animal’s shagginess in the wild is suspiciously similar to the Elasmo.
  • Whitebred Elladorians earned their nickname of “Stable Boy Nightmare’s,” because as they are used by the military, mud, blood, and all other manners of impurities dirty their pure white coats, which owners have their stable boys or pages clean out completely.

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