Wyrden Bloodline

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Wyrden Bloodline
Pronunciation Weir-den
Origins Anglia, Regalian Archipelago
Niche Healers and Nature-Inclined Protectors of the Vampiric Way of Life

The Wyrden Bloodline’s origins are nearly as old as Vampirism itself, even though it has only formally materialized in the past hundred years of recorded history. During the apex of Vampiric Civilization, before the onset of the Great Vampire Wars, the newly found Uhr-beasts, the predecessor to Cahal, were discovered and enslaved. These ‘beasts of burden’ proliferated, and spread across Vampiric Society as valuable work and war beasts to the Vampires. Among the Desprinces, however, there was a single vocal critic of the use of Uhr-beasts: Zalora, an alchemist and soothsayer. Zalora openly proclaimed that they received a vision of a massive mechanical tree, who showed them a future in which Vampires were eradicated by the Uhr-beasts. In this vision, the Uhr-beasts were empowered by Nature and the many forests and walds within Dorkarthian territory. Any validity Zalora’s vision had was vastly overshadowed by the value of the Uhr-beasts, and the ego of the Princedom at the time. Zalora was quickly and subtly labeled a paranoid saboteur for attempting to remove a valuable asset from the Sanguine. Seeing their support rapidly shrivel to only a small number of dedicated believers, and the initial brewings of the Great Vampire Wars, Zalora fled alone from Dorkarth, into the area now known as the Regalian Archipelago, leaving their followers to be slaughtered in their absence, go into hiding on their own, or renounce their beliefs. Zalora entered self-imposed exile in what is now called the Morass Willow Wald in West Anglia, desperately seeking dominion over what they considered would be the power that allowed the Uhr-beasts to triumph over the Sanguine: Nature. Zalora would not be discovered again until nearly a century after their disappearance, found by a dedicated group of Vampires who kept true to their teachings, slaughtering any Cahal they came across in search of their prophet. When Zalora was finally found, it was deep within the Wald, their body entwined with a massive conglomeration of Void-Corrupted roots and bark, with the surrounding area of the Wald being similarly Void-twisted. The first Wyrden Vampires came from this founding group, who drank the blood-like sap of Zalora’s ascendant form. While some Wyrden spread out into the world at large on Zalora’s command, the rest stayed, and became known as the Unseemly Court: the warped, corrupted guardians of the Wald that both keep it free of Cahal, and protect Zalora from intruders and assailants. The Wyrden Bloodline spread rapidly from this point, inserting themselves into covens of any obvious Vampiric Bloodline as advisors and invaluable healers. Though most Wyrden still hold true to the teachings of Zalora, many focus on the protection of Vampires rather than the outright eradication of Cahal. Some Wyrden never even come in contact with Cahal, intentionally or unintentionally, while others lead nomadic covens with the sole purpose of killing or enslaving them. Regardless of their methods, wherever Vampires are found, Wyrden are found, with the shared goal of the protection and continuation of the Vampiric way of life.

Wyrden Mentality

All Vampire Mentalities are presented as general guidelines. This means Characters should follow them to about 80% and apply some leeway where applicable to help their roleplay along. This Mentality should never be an obstacle to roleplay, so if you have questions, please send in a ticket to Lore Staff. As for the list below, it mostly operates from the assumption that the reader is not yet in a Coven, or is playing a solo-Vampire. Even though the description mentions "Enemy Bloodlines" or bloodline conflicts, these conflicts only arise insofar Vampires are not working together, or in the same social setting. For example, a Sanguine-Attuned Cratos and Wyrden would hate each other due to opposing themes of ideology, but this would not result in them constantly attacking each other inside the same Coven. They would rather be snarky/snippy with each other before a Dorkarth interceded and gets them to calm down. Their hatred towards one another would only express itself outside of Covens or situations where they don't need each other.

  • General Demeanor: Prefer playing a supporting anti-combat role, and are extremely pragmatic that favor the survival of Vampirism above everything else.
  • Regarding Loved ones: Love is possible, but in a more possessive form than normal. They should aim to infect their loved ones, but will avoid it if it causes too many problems for them or Vampirism as a whole.
  • Regarding State Loyalty: Can pretend to be state loyal, and in other cases even be genuinely state loyal if they think they can get the government to accept Vampires as a legal underbelly of society.
  • Regarding the Regalian Empire: Can be either pro or anti Empire, seeing the Empire as an obstacle, or a vehicle to expand their own influence. The Empire’s reach would mean that Vampire legalization would be good for Vampires, but it can also hunt them efficiently and destroy them with its armies.
  • Regarding Friendship: Wyrden can entertain friendship as if they were not Vampires due to their capacity to come across as immensely kind.
  • Regarding Religion: Wyrden like most Vampires are anti-religious, but unlike other Vampires can acknowledge other gods in a pseudo-religion that mixes their own beliefs together with the Dark Ancients of the Void, by subjecting their old Gods to the Ancients.
  • Regarding other Vampires: They have very few loyalties to other Vampires besides to other Wyrden among whom respect for sageness and venerability is important. Wyrden will betray other Vampires if these Vampires draw too much attention to themselves.
  • Regarding other non-Vampires: They are ambivalent about other non-Vampires, either seeing them as cattle, as future Vampires, or being apathetic to their existence unless they are Vampire hunters, in which case they must be eliminated.
  • Regarding Cahal: Wyrden absolutely despise Cahal because they have prophesied that the Cahal will be the end of Vampirism.
  • Regarding Curing: Is generally anti-curing, but will not act as an obstacle to others being cured if it helps Vampirism survive, or even their own curing if it helps them survive.
  • Primary Objective: The survival of Vampirism, and only the Survival of Vampirism matters. Desprinces and mortals are temporary, the infection is forever.
  • Enemy Bloodlines: None outright, though they conflict with Sanguine-Attuned Cratos as they favor nature over machines.

Vampire Base Kit

Vampire Base Kit are the Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to at all times. Vampire Base Kit Abilities are always roughly the same between different Bloodlines, with only incremental changes (such as Blood Eyes I or Blood Eyes II). Vampire Base Kit Abilities are inspired by the theme of the Vampire Bloodline, but detached from utility versus combat balancing. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Wyrden Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Servile Collar 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 1

Servile Collar 2 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 2

Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Blood Feeding 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Blood Feeding 1

Blood Feeding 2 Control Power Self Grants the user Blood Feeding 2

Blood Eyes 3 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Eyes 3

Blood Curse 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Curse 1

Vampiric Form 1 Full Shift Self Grants the user Vampiric Form 1

Cursed Soul 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Cursed Soul 1

Vampire Form Rules

Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, strongly recommended for immersion. Vampire Forms are usually more fantasy-like than normal appearance, so players are encouraged to be wild with their designs.

  • The Wyrden Vampire Form must have the majority of their body colored dark green, dark brown, very dark purple, or a combination of them.
  • The Wyrden Vampire Form must additionally have at least 1/3rd of their body covered in any combination of the following: Void-Corrupted Nettles, Vines, Withered Bark, Black Moss, or Void/Corrupted Fungal Plant Matter.
  • All Vampiric Form additional body parts must be aesthetic and non-functional unless defined otherwise by Abilities.
  • Vampire Forms may not closely resemble other Transformations or Afflictions, and must be unique from other Bloodline aesthetics.
  • While in Vampire Form, the character does not have to be recognizable, but can be if the player wants.
  • Designs of Vampire Forms are permanent and remain consistent between Bloodlines with only color or minor changes depending on rules.

Bloodline Ability Kit

Bloodline Ability Kit is the list of Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to only while in Vampiric Form, unless they have Vampiric Form II, in which case they can always use them. Not all Bloodline Ability Kits have the same number of Abilities, as not all Abilities are born equal. Each Kit is roughly balanced between combat or utility functions, depending on the theme of the Vampire. Vampires in particular are support / defensive combat, and as such have more supportive Abilities than other Bloodlines. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Wyrden Bloodline Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Monster Mend 1 Immobile Channel Direct Touch Grants the user Monster Mend 1

Monster Mend 2 Immobile Channel Direct Touch Grants the user Monster Mend 2

Monster Mend 3 Immobile Channel 1 Block Range Grants the user Monster Mend 3

Body Tether 1 Immobile Channel Emote Distance Grants the user Body Tether 1

Summon Wall 1 Linked Channel 5 Block Range Grants the user Summon Wall 1, Wall must be made of Void-Corrupted Plants, Vines, Fungus, or Fungal Bark.

Body Mend 1 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Body Mend 1, parts must be Void-Corrupted Plants, Vines, or Fungal Bark.

Vampiric Familiar 1 Toggle Passive Emote Distance Grants the user Vampiric Familiar 1

Wall Climb 4 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Wall Climb 4

Super Self 3 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 3

Exorcism 3 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Exorcism 3

Spirit Curse 1 Target Curse Emote Distance Grants the user Spirit Curse 1

Dueling Brand 1 Object Enchant Self Grants the user Dueling Brand 1

Home Enchant 6 Region Enchant Player Region Grants the user Home Enchant VI

Parasitic Control 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Parasitic Control 1


  • Of the few attempts to locate Zalora that have survived the Unseemly Court to tell the tale, even what little information they have has proved contradictory. Each expeditionary force that returns has proclaimed to have spotted Zalora’s tree-form in a completely different part of the Wald.
  • Wyrden have a particular rivalry with Anglian Witches, who attempt to expel any Wyrden and their corruption from the communities they protect.
  • One of the earliest appearances of the Wyrden Bloodline was in a town, now overtaken by the Wald, called Hemwick. There, a charlatan pretending to be an Anglian Witch willingly took the curse and helped to spread it amongst the town.
  • Wyrden Vampire's favored form of infection is to guide a non-afflicted through the self infection ritual. They take great pride in being able to predict the Bloodline their pupil ends up with.

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