Yazzak Disease

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Yazzak Disease
Affected Races Humans, Nelfin, Asha
Contraction Contact with infected birds
Mortality Rate 6% Non-Human, 10% Human
Origins Guldar
  • Severe coughing
  • Body and joint aches
  • Watering eyes
  • Scab-based severe rash
Treatment None

Yazzak Disease is a disease that only recently emerged in Aloria, and is largely confined to Daen. Carried by birds, it has the capacity to infect several populous Races, though Humans are the most vulnerable. Its original symptoms consist of various minor physical irritants, but can quickly progress into organ failure and ultimately death, most commonly in Humans. Currently, there is no proper cure for this disease, though green tea can greatly alleviate its effects and some believe it to even help slow or delay the sickness, to the point of helping those afflicted with it to survive.


Yazzak Disease wasn’t known to Aloria for centuries, but with the arrival of the Eronidas and a number of animals that they brought with them, the Disease followed. Taking its name from traditional Vasar, it was carried by several bird species that migrated with the Eronidas in their departure from their homeland. The Eronidas themselves only speak of the disease as affecting these animals and not themselves, though many suspect exposure to the Disease in their ancient homeland for centuries, if not millennia, likely made them immune in their current form. Reports of Yazzak Disease spread through agricultural communities across Daen, with the Cielothar, in particular, naming it a vile plague. Their Race is thought by many to have been the first to be infected by the Disease in the form it takes today, easily transmitted between bird and humanoid through touch and locality, but from them, it rapidly spread outward. First the Avanthar, then the Altalar, and finally the Ailor came into contact with the illness. Treatment eluded those afflicted, and while it was not lethal, it still wracked the bodies of many. Eventually, treatment did come, though from an even more exotic locale than Guldar: the Far East. Altalar and their Half-Sihai children kicked out of Dexai by the Sihai people after the Cataclysm carried with them many exotic goods in their exodus, some of which were various varieties of tea. Upon arriving back in Daen (though some broke off and stayed in areas like Farah’deen and the Regalian Archipelago), green tea proved surprisingly effective at helping soothe the effects of the Disease. No major outbreak of the disease have occurred in decades largely thanks to this development, but also due to the spread of knowledge of the Disease. However, given the recent chaos in lands like Daendroc, outbreaks of Yazzak Disease seem inevitable as war is so often a catalyst for the spread of negative ailments in the world.

Disease Cycle


Yazzak Disease is contracted through the fraternization of the infected with those who are not. In this specific instance, it is caused by infected birds being handled by or interacting with the environment around the infectee. Additionally, once picked up by a humanoid individual, the disease can spread, though it is far less likely to come from that avenue than from contact with a diseased bird.


There is only one “treatment” for Yazzak Disease, though it is far from a cure. Green tea, once limited to just the Far East but now far more easy to come by, serves as an effective combatant against the effects of the Disease. While its proper effects are still unknown, it generally appears to slow the sickness and is often said to be key to preventing infection in those treating the victim. However, it does not fully cure an individual, instead helping them to ride out the internal symptoms far better than with other forms of treatment. Unfortunately, those who develop stomach issues will find it ineffective.


  • Yazzak Disease is far more lethal to birds than the sentient Races it also infects.
  • A major carrier of the Disease in its opening years were Ollivear, the largest of the birds taken by the Eronidas from Guldar.

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