Yellow Water Dragon

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Yellow Water Dragon
Official Name Yellow Water Dragon
Common Nicknames Chrysant Drakes, Hadar Drake
Classification Dragon.
Habitat Hadar, Sendras, Hyarroc (to an extent).
Domesticated No.
Current Status Extinct.

The Yellow Water Dragons were the smallest Dragons ever witnessed in the world of Aloria. These elegant small Dragons often lived near the water, more notably around coastlines of Hadar and Sendras. The Yellow Water Dragons were strongly adored by the Slizzar and, to a lesser degree, the Allar. Much like the other Dragon species, the Yellow Water Dragons went extinct some time around 50 BC by some disease that struck them over the course of a decade. The Allar attempted to save the Yellow Water Dragons, though to little effect unfortunately.


Yellow Water Dragons are strongly referenced in Elven history, as well as northern Allar folklore. There is some evidence to suggest they had lived as far back as the early days of the Elven Empire formation, though no actual evidence could be found of them having existed as far back as the Seraph Civilization due to lack of artistic representation in ruins. Yellow Water Dragons were often depicted in Elven displays related to fountains, gardens and ponds, specifically those with flowers. They are also seen unofficially as the tenders of the Chrysant Flowers that natively grew in Hadar, though the demise of the Yellow Water Dragons greatly diminished their numbers which led to their eventual destruction during the Regalian Invasion.

The Yellow Water Dragons had a very low historical impact on the people living in Hadar, Sendras, and, to a lesser extent, Hyarroc. These Dragons, unlike many of the other Dragon Species, were entirely benign to the point of almost ignoring the other intelligent species. They spent all their days playing between the flowers or playing hide and seek with Allar. The Yellow Water Dragons were as such seen as very social animals and loved by a great deal of races.

The origin of the disease that struck them is entirely unknown, though many have speculated it was an aftershock of the destruction of the veil, or some other void corruption source that poisoned their habitats. The Dragons were all infected at roughly the same time, one could see their mood dull and their scales turn gray. By the time the Dragon’s death would come, it would simply stop breathing and die after a few minutes. Many tears were shed among the Slizzar and Allar over the deaths of the Yellow Water Dragons, and the Allar spent for years, in vain, to cure whatever was affecting their beloved Dragons. The Yellow Dragons were eventually forgotten by the other traumas and hardships that affected both the Slizzar and the Allar, so many of their people will not even remember the Yellow Water Dragons anymore.

Physical Appearance

Yellow Water Dragons were the smallest and frailest looking Dragons of all Dragon species. Their size was often no larger than that of a domesticated dog, and their necks were so thin they were often smaller than a grown man’s wrist. These dragons had swirling patterns of yellow and white scales all over their bodies, but lacked wings. They had four slender arms and legs and a long tail that was twice their length long. They lacked horns, but had a mohawk sort of hair growth spanning the length of their back, and various long tendril like whiskers on their snout, which was distinctly lizard like. Their eyes were a bright gold while they were able to create sounds which imitated laughing children, especially when they were playing.

Like many of the other Dragon species, the Yellow Water Dragon had the curious ability to assume a more Humanoid form which closely resembled a very thin and frail Allar, but without horns and with very long tendril like whiskers. Unlike, for example, the Feathered Dragon , the Yellow Water Dragons never had the ability to communicate with the Allar or Slizzar, and continued to giggle and laugh like a child, often full of mischief and playing hide and seek with Allar children. The only really curious ability that they had was control over some form of static lightning magic. They often used it to kill fish in the water and hunt for sport while they themselves seemed immune to electrocution.


The Yellow Water Dragons were many in number and were also known to reproduce, but it was never really clear where their dead went. It is often assumed that by the time a Yellow Water Dragon’s life was nearing its end, it would descend the darkest and coldest deep oceans, and simply die there. The Yellow Water Dragons lay eggs and had a distinction between male and female, of which the females often had shorter whisker tendrils. While shifted into humanoid form, their bodies often resembled that of their gender counterpart but in Allar physiology.

Life Span and Development

Only very few Yellow Water Dragons have ever been truly studied as many of them were hard to keep track of. It was generally assumed that Yellow Water Dragons could live up to 200 years roughly, as one particular Yellow Water Dragon that lost an arm early on in life was accurately tracked by a Slizzar family over two centuries. Their development was even harder to track, so generally speaking anyone studying them simply assumed that they never developed beyond the infantile behavior they acquired at birth.

Mental Overview

Yellow Water Dragons were mischievous, gentle, and caring. Unlike the Feathered Dragons, they showed no contempt for the Slizzar and Allar, and unlike the Great Fire Dragons, they never hurt anyone or inflicted loss on the local communities near which they lived. Yellow Water Dragons were social happy little creatures that only ever really hurt the fish that they ate. They had a darker side sometimes as well however, in that they would often hunt fish for sport, not for actual need to feed. This was later used by the Allar to engage in easier fishing by just picking up the dead fish left behind by the Yellow Water Dragons.

Territory and Groupings

The Yellow Water Dragons often lived in colonies near populated areas of either Slizzar, Allar, or sometimes Elven communities. Their habitats were frequently filled with flowers, Chrysant Flowers to be precise, and smelled wonderful. The Yellow Water Dragon lived semi-aquatic; it was often even witnessed that they slept underwater and only occasionally actually went on land in more humanoid form. There was a rough estimate once to imply that nearly 500 Yellow Water Dragons lived spread over various colonies.


  • It has long been assumed that the disease that struck the Yellow Water Dragons was of magical nature. Colonies of Water Dragons that were hundreds of miles apart from each other were infected at roughly the same time despite having no contact whatsoever.
  • The Yellow Water Dragon is often strongly associated with the Yellow Sky Dragon of Sendras. Ironically enough, the Yellow Sky Dragon sometimes hunted the Yellow Water Dragon which gave a rare insight in the Dragon Hierarchy.
  • Yellow Water Dragons bones are the most common of the Dragon bones on the market due to the diseased dead not swimming to the bottom of the ocean. That being said, these bones are often considered of low value as they do not have the same magical potency as Ice Drake’s bones or Great Wing Dragon bones.

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