Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc

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Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc
Notable Person
Full Name Yvrize Clair-vois-blac (Chattelois posthumous)
Race Ithanian Ailor
Date of Birth July 14th, 112 AC
Date of Death October 10th, 200 AC
Claim to Fame Primae of the Viridian Order, Hero of Knights

For nearly two centuries since the first military order, the Viridian Order, was established, Regalian knights were considered to be elite warriors, and nothing more. As time passed, the concept of honorable knighthood became a footnote to many in the orders, with the original goals of Julian de Montverrat long forgotten. It would be Hero Yvrize that would restore the Viridians and other orders to purpose, writing various treatises on the concepts of what it meant to be a true knight. While the Hero has since passed on, the codes he helped to implement are still practiced to this day, setting a lasting legacy to any who would call themselves a knight of the Regalian Empire.

Origins and Early Life

Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc was born in the Lordship of Vixhall, located in the Regalian Archipelago. Born into an aristocratic family of winemakers, the young boy grew up in the Ithanian Culture, learning the haute culture and the several Princois. However, influences of Regalian patriarchal values also instilled a sense of martial duty into the boy, so it was only expected that he would look to become a knight. When he came of age, Vvrize desired to become a knight for the Emperor. Unfortunately, the concept of knighthood has seen better days, as in the boy’s younger years the Viridian Order attempted a coup against Emperor Henri III. While foiled, the Emperor stripped the Viridians of many of their previous rights, leaving them as an empty husk with only their original castle to utilize. This did not deter Yvrize or other Vixhallen boys with similar desires, seeing it as their duty to rebuild the Viridians into a proper knightly order, loyal to the Emperors who held influence within the Lordship. Without delay, Yvrize passed his entrance exams and entered the Viridian Castle, where he would begin down the path that would change the Empire for good.


As a page and later a squire, Yvrize saw first hand the brain-drain that had now taken hold of the Viridians. The current Primae was the only Elder that remained loyal during the coup and had the difficult task of choosing new Elders from the remaining knights who were not expelled for their treason. While those that were promoted showed competence, it was clear that they were not eager to be in their positions, and would be relatively pessimistic to their students. While many trainees eventually flunked out or left the castle, Yvrize remained and learned what he could from the Elders who had some hope in the order’s future, even if it was minor. In time Yvrize would graduate as a Paladin, and join his brothers-in-arms as a full member of the Viridian Order. While normally the graduated Paladins would venture out into the world, Paladin Clair-vois-blanc remained behind, working alongside the Elders to train the next batch of Squires. Over the years he would instruct many in the ways of the shield and sword, earning himself the nickname of the “One Stab Knight” due to his uncanny ability to deflect attack after attack, before finally striking at just the right moment with incredible precision. His fame in the order gained him many fans amongst the younger knights, but also the respect of the Elders and Primae. It would be this skill that led him to be invited into the Elder Council, which he accepted humbly. As an Elder, he would continue to train new Viridians, one, in particular, being the Crown Prince, Handorien Ivrae de Sange.

Later Life

Elder Yvrize would continue his duties to the Viridians well into his later years, eventually elected to the position of Primae by the Council. Now in a position of absolute authority, he began his life’s goal of ending the pessimisms of the Viridians for good. Invited by now Emperor Handorien, the Primae would spend the latter part of his years with his former student discussing the philosophies of knighthood, and what it truly meant to be a knight. Eventually, the two collectively produced several treatises on chivalric virtues, which would become the Knightly Codes of Honor. The first code, being the Charlemois Code, was immediately implemented into the Viridian Order, which gave the knights a new objective. They would remain elite warriors, but now they would use their martial prowess to defend the Emperor and his people. Virtues such as charity and honor became synonymous with the Viridians and the other orders, and before long the average Regalian became enamored with knighthood. With his mission accomplished, Primae Yvrize began to oversee the changing of the Viridian’s education, before passing away a few years after the implementation of the Charlemis Code.


Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc was known to be a soft-spoken individual of few words, who would surprise many with his spirited views when given an opportunity to speak up about them. He preferred to be alone after he finished his duties, but would always welcome someone who desired to speak with him. While he was a Unionist, he was not very outspoken in manners of the faith, taking a relatively New Regalian approach of duty to the Spirit over public proclamation. Concerning his time as a knight, the Primae seemed to practice what he preached, and followed the tenants he wrote out for the few short years he had left, setting an example for future knights.


It was his dedication to giving purpose to knights in the Empire that led Handorien I to push for Yvrize’s canonization after his death. With little debate from the Primae-Celate and other Unionist leaders, he was canonized as Hero Yvrize Chattelois of Knights, acting as a perpetual example to both knights and civilians on the virtues of knighthood, and to seek a higher purpose in life. To the Viridians specifically, the combat technique of Yvrize was made into a standard fighting style which the Viridians utilize today. While not as defensive as the Hero’s, the idea that the shield would deflect and the armor protect became ingrained into the Viridian mindset, with few Paladins ever reaching the same defensive prowess as the Primae.

Extended Family

Yvrize Clair-vois-blanc never married and never had any children. His surviving family became ennobled by Emperor Handorien shortly after the Primae’s death, where they serve as a minor vassal to House Ivrae de Sange, still managing the same vineyards that they did before. A few nephews became Viridians in their own right, with one or two becoming Elders at some point afterward, but never gaining the Primae’s seat.


  • Of all the military orders in the Empire, the Bloodcast Knights were the only school that outright refused to adopt the Honor Codes made by Yvrize, stating them to be a construct of a sham order. While normally this would have led to the order’s expulsion for heresy (given Emperor Handorien was also a Viridian), the Bloodcasts cited their current charity work as proof that the codes were more like guidelines, and that true honor didn’t need to be written down.
  • The name Chattelois given to Hero Yvrize after his death seems to derive from the word “chattel,” which horses and a knight’s property are defined as. Most people simply consider the name as an honorific, with no hidden meaning attached to it.

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