A Swan's Lament

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A Swan's Lament
Author Blaise de Sainte-Pierre
Genre Poetry
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge

“A Swan’s Lament” was written by a local historian in the town of Sainte-Pierre by the name of Blaise de Sainte-Pierre. Blaise de Sainte-Pierre was renowned in his town for the incredible amount of detail he put into his poems regarding events throughout Ithania’s history. He found himself living comfortably in a countryside manor, but things turned for the worse as a loved one of his died during Nuit des quatre-vingt-neuf moissonneurs. De Sainte-Pierre wrote this lament a year after the event and was eventually executed for Jacobinism by a Viridian Knight with most copies of the poem being burned as supposed Jacobinist propaganda.

A Swan’s Lament

On the grass of Ithania,
Born an ideal,
Hope and freedom of,
All peoples and pal.
Land of hope and love,
Perhaps with no swords,
The Lancy walks above,
Embrace the cheer of word!
But instead came harm,
The wretched evil crown,
Taking our favorite swan,
Down I say with proud!
They came on strong ships,
With no talks of peace,
They chained with iron grip,
Our children for feast.
The knights called brothers,
Traitors for sly stork,
Razed like no other,
Our heads like flesh pork.
Now am alone here,
The pain on my chest,
My eyes full of tear,
Mind in constant contest.
I address clarity,
For here and everywhere,
The Stork’s tyranny,
There is no one spared.
Come sit on the grass,
We hope for tomorrow morn,
No joy will ever last,
But least we have dawn.


  • The swan in the poem has some uncertainty in its meaning. Some believe de Sainte-Pierre is talking about Jacobinism while others believe it is talking about his wife, Claire. The latter’s interpretation is furthered by the use of “clarity” further down the poem.

Writers Nitesho
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