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26 June 2022

  • curprev 17:1717:17, 26 June 2022MonMarty talk contribs 20,002 bytes +20,002 Created page with "{{Info knights |image = Knightsy.png |pronunciation = Ail-ree-gan |origins = Kintyr |grandmaster = Ffiontirre of Wythwaite |symbols = Unionist eye, flaming sword, feathered wings |colors = white, dark gray, sky blue |racelimits = Ailor and Nelfin (except Kathar) only |magicusage = Permitted |stances = * Hunt Renegade Mages * Capture Artifacts * Cleanse Corruption * Teach Magic * Protect the Occult |}} File:Beeboop.png|260px|thumb|right|Unionist Goddess Elen is very im..."