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Alaen, Key of the Lunar Eclipse
Name Alaen, Key of the Lunar Eclipse
Origin Estellon
Tier Rare Tier II

Alaen, Key of the Lunar Eclipse is the sister weapon of Ulvaen, Key of the Solar Eclipse, which remains in the hands of the god Elleyon to this day. The folk tales of the early Allorn Empire recount that Alaen and Ulvaen were forged by Cemaan and given to Elleyon to govern the beginning and end, to swing open the doors of fate which call the Nelfin to fall and compel them to rise again—that they are both potent Artifacts, of use in combat, but also potent metaphors which will have some role to play in the destiny of the Nelfin people. Alaen has had many wielders over the centuries, traditionally remaining in the hands of Elleyon’s temple guard. It is an icon of great religious importance, which demands respect from even the most faltering Estellon worshipers.


Alaen is known to have been created by the goddess Cemaan in the Estellon Pantheon, with the oversight of Elleyon and the craftsmanship of Savellon improving its make. This origin is well-documented by various perspectives in early Allorn history, and its descendance from the priesthood after that point can be tracked through the ten thousand years of Nelfin statehood due to the relative prominence and repeating station of its wielders. It disappeared from the historical record after the Night of the Weeping Stars and the Allorn Empire’s destruction, but an Aelrrigan Mage-Knight retrieved it during the Regalian-Altalar War in 305 AC from a starving Teledden preacher lost in the ruins of eastern Daen. It has since been broken out of one the Aelrrigan Mage-Vaults.


Alaen is halberd-sized: a Nightsilver polearm which was built tall enough for Elleyon to use it as a walking stick, though not a staff like Ulvaen. While it can be folded into four sections to be easily stowed at the waist, at its full length it is some three meters long. It does not have a conventional blade, but rather swirling Nightsilver wire-work which looks something like the jagged edge of a key. Although it looks thin enough to bend with one’s hands, it has a keen and unbreakable edge, as strong as any blade. When Alaen’s primary Ability (His Forethought) is activated, luminescent gilding appears up and down the length of its haft, fractal patterns which glow under moonlight.

Artifact Abilities and Specials


Alaen is a Tier II Artifact, meaning it is one of the stronger Artifacts in the world.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
His Forethought Trigger Passive N/A Grants the user His Forethought

His Guardship Constant Passive Self

Grants the user His Guardship



  • Artifact Mindwall: The Artifact protects the wielder's mind from foreign influences. While carrying or wielding the Artifact, the user is immune to Control Powers or any other Ability or Mechanic that affects the mind of the user, changed it, or subjects them to any form of foreign control or puppeteering.
  • Artifact Durability: Artifacts are immune to Physical or Magical damage, meaning the item can never be destroyed, degraded, aged, de-aged, corroded, corrupted, or damaged and blunted. Greater entities such as deities however can damage Artifacts. Additionally, the user is also immune to any Abilities or Mechanics that would disarm them.
  • Artifact Housebound: Artifacts have special rules applied to them when a Noble Family has possession of the Artifact. Their Noble Estate becomes a valid Raid-target pursuant the same rules applying to the Fae Sepulchre, and a Raid can be initiated against their estate with the intention of stealing the Artifact. Servants owning Artifacts counts as family ownership.
  • Alaen's Reputation: Alaen is one of the most venerated Weapons among Estellon worshipers. Anyone who is the wielder of Alaen unlocks more favorable responses and potential responses that would not normally be available from the Blue Moon Society and Estellon people across the World, especially the Keywatcher Cult of Elleyon, who look on the wielder as an honorary member.
  • Alaen’s Trueheart: Alaen empowers the wielder, but only true Estellon worshipers. While the Weapon and its normal Abilities can still be used by non-believers, only those who worship Estellon will receive +2 Constitution that can break the 7 Proficiency Point Limit, but does not grant additional Point Buy.
  • Alaen's Moonfire: Alaen grants its wielder the ability to cure Vampires and Cahal from the Affliction Wisdom Pack, although they receive none of the Pack’s other benefits. When used in such a ceremony, its length lights up with silver fire, and the curer and one being cured may collaborate to design an experience where both parties are assaulted with intense visions of the god Elleyon’s titanic hand reaching out towards them, as they are both suspended in a void.

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