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Official Name Amberite
Common Nicknames Shiny Gem
Origin Farah’deen
Uses Decoration
Rarity Very Rare
Accessibility High Nobility

The rarest gem to be found in the harsh lands of Farah’deen; Amberite is a beautiful, decorative gem that is notoriously hard to cut and mold. While the Songaskia are the only ones known to mine the gem, the Qadir are largely responsible for transforming it from its rough state when mined to the shining decorative gem that is commonly found in the houses of the upper crusts of Ashanti nobility. Some say that the gem is so valued in Songaskian society that wars have been fought over the material.


The earliest records of Amberite come from the completion of the first Massya’s castle after the Great Storm, and the subsequent conquering of formerly Qadir-held lands. It is unknown where this first gem came from. Though, it said that a Songaskia nobleman tripped over a rock, revealing the gem under it. Shortly following its discovery, word spread across the deserts of its beuty, and the scramble for other wealthy Songaskia to obtain the gemstone was almost considered a crisis in the fledgling Masaya. As the wealthy opened mines in hopes of finding the rare gem, other, more important parts of the mineral economy struggled to compensate.

After the initial boom in mining settled down, and what was thought to be the last of the material gathered, it was used by the Songaskia as a symbol of wealth and power. Legends tell that one whom obtains the gemstone is chosen by Sham itself. Now, the gem is cut by Qadir and owned mostly by wealthy Songaskia in the upper crust of the Ashanti and Hassal. Within other parts of the world, it is not common to find the gem, as the Songaskian nobility are very protective and controlling of the gem’s supply.



Amberite is a brittle, dainty gem that is semi-translucent and bright yellow in coloration. Some people believe it to glow yellow in the dark, though this is solely as a result of light reflecting through its shimmery surface. Light that passes through the gemstone is intensified tenfold, and rumors state that the Massya once used an Amberite shard to blind traitors.

General Uses

Despite being a rather rare and precious gemstone among the Songaskia, it is rarely used in jewelry due to how difficult it is to cut into smaller sizes. Most of the Songaskia that buy the raw version of Amberite fail in their pursuit of getting it cut, because the Qadir either steal the Amberite for themselves, or cause the gem to shatter when they cut it, making it worthless. The most common use of the material is in furniture such as mantles and fireplaces, where it is displayed as the centerpiece of the room.


The gem has the ability to make light that passes through it intensify tenfold. This has caused some incidents in which people have been blinded by looking directly at the gem when light passes through it. Though, when one side is covered or obstructed, this effect is cancelled.


  • Some individuals believe that the gemstone was created as a gift from the Seraph, who left it for the Songaskia to eventually find once the Qadir were all but eradicated from Farah’deen.
  • An entire room of Amberite was once crafted at the request of a particularly wealthy Songaskian noble. and might still be there to this day had the precious space not gotten lost during transit to the noble’s new home a decade later.

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