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Anglian Wheat
Official Name Anglian Wheat
Common Name Regal Wheat, Imperial Wheat, Golden Wheat
Classification Grain
Common Use Food
Origins Anglia
Habitat Plains, Farms

Anglian Wheat is the staple crop of the Anglian people of the Regalian Archipelago, and one of the most commonly exported wheats worldwide. Generations ago, they tamed and grew this wild grain until it now stands as one of the most prominent symbols of the Regalian Empire. Sporting a rich, golden color that has been transplanted across the world, the wheat now stands as one of the staple crops of the untold thousands of hard-working farmers across the Empire.


Anglian Wheat was once an ancient wild grain found in the Anglian region of the Regalian Archipelago. When the Ailor first arrived, Anglian Wheat grew wild across the plains of Anglia, untamed and yet immediately suitable for milling by the Anglian people. In thanks to the crop’s relatively fast growth rate and texture highly suited for milling, it was soon bred and cultivated into a domestic grain. Over the coming centuries, as the Regalian Kingdom became an Empire and expanded itself across Aloria, Anglian Wheat went with it. The success of its relocation is attributed to the wheat’s close association with the various influential noble families in Anglia, whose ties to the Imperial Court allowed for them to push their region’s grain out onto the newly conquered people. The grain was already seen as a symbol of the Empire at this point, and the highly symbolic replacement of other local grain crops with the golden wheat was at the forefront to this thinking. Today Anglian Wheat can be found as both a domesticated and wild crop in Anglia, Ithania and New Ceardia, as well as the Regalian Archipelago at large.


Anglian Wheat is a prominent crop that stands tall and powerful when compared to other wheat. It rises from between four and a half to five feet in height, with the wild variety often growing closer to the top of the scale. The plant has a sturdy stalk to support itself, with several small flag leaves found closer to the head of the plant; often slightly rounded in the domestic varieties. The head itself is typically dense with kernels that number between thirty to forty, and possess a long yet soft beard. The entirety of the grain can be noted as a dark yellow color which is where it’s nickname of “Golden Wheat” comes from.

Uses and Abilities

Anglian Wheat primarily serves as a popular and staple food source, and is frequently ground into flour to be used in the creation of hundreds of recipes. Many of these are baked goods and are actuated by the mildly sweet taste Anglian Wheat possesses, and as a result the flour can be found in cakes and cookies that span the entirety of Aloria.


  • Anglian Wheat has recently experienced a great instability in consumption, harvest and tending due to the crises of the last few years. As such, wild Anglian Wheat is far easier to find than in the past century.
  • There exists a curious connection between the Feathered Dragon and Anglian Wheat. Once a weak grain and easily destroyed by drought, the ability to control storms that the Feathered Dragons possessed proved to be the saving grace of the dying staple crop.

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