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Either by divine intervention or by artificial construction, the world of Aloria has numerous Artifacts produced throughout the ages, powerful objects with often magical powers. In the hands of their wielders, Artifacts have been used to do great good and great evil, and sometimes yet these objects themselves drove them to these moral extremes. Artifacts are extremely rare, and more often than not does only one of each exist in the world. They are difficult to find, though when found, draw considerable attention to their owner both from the public eye, as well as more sinister forces.

Artifact Rules

Artifacts have special rules, usually listed on their specific page. All artifacts, however, have the following rules.

  • Any character can recognize an Artifact for what it is, but not what specific powers it has.
  • Any character can be aware of who has what Artifact, rationalized as rumors spread IC that such a powerful object is present in the City. The list of current artifacts is present on the Special Permission Repo.
  • In order to "Steal" an Artifact, the owner of the Artifact must be completely knocked out and defeated (usually in combat) in order for the Artifact to be taken.
  • In order for an artifact to be sealed in the Sepulchre, it must be owned by the Knights for a week before it can be sealed.