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The Artificer Point buy is part of the bigger Proficiency System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Artificer Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Engineering and Alchemy Inventions. Each Pack has one Ability or Mechanic that players can use in Roleplay. With each Pack bought in this Point Buy Category, the player may also choose two Specials from the list at the bottom to add to their Character Sheet. Artificer Point Buy differs from Technician Point Buy in that it is very light on rules, and can be combined with Afflictions, Magic, and Combat Skills.

Artificer Branches

Before Point Buying any Packs, it is important to settle on an Artificer Branch. Each Character may only have a single Artificer Branch (and a single Technician Branch if they have Technician Point Buy). If a Character has both Artificing and Technician Point Buy, they can apply the Branches to the other's Packs, and vice versa. The Artificer Branch roughly provides context to the aesthetics of Abilities (and Specials) used by an Artificer. Some Races or Afflictions may have different rules regarding Branches. The Branches listed below are available, providing a name and description to style after.

Artificer Packs

Medical Pack

The Medical Pack provides a good mundane Healing Ability that can use either Engineering or Alchemy to provide its effects.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Healing Hands Healing Power Melee Range

Grants the user Healing Hands

Artificer Modifier

Barricade Pack

The Barricade Pack provides some means for the Artificer to protect themselves, using either Engineering or Alchemy to create.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Quick Cover Mundane Technique Self

Grants the user Quick Cover

Artificer Modifier

Scrapper Pack

The Scrapper Pack provides some flexible utility in a pinch for those caught without weapons either with alchemy or engineering.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Makeshift Weapon Mundane Technique Self

Grants the user Makeshift Weapon

Artificer Modifier

Communicator Pack

The Communicator Pack provides an all around useful communicator, great for avoiding meta-gaming and planning and coordinating.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Redstone Radio Mundane Technique Self

Grants the user Redstone Radio

Artificer Modifier

Tussling Pack

The Tussling Pack is designed to get difficult to reach people down to a reasonable position, either using alchemy or engineering.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Cast Down Mundane Technique Emote Range

Grants the user Cast Down

Artificer Modifier

Tracker Pack

The Tracker Pack uses either Alchemy or Engineering to provide a more reliable means to track difficult to catch people.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Tracking Node Info Power Self

Grants the user Tracking Node

Artificer Modifier

Mech-Suit Pack

The Mech Suit pack does exactly what it advertises, equipping the wielder with a Mech suit to solve immediate problems in style.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Mech-Suit Vehicle Power Self

Grants the user Mech-Suit

Artificer Modifier

Automaton Pack

The Artificer can create an independent Automaton, which can be programmed specifically to do things, with a custom personality designed by the maker, or a copy of the maker’s personality, or an altered version (but never the maker’s memories). An Automaton can be played by another player, or the player themselves can play them, but if the player themselves plays their Automaton, they cannot have both Artificer and Automaton present and active in the same scene at the same time (except briefly for “repairs”). An Automaton is a separate entity from the host that can freely move around and away from the host, but must always return to the host because they need maintenance, follow their commands (unless they are being rebellious, if the player programmed them to allow them to be). An Artificer can only ever have one Automaton (for balance reasons), and choosing Automaton Pack blocks the user from investing in Demon Attendant Pack and vice versa.

  • The Automaton may make their own Character Application, but their Proficiency spread is always the same: 7 Point Buy Divided between (player choice): Wisdom (Excluding Technician Point Buy), Melee Weapon Point Buy, and Charisma, with Point Buy within them following normal rules. They do not gain Racials, because they are not of a Race, and cannot be afflicted. Automatons cannot have their Stats altered or changed in any way (positively or negatively).
  • Automatons cannot be killed, though also do not surrender Kill Perms as a result. They have a pool of 5 Hitpoints, meaning after 5 unique mundane attacks, or Abilities or Mundane Techniques with specific harm applied, they are destroyed. A destroyed Automaton can be repaired, or completely re-built, by their Artificer.
  • Automatons always have the Common Language, plus their Artificer's Native Language (it must be exactly that language and not changed).
  • Automatons can look like whatever the player has creativity to imagine, so long as they are vaguely Humanoid.
  • Automatons require a lot of communication between host and Automaton. It is generally recommended that OOC agreements about asking each other to log on are made. The Automaton should not start overly and independently acting from the host. While it is okay to occasionally wander away from the host, the Attendant should ideally always remain in Emote Distance of the Host (if played by another player).
  • If a player is actively playing an Automatons, they are not allowed to play another character (even on an alternate account) in the same scene.
  • Looking for a player to be your Automatons, or looking or an Artificer to be your creator? Consult your friends group first, it is always easier to find a way in roleplay there. If that does not fulfill your needs, consider putting an OOC request or advertisement on the Rp Community Discord, looking for Automaton/Artificer.
  • Automatons can be altered (or alter themselves) by their Artificer, but this does not count as a disguise. They can change their size, gender presentation, race presentation, and much more, so long as their silhouette remains the same, and their identity is never obfuscated from their design, or their themes become invisible.

Artificer Specials

  • Medical Patent: The user is a practiced doctor and can diagnose ailments, diseases and wounds and cure them, and perform surgery. They have knowledge of healing plants and herbs and poultices.
  • Foam-mix Patent: The user can utilize foam alchemy to plug small holes or cracks in items or structures. Strong enough to prevent a ship from sinking by plugging holes, but never blocking doors.
  • Body-chem Patent: The user can utilize Alchemy to create body change serums, allowing consumers to change their gender presentation without changing their biological sex (equivalent to HRT in our lore).
  • Hair-chem Patent: The user can utilize Alchemy to create serums to change anything to do with hair: texture, shape, color, cure baldness, length, and apply for example sparkle or glow aesthetics.
  • Common Patent: The user can create assorted potions, mixtures and pills to solve every day aesthetic problems like bug infestations, dandruff, acne, dirty walls, wrinkles clothes and stained carpets.
  • Servo-golem Patent: The user can create small golems to complete simple household tasks like sweeping or opening doors and curtains on command in their Shop or Rental/Estate/Base.
  • Biotic Patent: The user can install and maintain prosthetics of lost limbs (arms and legs and tails) on others or themselves, replacing perfectly all lost functions of that lost limb, though needing checkups.
  • Addiotic Patent: The user can install additional prosthetics of non-existent limbs like tails or additional arms to themselves or others that were not there before, adding purely aesthetic functions to the body.
  • Berserk Patent: The user may inject or shoot a beserk serum at any (non Magical) mechanical or organic domestic pet or familiar, causing them to claw at their owner and refuse orders for some time.
  • Appliance Patent: The user may produce useful household appliances and machines, like self-serving bars, fridges, air conditioners and others in Rental/Estate/Base regions, or shops owned by others.
  • Momentum Patent: The user may create movement mechanics for (for example) wheelchair bound people, like hoverballs or micro thrusters to allow them normal movement as if they were abled.
  • Lifegiver Patent: The user may create life-saving machinery like dialysis machines or diabetes treatment machines that successfully treat life threatening conditions for others or self.
  • Lifecreater Patent: The user may create an artificial womb that can draw DNA from two Racially compatible parents to birth and infant in normal gestation period from an artificial womb machine.
  • Mechpet Patent: The user may, if they have the Presence Point Buy Pet Husbandry Pack, exchange their organic pet (or rebuild their organic pet) as an entirely mechanical pet.
  • Chassis Patent: The user may, on themselves or others, exchange internal body organs and functions with mechanics, this is highly frowned upon in many cultures and societies.
  • Hacking Patent: The user may hack into programming or machining of any Special-based machines or devices in Emote Range to cause them to go haywire. Hacks can be overruled by other Hacks.
  • Mindslave Patent: The user may apply a mechanical control device on a user granting OOC Consent, which allows them to mind control the Target. The device can be physically removed to break the effect.