Axford Maiden

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Axford Maiden
Official Name Axford Maiden
Classification Flower
Common Use Perfume
Origins Northern Axford
Habitat Gardens, among other plant life

Sitting among flower beds all over the Regalian Empire, the Axford Maiden is named for the ladies in waiting of the nobility, who actively use it as a perfume. While these flowers can be tedious to find, once they are acquired, they are easily able to be replicated and regrown en masse to be ground and used as a perfume by the women of the empire all around.


The Axford Maiden had been discovered on the northern coast of Axford itself. This unique flower is easily recognizable by its blue petals that grew lighter and lighter into a white towards the center. Since its discovery, it was brought back to be used in Imperial Gardens, though when florists experimented around, they found that grinding the petals together and then mixing with wine resulted in a lovely fragrance. This perfume was initially received with mixed opinions from the court, however it soon became a common tool in the arsenal of ladies in waiting.


The Axford Maiden was the name of one of the first ships to be used in the Imperial Fleet, appropriately named after its captain’s fascination with women purely raised in Axford. When his last son discovered a fragrant use for this type of flower in Axford, he saw it only fitting to name it after his father’s pride and joy, in addition to the visual appearance of the flower, which distantly acknowledges the Kade presence in its homeland.

Primary Use

The Axford Maiden initially found its use as a decorative plant used in many upper class gardens, however upon experimentation it was found that when its petals were ground and mixed with cheap wine, a beautiful fragrance was to be smelled. It is unknown why wine is the only thing the flower can be combined with to complete the mixture. The fragrant scent isn’t smellable by Mekket or Yanar, strangely enough, though it is obnoxiously intense for Dargon species.



  • It is commonly thought that the quality of wine alters the scent received from from Axford Maidens. Donatella and Beauveret Vintage perfumes are much sought after for this reason.

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