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Official Name Basilisk
Common Nicknames The Great King of Snakes.
Classification Reptile.
Habitat Llíü’raëth.
Domesticated No.
Current Status Mythical

Very few creatures are as vilified and dangerous as the great Basilisk. This colossal serpent, known as the Great King of Snakes, patrols the stone forests of Llíü’raëth searching for rare metals, treasure, or prey to feast upon. Though its origins are unknown, many attribute the Basilisk to be a final descendent of the Green Dragons that occupied Hyarroc thousands of years ago. The Basilisk lives in a massive sinkhole called The Maw, thought to be a burial site of the snake’s ancestors. Today, the ancient serpent wanders the stone forest, exerts control over the Stone Forest Snakes, and is considered to be one of the most deadly monsters in Aloria.


Not much is known of the Basilisk’s origins. Wolathar folklore and ancient Elven sightings seem to compile a vague narrative that paints the Great King of Snakes to be a descendent of the Green Dragons that lived in Hyarroc long ago. After the Green Dragons were hunted to extinction by the Elven Empire, the Basilisk, then only a child, is thought to have fled to the Llíü’raëth plateau, where it hid among the vast cave systems. Nelfin folklore references a “great terror of Llíü’raëth” even before the Cataclysm; a large snake was known to frequent burial sites and museums that contained old dragon bones. This serpent would gather the remains and retreat back to Llíü’raëth, where it supposedly hid the relics.

During the Cataclysm, Llíü’raëth broke up, changing from one monumental plateau to hundreds upon thousands of stone spires towering high. In times where hundreds of lives were lost, the Basilisk persevered; and even thrived. Something arcane happened to the snake that enabled it to grow ten times its initial length. Additionally, during this time the snake gained many new abilities, enabling it to literally slither into bare faces of stone and control lesser snakes. This was, however, only the beginning of the Basilisk’s long reign of terror.

As more and more Wolathar groups moved into the stone forest, more and more fell prey to the great snake. The Wolathar soon learned to map out the Basilisk’s territorial patterns, and even began training scouts to learn how to avoid it.

Physical Appearance

The Basilisk is a colossal monster that has endured the weathering of time to become a terrible threat to all it encounters. The snake itself is supposedly longer than forty feet, and as wide as ten. Its scales are a very light yet dull grey which are rumored to blend right into the stones it slithers around. The Basilisk has two golden eyes known to eerily glow in the dark. However in all other aspects, the Basilisk appears like an ordinary snake.

Mental Overview

The Basilisk, being a mythical and dangerous creature, has never been able to be interfaced with by scientists or researchers. Any attempts have been fatal at best, and excruciatingly painful at the absolute worst. The Basilisk is considered sentient by many, and is capable of sustaining memories indefinitely; any encounter with the serpent will be remembered and called upon if the Basilisk ever sees that specific target again. The Basilisk is unique in that it can telepathically seize control of any serpentine creatures in the nearby vicinity, be it Stone Forest Snakes or other creatures. Finally, the Basilisk is drawn to anything valuable—especially dragon bones. Before the Cataclysm, the creature spent its entire life gathering dragon bones. Following the event which transformed the snake, the Basilisk devoted itself to keeping what it had obtained; at any cost.

Territory and Groupings

The Basilisk is highly territorial, and claims hegemony over the stone forest of Llíü’raëth. It actively seeks to drive out any foreign threats as well as the native Wolathar. The Basilisk rarely ventures beyond the stone forest, instead opting to hunt the Wolathar or foreign prey that venture into the unique area. It knows this vicinity very well, and is able to camouflage itself to appear as its surroundings.


  • The Basilisk served as a convenient bogeyman for the ancient Dregodarians, who frequently stole dragon bones only to place the blame on the great terror of Llíü’raëth.
  • Many adventurers have fallen prey to the Basilisk over the years, only contributing to the beast’s size as it consumes their bodies whole.
  • Many theorize that the Basilisk is indeed a descendent of the dragons, and that it is simply trying to preserve the remains of its beloved ancestors.

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