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Official Name Bathogg
Common Nicknames Great Boars.
Classification Mammal.
Habitat Ithania.
Domesticated Yes.
Current Status Common.

Bathoggs are relatives to—and have a closer appearance to—pigs. Different from their pink skinned brothers, the Bathoggs are great in size hitting 6 feet and 500 pounds when they reach their adult age. These amazing creatures boast a brown fur with a hardened pelt, though a rarer, more hunted subspecies instead have a grey pelt. The Bathoggs have powerful tusks with a cone like shape, used in fights and during the mating of the Bathoggs, where the male with the most powerful tusk 'wins' the female. The eyes of a Bathogg have no variation and are almost always seen to be dark brown in color. Female Bathoggs have smaller tusks than their mates. Due to this, females rarely hunt or join in on fights. Bathoggs are not hostile unless antagonized, directly touching either themselves or their relations usually results in a fully fledged charge from the males of a group.

Natural Habitat

Nomads by nature, the Bathogg do not have a fixed home, instead they walk in a small herd on the plains of Ithanian. Plains with high grass is their natural habitat throughout their constant migration, and is also where they hunt for their food; omnivores by nature they eat any fruit that grows from bushes and eat smaller animals by smashing at them with their tusks. During the mating season, they migrate to the swamplands, fighting rival herds for the muddiest home. During this season the males only eat swamp fruits, leaving any prey they hunted to the female to prove their ability to provide for a family.

First Encounter

The first encounter with the Bathoggs happened during the colonization of Ithania. Found by Elves, the Bathoggs were initially hunted down due to their strong pelt, later for their meat. Due to this, Bathogg hunting became regular practice and it is common today to see tame Bathoggs on farmland in Ithania and Kilika.


Since their discovery, Bathoggs have been regularly hunted by Humans throughout the rise of the Regalian Empire. Their meat is known for it's strong taste, and it is popularly served among the middle classes at various events and dinners. Bathogg heads are often sold as house decoration, and their tusks used as rudimentary weapons in outlying villages. It is known that Orc tribes keep tame Bathoggs as house guards and friends, naming them much like Humans would name a household pet.


  • It has been confirmed that Bathoggs normally eat fruits that fall from trees or ground vegetables and berries found on bushes.
  • The Bathogg tusk is normally sold as a house decoration, along with their heads.
  • They have an extremely sensitive nose, allowing them to sniff out their prey and track small creatures across the plains.
  • Their meat is a very famous dish served in Regalia.