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|officialname = Blacksteel
|officialname = Blacksteel
|nicknames = Night Iron, Noiron
|nicknames = Night Iron, Noiron
|proficiency = 20 Metallurgy Arts
|proficiency = 15 Metallurgy Arts
|origin = Smiths in the [[City of Regalia]]
|origin = Smiths in the [[City of Regalia]]
|uses = Weapons, Tools, Armor
|uses = Weapons, Tools, Armor

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Official Name Blacksteel
Common Nicknames Night Iron, Noiron
Proficiency 15 Metallurgy Arts
Origin Smiths in the City of Regalia
Uses Weapons, Tools, Armor
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Commoner

Blacksteel is a sophisticated alloy of Ferr-Iron and carbon together created by Regalian smiths based on ideas present in the Orcish forged metal of Black Iron. Instead of their more haphazard and sloppy forging, Blacksteel is made through the continuous, slow application of a small amount of carbon to Ferr-Iron being smelted and folded. The material is commonly used in weapons, both by the lower class and the upper class, despite the fact that it is actually worse than Steel. Instead, its weight is where it shines, and so warhammers and maces are the best use of the material, as well is it commonly used for heavy armor.


Blacksteel is a recent development in Aloria, developed within the last 30 years by smiths in the Regalian Empire’s capital city. 30 years ago marks the point when Orcs first started reaching Regalia in large numbers, largely thanks to the new alliance between them and the Regalian Empire. Witnessing Orcish techniques in smithing, Regalian forges sought to refine it, to produce a darkened alloy without the impurities they knew weakened and ultimately made Black Iron somewhat limited in use. So it came to pass that several smiths simultaneously developed and refined ideas on the creation of such an alloy, meaning that no single blacksmith can be credited with creating it. One group can, however, be pointed out with popularizing the metal: House Anahera. The material’s sleek black look piqued their interest and they took to giving swords made from the metal to their guards and some of their members also dueled with similar blades. Other nobles soon followed suit and while House Anahera itself soon abandoned the fad interest with such weapons, nobles today still make use of Blacksteel blades primarily for the look of them and not their usefulness. Commoners also make use of the metal, but in more simple objects like mallets and hammers.



Blacksteel has a simple appearance, that being the appearance of a black-colored Steel. It is rarely reflective without vigorous polishing, and even though only reflects light.

General Uses

Blacksteel is commonly used in weapons for both the nobility and the common people. While swords are the most common usage, it is also the worst, as the alloy is naturally less durable and less easily sharpened when compared to normal Steel. A much better use is in warhammers and maces, as it possesses more weight perfect for such weapons. Additionally, hammers, mallets, and other blunt pounding tools tend to be used by those commoners who can afford the dark metal. Blacksteel Armor is very expensive and only used by high-end mercenaries or major nobles, but is far more effective than Steel or plate mail. Piercing is downright impossible for Steel weapons, though a strong blunt weapon can dent and even break the armor.


  • Blacksteel piping is a recent development, and is largely being used in the construction of dark toned or gloomy architecture for groups like the Vladno.
  • The use of Blacksteel meat mallets were all the rage in the high-end culinary world ten years ago. This fell out of fashion when it was revealed that poorly made mallets would leave scraps of steel in the meat.

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