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Official Name Blacksteel
Common Nicknames Nightmetal, Shadowsteel.
Origin New Regalians
Uses Weaponry, Armor and Decoration.
Rarity Uncommon.
Accessibility Nobility.

A metal made from an unlikely source, Blacksteel has come a long way from its origin, Black Iron. Originally made by the Orcs and refined by Regalians, Blacksteel is without a doubt one of the Ailors’ great achievements. With its unique color and surprising durability, it comes as no surprise that the Ailor nobility treasures it as a luxury.


Blacksteel stems from the discovery of Black Iron by Orcs in the Black Iron Tribelands in Daendroc, and from there, the introduction of the metal to the New Regalian culture of Ailor. Intrigued by the jet black color, and its strength, the New Regalians sought to refine the metal to be used in their swords and armour for both show and intimidation. The resulting product was called Blacksteel, a less crude, and more craftable form of the material. It was quickly found that the metal had lost the devastating damaging ability of its crude counterpart in the refining process, instead having an impressive durability. Blacksteel was promptly advertised as a luxury metal, and is currently sold at high prices to this day due to the tedious refining process.



Blacksteel holds a rich, raven-black color, and is a slightly lighter shade of black than the crude Black Iron, due to the New Regalians’ refining process. Blacksteel has a very glossy finish compared to other materials, adding to its value as a decorative metal in addition to being used in weaponry.

General Usage

Blacksteel is a strong metal that makes for very practical weapons for those who can afford to pay the steep price of the material. Because the metal can be very expensive, most weapons forged from it are smaller. The biggest Blacksteel weapons are typically shortswords, though it is rumored that the Kades and other Higher Nobility have access to more expensive Blacksteel longswords. Blades forged from the metal will last far longer than a sword of other materials. This makes the metal a favorite among individuals who constantly engage in swordfights, such as guards or nobility. However, such practicality does not exist in armor made from the metal. It takes a much larger amount of Blacksteel to create efficient suits of armor, and being as expensive as it is, Blacksteel armor is near unattainable by any but high nobility. However, the uses of Blacksteel are not limited to combat. There have been numerous accounts of the metal being used for decorative purposes such as jewelry and accents on furniture. On more uncommon occasions, the metal has been turned into cookery items.


Blacksteel has a extreme durability that makes it difficult to severely dent, and even harder to break. Other than its unique jet black color, the metal lacks any special traits or abilities.


  • Blacksteel is most notable for its usage in the Regalian Army, with high ranking commanders wearing chest plates made of the material.
  • Weapons made from Blacksteel are often passed down as heirlooms in Noble families, and even on occasion a common family that managed to get ahold of such a weapon.
  • In Regalia it’s considered dangerous and foolish to carry blacksteel in public. Muggings over such valuable weapons are a constant threat for anyone who owns a Blacksteel weapon.


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