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| valign="top" width="200"|<center>Bloodthorn Vine</center>
| valign="top" width="200"|[[File:BloodThornVine.png|100px|center]]
| valign="top" width="200"|[[File:BloodThornVine.png|100px|center]]
<center>Bloodthorn Vine</center>
| valign="top" width="200"|Green vines with razorlike, hooked red thorns, hence the name 'Bloodthorn'.
| valign="top" |Thrives in humid, damp jungle conditions—specifically those of Guldar and Daendroc. It can be grown in similar conditions elsewhere, but it will easily wither and die.
| valign="top" |Thrives in humid, damp jungle conditions—specifically those of Guldar and Daendroc. It can be grown in similar conditions elsewhere, but it will easily wither and die.

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Bloodthorn Vine
Bloodthorn Vine.png
Official Name: Bloodthorn Vine.
Common Name: N/A.
Classification: Vine.
Common Use: Poison.
Habitat: Hot, humid environments.
Origins: Guldar.

Unique to the thick Guldar and western Daendroc jungles, the bloodthorn vine is dark green with a leathery appearance and texture, covered in sharp, bright red thorns. Despite its appearance and properties, this vine is tame compared to the many dangers of the Guldar wilds. The thorns seep a venom that causes immediate numbness and paralysis with a large enough dose. Many die from heart and lung paralysis, not even realizing they had been scratched by the vines.


The bloodthorn vine originated within the humid, tangled jungle masses of the desolate continent Guldar. When Guldar’s ecosystem collapsed, plant life became toxic and unyielding of fruit—instead bearing malignant poisons and dangerous spores.

The bloodthorn vine began as a form of creeper vine, utilising hooked thorns to aid it as it climbed and twisted in serpentine fashion around broad trunks, and grew upwards in an effort to reach the light necessary for its required photosynthesis. After the events of the Guldar volcanic explosion, the vine became corrupted and warped by the pollution in the sky, developing into a poisonous and deadly plant that struck fear into even the bravest Orcish heart.

The vine tendrils grew thicker and longer in length, and became dark-green in color with a rough, leathery coating to keep it safe from external harm. The thorns became acutely pointed and hooked so that even a mere brush against one would graze the skin, while both the thorns and vine itself produce a naturally incapacitating poison, colored to an ominous sanguine shade of red.


The bloodthorn vine goes by such a name due to the deep red hue of its thorns. Despite it being known simply as the “Bloodthorn” in a plethora of tongues, the Orcs reserve their own variations upon the vine’s name. The venomous spawn of the Guldar catastrophe goes by the names “Mubus Baum” (Strangle Plant) or “Pushtogug Gaddar” (Subduing Thorn) in some Orcish languages, both referring to the vine’s harrowing ability to paralyse and constrict the lungs of whomever may regretfully be afflicted by its toxins.

Primary Use

A malicious, paralytic venom.

  • I - After the thorns puncture or graze the skin/hide of whoever is rendered unlucky enough to come into contact with this plant, the debilitating venom secreted is easily absorbed into the victim’s bloodstream and the toxins within are carried along towards the central nervous system. The poison itself is revered by alchemists and assassins alike for its macabre effects, as once the Bloodthorn venom’s toxins enter the central nervous system several stages occur—It begins with progressive numbness of the body over the course of an day or two, causing distasteful itching and tingling sensations all over the victim.
  • II - Ensuing this is systematic paralysis of the body’s muscles, rendering the victim unable to move. Depending on where one was scratched or grazed by the thorn, the effects of paralysis may vary. For instance, a limb will offer far lesser time for the bloodthorn venom to operate than the torso or head, given their proximity to the heart, lungs and central nervous system
  • III - This rapidly progresses to paralysis of the lungs and heart, causing the victim to commonly suffer from suffocation and heart failure. Depending on the size of the dosage, the time taken for the aforementioned paralysis of the heart and lungs to take place differs. The greater the dose, the faster and more tantalising are the effects.
  • The bloodthorn vine’s abhorrent poison was only truly recorded in roughly the year 220 AC within the vast jungles of eastern Daendroc. Despite the Orcs’ efforts to deforest the coastline jungles in hope that the threat from Guldar would not spread, seeds of the vine had been carried abroad unknowingly by the Orcs. These easily took root within the similarly humid jungles of Daendroc and were untouched throughout the entirety of the Orcish war with the Elves.
Around the year 220 AC, after years upon years of harrowing reports from the jungles entailing morbid happenings to all manner of races who venture there, an investigation was undertaken in order to discover why and what was causing such unwarranted deaths. Soon after, the bloodthorn vine was deemed to be the cause when one of the expeditionists noticed a missing Unquale comrade, and searched for him over the course of twenty-four hours through thick walls of undergrowth only to discover him entangled and deceased in a tremulous knot of the vine.
  • The bloodthorn vine’s venom is of a particularly potent blend, and affects all races upon Aloria aside from the Mekett. The Meketts’ exclusion from the perilous effects of the toxins seems to be attributed to their general lack of hearts and lungs, given that the poison targets such organs. Vampires are also affected by the poison. Interestingly, for the Bloodflower Yanar, the poison within the vine serves as a useful tool for feeding; as they may ingest or utilise the venom to incapacitate their prey while taking their fill.
  • The current known cures for the bloodthorn vine venom are quite limited, given that victims of the poison are quite rare. However if affected by a small dose of bloodthorn venom, healing may be applied by a Light Mage of Caster level or above in no less than a day or two. For people affected by much greater doses (ergo far more dangerous), it seems that the Stasis Chrysalis of an advanced Circci chrysalis mage suffices to keep the victim in a temporary state of suspension, hence slowing the poison’s course through the body until a Light Mage may cleanse them within a mere 3-4 days. However, the cure must be applied quickly and swiftly due to the bloodthorn venom’s virulent effects.
Name Appearance Habitat
Bloodthorn Vine
Thrives in humid, damp jungle conditions—specifically those of Guldar and Daendroc. It can be grown in similar conditions elsewhere, but it will easily wither and die.