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|Processors = Jared4242, MantaRey, Shayin
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[[category:flora]] [[category:Negative Flora]] [[category:Flora Ingredients]] [[category:Poisons]] [[category:Hadar Flora]] [[Category:Naylar]] [[Category:Slizzar]] [[category:Teled Methen Flora]]

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Bloodthorn Vine
Bloodthorn Vine.png
Official Name Bloodthorn Vine
Common Name Zssligra Vssno, Bleeder Vine
Classification Vine
Common Use Ssastfa
Origins Hadar
Habitat Jungles of Hadar

The Bloodthorn Vine found on Hadar has served as a minor defense against the unwary to the island chain’s dangers. However, after a Slizzar alchemist unlocked it’s hallucinogenic properties, it became an important plant to the Slizzar people. Unfortunately, the plant was all but extinct following the Regalian bombardment of the continent. Nevertheless, the Bloodthorn Vine has begun to find its way back into the ecosystem of Hadar, and is even able to be found on the eastern coast of Teled Methen.


The Bloodthorn Vine has been known to the Slizzar for centuries, though the only other group aware of it’s existence were the Nelfin. When the Ariye Empire came to the region before the Cataclysm, the plant was recorded by botanist minds, yet few samples survived trips back to Hadar. They eventually became a minor annoyance to the local Nelfin populace. After pulling out of the area, the Nelfin forgot it even existed. Over a century after, the Sizzar alchemist, Famassa Losso, created a process to turn the rare flowers that grow on the vines into a hallucinogenic drug called Ssastfa. Becoming wildly popular, the plant was actively sought out and coveted as an ingredient in a drug that grew central to Slizzar Nessrassian worship. However, when the Chrysant War broke out, the plant was actively burned by Regalian marines to demoralize the Slizzar. After the war, it was further destroyed by those Allar who also wished the same. Now, growing slowly out from niches and nooks where it survived, the Bloodthorn Vine begins to redrape its old resting grounds.


The vine appears as a series of 7-9 centimeter thick vines with a smooth surface emerging from a central vine rooted at the base of the tree it’s growing up on. Covering this surface are small, bright red hooked thorns poking straight out of the vine. Sometimes, red or red-pink flowers can be growing on these vines along with the thorns. They’re often large, over 10 centimeters in diameter and freely spout pollen with the slightest nudge.

Uses and Abilities

The whole vine courses with a light defensive hallucinogen that tips the thorns protruding from it’s body. In addition, the flowers that sometimes grow freely dispense and are filled with heavy levels of this substance. The flower is therefore the most used part of the flower as apart of the drug Ssastfa, used in traditional Slizzar worship of their gods. As for the plant’s juices and the thorns, the hallucinogen appears as clear and tasteless once distilled down and can be used in and on a variety of objects. However, a sheerly massive amount would have to be used by a poisoner to have any deep effects on the subject beyond a vague dizziness and mild, watery visions.


  • Naylar scales cannot be pierced by the thorns of the vine.
  • Ssasrakand, the holiest place for the Slizzar, had several gardens almost exclusively made up of Bloodthorn Vines, however they were destroyed along with the rest of the temple after the war.

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Artists Lithiel_Everlast
Processors Jared4242, MantaRey, Shayin
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